Olakudi cow rescue details – must-read

Dear Readers,
This is a real looooonnnng post. Please read it.
Lot of folks have helped to the cow rescue project and very eagerly waiting to get more transparency into the whole process. I gathered accounts from both of them and presenting to you in detail….I have broken down the whole thing into three sections::
    1. Executive Summary:
      1. Total cows for rescue – 341
      2. Jain team rescued      –    76
      3. Our blog rescued       –     93 (from Olakudi) – does not include 4 cows from Erode
      4. Cows lost                     –     18
      5. Cows retained            –     10 (after our teaching/coaching the cow-owners)
      6. Balance to be rescued – 144

Pl scroll all the way down to see the documents…

I have enclosed the photos from Karthikeyan’s ghosala in Erode and some photos from Bala (not in specific order)…

Mahaperiyava had said that just feeding a cow with agathi keerai or a handful of grass is just a great good deed. We have also read several incident where Periyava got upset when someone vacated the cows from the shed to make room for Periyava and made the cow to stand in the hot sun. He immediately asked them to provide shelter for the cows. Having said all these, it is my responsibility to point you all to what our shastra says (based on whatever little I know). Since all the fund is pooled together, it is very hard to identify which cows are associated with your contribution.

Karthikeyan is requesting all of you to visit his place to personally see the ghosala, how it is maintained and willing to answer all your question…Likewise, Bala is willing to take you to places where cows have been adopted; answer your calls etc. Please feel free to be engaged in this process. I understand that some of you got frustrated with lack of proper response earlier. I talked to both Bala & Karthikeyan and asked them to be more responsible. Going forward, they will respond to all of you in a timely manner.

I have enclosed one photo from Erode where the slaughterhouse hit the cow on its head with the hammer and you can see the mark on its head. Karthikeyan could not resist rescuing and he did that. If we were there in his shoes we would have said “it is all its prarabtham” and walked away! That is the difference between us and them. So please show enough respect to these selfless souls.

Please go through the accounts and feel free to ask any questions you might have….

Following are the photos from Erode ghosala…Bala is going to send some more photos from Olakudi..will update this same post once i get them…


The following cow died after it had some health issue. Bala conducted all puja as per the practice – it was very painful to watch these photos…Also I have attached one more photo when a cow broke its leg while transporting to a different place – now it is getting treatment…



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  1. I spoke to Mami just now and will visit Nochiam soon. Mahaperiyava will give me directions.

  2. Respected Sirs/Madams,

    I am Karthikeyan !

    If You Had Facebook Id Please Visit the Below page Regarding for Donated Cows !


  3. Dear Sri Maheshji,
    Apologies for this long comment.

    This Olakkudi cow protection case is a standing example of another of our Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s perunkarunai.

    Very happy to hear about the Sri Maha Periyavaa Gho sala at Erode.

    Praying to Almighty that this great momentum of Gho Seva should grow day by day.

    All person, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour, religion, nationality should take part in this great movement to save not only our Ghomata. In this lies our ‘Gauravam’ as Indians and our return back to India which had given so much to us.

    In an English book called ‘The Alchemist’ the hero will roam around all world looking for the treasure and returning to his home to find it at the ground below his feet. Such is the case with us today.

    Our esteemed ancestors have provided the best possible life revolving around Gho-Samrakshana and Veda Samrakshana – but we left them for our own peril and went behind material life.

    Even now it’s not too late,

    Cow protection is a all round activity – which is both monetarily satisfying as well as dharmic for the below reasons.

    a. Thousands of semi-skilled & unskilled jobs – for cow herders, cow shed makers, cow based products.

    b. Thousands of Skilled laborers could be employed for bio –technology on developing Indigenous cow breeds. Instead of focusing on just creating ‘mechanical resources’ as ‘IT engineers’, focus should be shifted to bio-technology and bio-engineering – future is there only.

    c. Indian cow breeds ( 32+ in number ) are most sought after for their genetic traits – these could be developed further using natural means and their stem cells could be developed and their genetic markers identified and should be gotten geo-patents – this will help other corporate giants from patenting & misusing our native cow varieties for the vitamin rich milk properties.

    d. Food products based on Cow’s milk, sweets could be developed and bio-technology engineers could work on finding how they could be extended in their shelf life. Milk based products like ‘Rasa Gullas’ should be had geo-patents and should be marketed against major brands with Govt. support.

    e. Ayurvedic preparations based on native cow ghee should be got geo-patents and should be marketed with Govt. support. Most of the cancer that we find now in India is mainly due to use of hydrogenated fats that are available in market. If a healthy alternative from native cow ghee which is commercially viable is available, this situation could be reversed.

