Sri Rama Mahotsvam @Washington DC in Aug ’14

Shri LSV's Rama Original

Devotees who are in East coast US have a great opportunity to attend Sri Rama Mahotsvam going to be celebrated by Ananth’s Veda Group (AVG). It is a 3-day event and the mahotsvam ends with Sri Rama Pattabishekam – we just listened to Nochiam Mami’s interview on the same topic. Sri Mahaperiyava’s blessings will be with DC folks.

They have put together very beautiful agenda for all these 3-days..I have attended Dr Ananth mama’s Sri Maharudram event last year – they conduct this large scale event so nicely and in a very grand way. . Please attend this grand event and receive the blessings of Lord Rama and Mahaperiyava.

Fore more details please visit

Please note that Mahaperiyava did a sashtanga namaskaram to this photo! Hope readers can recollect from one of the interviews…

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  1. This is the picture by L.S.Venkatesan. Thanks for the post.

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