Results of mistakes and adharma

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Both the kidneys did not function. Survival was very difficult. He had spent a lot of money visiting several specialists and took the medicines prescribed by them, but all was in vain.

The man came to Periva and poured out his grief. Generally, Periyava would show kindness and compassion towards devotees who come with such problems, but on that day He spoke quite harshly.

“People commit mistakes and adharma, and come here when they have a problem. They don’t realize their faults at all. What can I do?”

Why this sudden outburst from Periyava? – no one could understand.

After a while, Periva said, “This man’s ancestors had established a Trust for doing dharma activities. They had left behind land which gave a good yield. It was intended to erect water booths (தண்ணீர் பந்தல்) and carry out the dharma activities. But this man has sold the land, and gobbled up all the money”.

The man who came with kidney problems felt very guilty. “Henceforth, I will erect water booths (தண்ணீர் பந்தல்) and carry out the dharma activities”, promised the man.

Periyava at once softened!

“Are you aware of Vasambu? (வசம்பு Acorus calamus also called as Common Sweet Flag — a medicinal plant) You will get it in traditional stores selling herbal medicines. Grind it and apply under your belly regularly”, said Periyava.

The man came again for darshan after about ten to twelve days. Even before Periva could ask, he said “There is no trouble now!”

(Thanks to Suresh Panchanathan for the article)

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  1. Who can equal Maha Periyava in kindness and forgiving mistakes? Very much moved. Thanks Sri Suresh. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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