You are only a Trustee for the wealth you possess


Thanks to Shri Suresh Panchanathan for sharing this. This is important for all of us.. I am glad to be part of you all great readers in joining hands with you to do veda/gho rakshana as Periyava had advised us. Our blog is so unique in that way! It is a great feeling! At the same time, please remember that giving money for charity alone isn’t enough – we need to do physical kaingaryam also. Let us pray HH Pudhu Periyava to give us all strength and opportunity for this. There is none other than HH Pudhu Periyava who has given His body ever since He put the step in the matam to service for Sri Matam and Mahaperiyava!
Now read on…..
He was of course a wealthy man – but would not spend a penny. He had come for Periva’s darshan. 
With his right hand over his mouth, he started to speak emotionally, “I have blood pressure & diabetes for a long time. Now, I have been diagonised with cancer too. I am suffering a lot. Periyava must please suggest a parikaram (remedy).”
“Will you do as I say”, asked Periva.
“Certainly”, said the man.
“It might be difficult…”.
“Never mind. I want to just get rid of these diseases. I will do whatever Periva instructs.
All I want is to be cured of this BP, diabetes and cancer……”, saying this, he wiped his eyes.
Generally, Periva had compassion towards everyone for no reason at all, and now, this man was in tears. Can Periyava let him down?

Periva said, “In the well, there is water. But the well never drinks up the water claiming ownership over it”.

Trees bear fruits, but it never says ‘this fruit belongs to me. I will only eat it”.

“The cow gives milk, but never drinks up its own milk. Several trees and plants yield vegetables, but they keep nothing for themselves”.

“As you can see, plants and animals themselves are doing so much paropakaaram (service to others).
They say Man has got six senses. So, how much more paropakaaram must he do?
“You have lot of money – but you are neither spending it for yourself, nor are you doing any dharma (good deeds) from it. The sins from your last birth have befallen on you in the form of diseases. If you have to get rid of the sins, you must do a lot of good deeds”.

“Have you heard about the dharmam called ‘Ishta Purtham?’. Money must be spent in good deeds like digging a well, temple renovation, helping the poor, helping relatives, etc. Also, buy medicines for poor orphans who are sick. When someone asks for something, he must not go empty handed. Is this all clear?
You are only a Trustee for the wealth you possess. Never think that you are its owner“.
The man started weeping uncontrollably…”
He lived for many years thereafter doing a lot of dharma.

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  1. yes we all should do what erer we can from our heart, Jaya Jaya Shankara Jaya Jaya shankara

  2. Maha Periyava’s Upadesam touches everyone’s heart. Let us all do as much Dharma as possible. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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