Experience of Shri Ganapathi Mama

Shri Ganapathy mama is the brother Professor Sundaraman, author of “I lived with God”, who lives here in NJ, USA. Shri Ganapathi mama has been associated with Sri matham and Periyava since his very young age. He shares his experience::

  1. Part of Periyava’s High Command team
  2. Periyava’s anger and punishment
  3. Karma and its effect on Periyava Himself
  4. Periyava’s headache – similar to Sri Appaya Dikshitar’s stomach pain
  5. Kaalagraha vaasam horoscope for Periyava – explains the structure of Thenambakkam room
  6. Cho family’s bakthi towards Periyava
  7. The art/beauty of applying viboothi
  8. 2-photos

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  1. i think it means sixteen in sanskrit

  2. Dear all –
    I was wondering if someone can explain this to me. After 13:30 mins, Shri Ganapathy mama says that periyavaa has asked Shri manancheri kuppuswamy shastrigal to teach Shri Ganapathy mama trikaala sandhyavandanam along with Shodasham. Is the “Shodasham” mama is talking about a “shodasha” puja ? If so, is it supposed to done after each sandhyavandanam? If so, to what deity? Can any one shed some light on this?


  3. Enjoy watching all the videos on this site. Tremendous work from the Team. Thanks Mahesh for bringing these videos to Periyava’s devotees. In today’s busy world and mad rush, you and the team are doing so much. I have had many occasions when it becomes unbearable to control the emotions rising out by watching these videos and chocking.

    These people are really blessed to have being moved so closely with the GOD.
    What more wealth do we seek for. What use is such wealth which restricts us to be in the company of such holy men.

    Great Souls like Mettur Swamigal and i had also read about another person ( doesn’t remember the name) who used to always take leave and visit Periyava and was given suspension notice due to long absences at work and how it was cancelled by Periyava 🙂

    The 1990’s was probably a Golden Era.

    Bhagawan Ramana, Seshadri Swamigal, Yogi Ram Surat Kumar, Satya Sai Baba and Sringeri Periyava and our own Maha Periyava. Even Shirdi Baba till 1918.

    By HIS grace alone He makes us think of HIM. It is so very true.

    Let HIS grace be on everyone and Let HIM makes us think of him always with undistracted attention.

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