Nochiyam RajaRajeswari Temple Kumbabisheka Pathrikai

I have a great pleasure in sharing the invitation for Nochiyam kovil kumbabishekam for Periyava and Rajarajeswari maatha. Mami’s tireless efforts – to put it correctly, Thapas – is coming to an end. Her wish of seeing this temple completed and doing kumbabishekam in her lifetime is happening with the blessings of Periyava and Parameswari. Mami is now very popularly known for her punch-dialogue “Periyavaa Paathuppaa”. After hearing 1000s of punch-dialogues from our movie-stars, this is the only statement that qualifies the word “punch”. True, self-less, determined bakthi, poorna saranagathi never fails – yet another proof – happening right in front of our eyes. What more we want to learn?!

All the poorvanga rituals have been going on and Mahaperiyava Jayanthi is going to be celebrated in a grand manner on 12th. Samrajya Pattabishekam of Goddess Rajarajeswari is going to be held on June 30th. In this massive effort, our blog readers have done a great job in supporting at a very critical time.

Attached is the invitation for this event. Mami had put together a very good agenda. I encourage all devotees in and around Trichy area to participate and receive the blessings of Goddess Raja Rajeswari and Mahaperiyava.

Our dreams are coming true with the blessings of Mahaperiyava. After Orikkai, the first temple for Periyava in India is coming to reality. Vijayawada is currently building a temple for Mahaperiyava as prathaana deity. We seek Periyava’s blessings to finish that project also successfully.

These are all examples to prove that how sathyam is Sri Pradosham mama’s words and wishes. He wanted temple for Periyava everywhere – it is happening! Periyava made sure that ALL of mama’s wishes are taken care. Let us pray to mama and Periyava for any such projects!


Invitasion Pi


Invitasion P2

Invitasion P3

Invitasion P4

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  1. I too hope that Periyava will grant me his blessing to be there for Mother Raja Rajeshwari’s pattabisekham.

  2. Dear Mahesh-
    With Periyavaa’s anugraham, I was granted the holy opportunity to be at Nochiam for the kumbabishekam and also the maha abishegam of Sri Lalitha Parameswari. It was a great experience and like you said, it was mami’s dream come true. The entire function was like a famliy event and I was blessed to be there with my family. With Paramacharya’s anughraham, hoping to be there for the Saamrajya Pattabhishekam too.


  3. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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