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I have been wanting to consolidate all medical miracles into a single post but never attempted to do it. However, our dear friend, Shri Suresh Panchanathan has been maintaining a list like that and he shared it with me. Based on that, I have created this post.

Please remember that these incidents are individual devotees’ experience. This is not the one size fits all solution. Periyava had given anugraham based on each individual’s karma etc. What is important is to keep bakthi towards Periyava.

When I was talking to one mama in Chennai recently, he narrated an experience where he approached Periyava for stomach pain. Periyava asked him to do two things (1) drink a glass of water mixed with athi mathuram (2) think of Him when pain comes. Devotee did that and the pain never came back. The real treatment is (2) and just to convince the devotee Periyava must have told (1) !!! Bakthi alone matters – rest doesn’t!



Here is the link to Suresh’s blog

Sincere thanks to Suresh for sharing this. I have shrunk his contents and given links for each topic. I intend to keep updating it as I hear more. I also request the readers to drop an email if you remember any such incidents from videos you watched or articles you read – I will be more than happy to update them here.

  1. Depression — Thirumurugatruppadai on Lord Muruga by Poet Nakkeerar (திருமுருகாற்றுப்படை)
  2. Overall well being — Ambal Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Sthothram
  3. Headache and overall wellbeing — Narayaneeyam complete recital
  4. Eyes —  பெற்றம் ஏறு உகந்து (Petram Yeru Uganthu)
  5. Cancer — shlokam from Narayaneeyam
  6. Kidney failure — Vasambu paste
  7. Skin disease
  8. BP, Diabetes and Cancer — Charity was the medicine suggested to a miser by Him
  9. Stomach cancer — Leaves of Kanagal tree
  10. Overall well being – Soundarya Lahari – Almost all the 100 verses are very powerful and beneficial to the individual in some form or the other…
  11. Stomach Pain
    1. Glass of water with a spoon of Athi Mathuram powder
    2. Think of Him when pain comes
  12. Stammering – Reading Arya Sadhagam regularly


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  1. My friend who was in Hyderabad had severe kidney problem. He was an ardent devotee of Maha Periyava used to do Paduka puja @ home . He had a maha meru given as prasadam to his mother. That is also therre @ Hyderabad home even now ! This couple used to do puja with all achara anushtanam !
    Oneday he called telling his kidney ailments. I told him what Periyava advised us for this ailment. Ie ., Vasambu paste applied on lower belly. He also observed with all shradhdha ! He lived a peaceful life for 3 yrs & attained His lotus feet on a Shivaratri day after attending Shiva Puja returned, had prasadam , chanting Periyava nama seeing His picture on the wall
    without any pain attained Shiva padam !!
    This is what we need to.learn from others how to.lead life with all bhakti Shraddha & aim to be in His smarana !!
    Periyava is sakshat Eswaran Himself !!
    Simply follow His upadesams & observe what He ordained will.lead us to a divine path !
    Periyava sharanam…

  2. My experience in my teen age !
    My mother was bedridden with severe health issues!
    My father approached Periyava praying to Him explaining to Him how our family was suffering without mother to look after the children . We are eight children , all were very young then! To maintain the family was a great problem.
    Periyava immediately ordained to chant Durga sapta shloki litting a pancha mukha deepam on plank with kolam. Chanting this shloka 9 times. Each time u finish shloka have to do circumbulation with a prostration! All the more the deepam had to be in northeast side(Esanya moolai) of the house

    As my father told Periyava he was not in a position to do this for 1 mandalam as he was a business man then !
    Came the reply soon ” you ask ur daughter who is unmarried to do” ! As per Periyava uththaravu I did for 48 days!
    Is it necessary to say my amma got rid of her problem & attented her duties at home ?
    This is a boon for me!
    Periyava sharanam !

  3. My experience: when I had severe eye problems due to immunology problem I chanted both பெற்றம் ஏற உகந்து,for left eye & மீளா அடிமை உனக்கே for right eye daily without break , slowly my problem was getting lesser. After 11 yrs now only I underwent surgery ! It is a medical miracle !
    Always in His smaranai is all the more important !
    Periyava sharanam.

