Abhaya Hastham

Today Chicagoland celebrated Mahaperiyava Jayanthi in a grand manner at Dr Ramamurthy’s house. His house is filled with all Periyava’s photos….some are rare too….I saw this photo – looked rare to me. Hence the click and share….



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  1. யாம் இருக்க பயம் ஏன் ?

  2. Mahaperiyava seems to indicate some information and this photo might have been taken during some dialogue or discourse as rightly said by sirvidyag. Powerful eyes will stop any evil spirit and grace us. The effort of sharing this photo is highly commendable.

  3. Chandrasekara Chandrasekara Chandrasekara Rakshamaam

  4. Chandrasekara…Chandrasekhara..Chandrasekara Pahimaam…Chandrasekara Chandrasekhara…Chandrasekara Pahimaam.

  5. To me actually it looks like saying ‘stop’ and not as a abhaya hastam… don’t know why, though… perhaps due to the spread out fingers…. Nevertheless very powerful glance… enough to ward away ‘evil’ eyes & spirits…

    Could also be a gestural pose, in an animated conversation/ discourse….

  6. Fantastic efforts ! Highly commendable ! Please keep sharing

  7. Very nice!! Thanks for sharing!! Maha Periyava Thiruvadi Charanam!!!

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