Yennada Paatha??

Only in one place in Mahaperiyava Divya charithram, we have read about His school headmaster getting a darshan of sangu, chakra regai on His feet. This video tells us that there is one more baghyawan who has been blessed to see chakra regai in Periyava’s holy feet. This paati is 100 years old when this video was shot!

Om Namo Narayana!

Normally Shivaraman does some tricks when he takes videos. For a change, I think it was Ramanan who went with him tricked Shivaraman and moved the camera bit to the right to cover him too!! Good job Ramanan!

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  1. I think in one of Balu mamas ( now swamigal) interviews, mama too tells about His sangu chakkara regais.That mama came to know from an old man in Kerala ,who had given Abyanga snanam to Periyava.
    And of course Seethraman mama was also blessed to have Darsan of the regais.

  2. Great interview. Sivaraman Sir is fortunate to meet people who have lived 100 yrs.


  3. Today is Ummachi Thaatha’s english birthday!! 🙂 Wow!! 121 years back, this very day, He came to save us all!! How fortunate we all are!! To think about this, makes me feel very very lucky and fortunate..

  4. good one again a great job and service. sivaraman is not fully visible!!!God bless you all.

  5. Photographer Sitaraman’s interview also reveals the Shanku Chakra rekha on Mahaperiyava’s feet. Pray, I may hold that Lotus feet ever in my heart.
    Sitaraman’s interview links is below:

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