  4. For childless people Periyava suggested
    giving Agaththik keerai, அகத்திக்கீரை)
    to cows. The procedure is as follows: with empty stomach in the early morning take keerai kattu with Manjal kunkumam to apply on cow on the back & forehead, praying for child with nama nakshatram, gotram as sankalpam on the first day then feed the cow with Agaththik keerai do 3 circumbulations with folded hands with no diversion.
    This has a great effort! Continue for 1 mandalam ie., 48 days , this will yield you the prayer you do,!
    This I read in a book I had been receiving from Dshri Matt 40 yrs back .
    I used to advise PPL who have thiS problem. All of them nearly 15 PPL got fulfilled their wishes & prayers.
    Please try whoever this problem.
    Periyava charanam smaranam sada is more important !!

    • My mother had severe health issues ! We were eight children, there was no one to take care of. My elder sisters got married then.
      My father sought the mercy of Periyava who was camping in Chidambaram then.
      Father explained how the family without a mother’ s help was suffering !
      Periya looked at my father with all mercy telling
      to chant Durga saptha shloki for 48 days, litting pancha mukha deepam on a plank with kolam placing it in the northeast side of the house & do 9 pradakshina & 9 namaskarams with 9 times chanting!
      Appa explained to Him as he was a business man then can’t do continuously as per Periyava uththaravu . Then came the reply from Him why can’t you? You have ur unmarried daughter isn’t it? Ask her to do ordained Periyava !
      I had that bhagyam to do Periyava uththaravu !
      Is it necessary to say that my mother became alright with His krupa !
      When u experience only you will come to know Periyava’s grace on us !
      Periyava charanam smaranam sada.

      • Another experience with Periyava of my friend who.lived in Hyderabad.
        He had kidney ailment & was undergoing dialesis. His wife oneday called me telling his problem in a very upset mood !
        Immediately I recalled Periyava uththaravu to a devotee who had kidney problem. He ordained to apply vasambu paste on his lower belly. I told her to do the same to her husband too.
        She just followed what Periyava said !
        In course of time the problem was under control !
        But fate is there for everyone right ? He attained Shiva padam on a Maha Shiva ratri day chanting Jaya Jaya Shankara after returning from temple having darshan of Periyava picture on the wall !
        He didn’t suffer much that too on a Shivaratri day he got moksham!!
        Hara Hara Shankara..

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this remedies suggested by Maha Periyava , Jaya Jaya Shankara , Hara Hara Shankara

  6. Namaste,

    Does anybody know what Mahaperiyava had suggested for childless couple. We dont have kids since 13 yrs…Please suggest…

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…

  7. Hi, Can anyone who tried this procedure of Vasambu roots treatment for kidney problems, Please share the procedure you used and Share the experience, Thanks in advance.

  8. How and where to apply the vasambu paste? also for how long it has to be applied? Would be thankful if you can throw some light on this.
    Thank you

  9. Certain slokas do have healing powers..
    Maasil veenaiyum..Apparently Thevaram..for all troubles
    Thunivalar Thingal..sambandhar Thevaram..fir all diseases
    Vaeyuru tholi pangan..kolaru padhigam..all troubles
    Naalen seyyum vinaigrette dhaan en seyyum..all troubles
    Asmin parathman.. narayaneeyam.. any disease..the third line Sara ‘mama roga’ meaning can substitute a name or relationship for the mama..ம்ம்.

    Apart from this there is one slokam that I read somewhere as being advised by Paramacharya for all diseases…
    Vaalambikae cha vaidhyae cha Bhavaa Roga Harideesha
    Japen naama thrayam nityam Maharoga nivaranam

  10. Hello All,
    Also please provide the name of the kanagal plant in English.
    Is the name is kanakal or kanagal?
    Tree or shrub?
    Many thanks.

    • I don’t think this tree is available anymore….there is a lady in w.mambalam or somewhere who used to get the leaves and powder them etc. Few years when I contacted her, she said that the tree died and can’t get anymore of them…Unfortunately, I lost her number too…..


      • Ok. Thanks for the info. If we get the botanical name, we can atleast get the name and search for the same near by

    • Hi

      Can someone suggest mantra for a child who has epilepsy? The child was healthy for 10yrs plus, but it has come back again..
      Thank you
      Periyava Saranam

  11. Hello All,
    Any idea can we get the botanical name of kanakal tree?

  12. Please tell me what should be done for male infertiliry.My mother is suffering from Spondylosis.What sloka should we chant

    • Narayaneeyam chanting particularly 43rd dashakam, thruvarta vadhan is good for relieving all joint pains, vata rogas !!
      Narayana bhattadhri got cured of vata roga by Narayaneeyam chanting !!
      Periyava sharanam!

      • த்ருணவர்த்த வதம் 43 rd chapter of Narayaneeyam shud be chanted for a mandalam to get rid of vata rogam!
        Periyava sharanam

  13. Reciting of vishnusahasranama is said to cure so many diseases. In fact, Brahmasri Sengalipuram Anantharama Deekshithar in one of his pravachanams about Vishnusahasranamam, narrates that once when Mahaperiyava himself was having high fever, he suggested to Deekshithar to recite Vishnusahasranamam and after it was done Mahaperiyava got up took his bath and continued with his rituals as usual as fever had completely vanished. Of course Deekshthar adds that Mahaperiyava is beyond all these things but to he did so to proclaim to others about the efficacy of chanting Vishnusahasranama.

  14. Mr Suresh, you have done what I wanted to do a couple of days ago. In fact the reason behind this thought was this. I had a worker in my factory who left about 15 years ago. He got in touch with us after so many years along with his wife, who also worked with us. Both of them are nice and I was shocked to learn that both his kidneys are damaged and he is on painful dialysis twice a week.My Swami reminded me of his medicine , that of Vasambu, and we told his wife to do this vaidhyam. After two weeks, they gave us a happy feedback saying that he is able pass urine on his own and copiously and he is also following the diet strictly . The family has to spend 10000 rupees a month which they cannot afford, as the man cannot work and the wife does all kinds of odd jobs from idli kadai to other jobs and they have two grown up sons.
    They said if he is able to continue like this, the dialysis may be reduced to once a week and if Swami wills , totally ? I will update when I get more news. thanks Suresh ji and Mahesh for this wonderful job

  15. Wow! This is what i was looking for and also suggested the same in one of my comments earlier. Thanks to all who made it possible. See! my wish is fulfilled by Periava’s grace! Thanks to this blog, ever since i started reading this, my smaranai on periava is getting consistent, intensified and He is there to guide me in the right path. As mahesh put it rightly, it is the words (sathya vaaku) from that para brahmam which cures one from all ailments.

  16. Mahesh,

    This is a great link to consolidate all these.

    In the interview with Dr. N. Veezhinathan, he had mentioned about Periyava asking someone to read Arya Sadhagam and it cured his stammering. If you can update the posting, you might want to include that also for others benefit.

  17. Superb. Maha Periyava never interfered with Fate. But when Fate could be mitigated, He ensured remedy or alleviation of physical and mental suffering. Bhava Rogha Vaidhyanatha PerumaaLee CharaNam! Great service to devotees, Sri Suresh! Thank you! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  18. This is a good feature, but rather simplistic. I feel it is not just the material or the method that got the cure, but the power of Periyava’s benediction which acted as the mantra. His ways are inscrutable. He might have suggested some material or means, just to divert attention from himself! It would be interesting to know if there have been other instances where these remedies worked subsequently. Those who could go to him and obtain relief were blessed indeed, their very difficulty becoming a source of blessing, just as for Appar Swamigal, his stomach ulcer became a source of Lord Shiva’s blessings!

  19. Wonwerful.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara hara hara sankara

  20. Mahaperiava is Paramasivan. This soul is blessed for having seen the Almighty, talking to Him and getting the blessings many a time. This soul feels, it is redeemed. Mahaperiva saranam.

  21. Thank you very much for this invaluable knowledge.
    A scientist recently touched on the Truth that the sages have been telling us from time beyond time, that the strangest thing about matter, or energy for that matter, is that the closer and closer one looks at them, the more and more they seem to recede into non-existance. Our sages tell us that All is ESHWARA THE PARAMATMAN, So what is this physical body, but the mind of the Paramatman? And how best to cure the ills of the physical body other than infusing it with
    the thoughts/of the Paramatman. The medicines become the efficient vehicles that carry Eshwaran Ithchai to the sick organ.

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