    f. Cow’s dung based products like dung cakes, agarbattis, panchagavya products, washing powders, dish washing powders, etc., have an enormous market – already those abroad know the price of agarbattis and other ‘organic brand’ products – these could be developed with Gho – samrakshana’s help & marketed abroad with their contacts and amass great wealth ( for the materially minded).

    g. Most of the labor sector now works in ‘IT’ sector – even a slight crack in this sector will lead to disaster. Gho-Samrakshana with the allied sectors as listed above is the only viable alternative which can provide a ‘dignified’ labor alternative to ‘IT’ population.

    h. Gho Shalas could be developed as places of recreation and resorts for visits by families with children during weekend. This will also increase employment in hospitality industry.

    i. Those well to do in abroad, who wish to return to India – have a great opportunity in front of them for becoming CEOs of all the above organizations – providing employment and enhancing the value of life ( both themselves and others). Old age homes could also be developed around these Gho – Shalas where ‘satvik’ minded population could get together and practice austerities in their retired life.

    j. The next major revolutions will occur in only the Food and agriculture sector. India as a great manpower and major bio-diversity country will be in the threshold of this revolution. Instead of fighting to go to one US – we can created a 100 US like states here in India – all with our Gho Mata’s help.

    k. Having grazing Cows can only reverse desertification ( pls check out reversing desertification by Alan Savory in TED talk in youtube – you will know).

    l. Having Cows will only can improve soil fertility – which will be a major industry in the upcoming future.

    The Veda samrakshana and Gho Samrakshana are not just our duty – it is a ‘kalpavruksha’ which will grant all our wishes – if – we are intelligent enough to get from them ourselves before westerners loot them.

    For example, there are cognitive & nuro-science related breakthroughs that are today become very big like ‘Mindful Meditation’ & ‘Lucid Dreaming’ which are used as effective antidote for easing patients suffering from severe brain hemorrhage and cancer. But if we dig deep, we see that these are nothing but ‘Vipasana’ ( mentioned in Bhagavat Gita) and ‘Yoga Nidra’. Like these we could have benefitted where the westerners are benefitting & we are just again becoming like service class – just as a ‘replacable resources’.

    India has the answer for all that the west has to offer – the only thing that’s pending is Govt. support and individual commitment – I see lots of Indians settled in abroad, feeling guilty of not performing shraddha in India, etc., they could all take this advantage, they could return back to India – live a satvik life with ‘Gho Samrakshana’ and become CEOs with Gho matha’s help.

    This situation should change and I am confident that this will change by Sri Mahaswamy’s blessing.

    Sri Mahaswamy, out of his great mercy printed innumerable dharmic texts from the Veda Dharma Samrakshana trust and other such great institutes. We must diligently practice Sandyavandanam and read our Vedas and spread the message for our current and future children and grand children.

    With hands folded, I sincerely pray that parents having a hard time in spending lakhs of money in getting their wards to some unknown college and wasting their life, please put them in Satvik college like Enathur Sri Sankara University and get the money to start a Gho Shala – at least when their wards pass their degree – they will have an esteemed institution like a Gho Shala to run & make immediate money.

    Finally, I wish Sri Maheshji, Sri Bala and Sri Karthikeyan in their great work for Gho Samrakshana – it would be good if they could share details on how their Erode gho shala was set up – what are the bare necessities – papers to fill up for getting the permission – what are their challenges for this Gho Samrakshana activity in bullet point wise, then I think, many like them will be thrilled to start a Gho Shala, including myself.

    Praying for Mahaswamy’s grace.

    Thanks and regards,

    P. Vijay

    • A small correction in point C.Indian cow breeds ( 32+ in number ) are most sought after for their genetic traits – these could be developed further using natural means and their stem cells could be developed and their genetic markers identified and should be gotten geo-patents – this will help ****PREVENT *****other corporate giants from patenting & misusing our native cow varieties for the vitamin rich milk properties.

    • on the last part, i don’t have the time….i would suggest all folks who are interested to talk to karthikeyan directly and work with him….

      • No problem Maheshji,
        Just your blessing and mahaperiyavaa blessing are enough.
        Apologies if I have hurt your feelings.
        I wish your great task of Veda and Gho rakshana a great success with Sri Mahaswamy’s blessing.

        Thanks and regards,
        P. Vijay

      • Vijay –

        My bad if my earlier response was sharp. I did not intend it to be that way. Sometimes short replies turn out to be blunt – I will try to avoid that in the future 🙂 All I meant was I am truly out of bandwidth of such activities…

        Sorry for the confusion….



  4. This is more of a thought on earlier post on the rescue mission when people were voicing their doubt on the end use. I think though dated i think it is still relevant. I think that Mahesh is doing what best he can from US and it is commendable. We are here following this blog for the love of Mahaperiyava and Sivan sir and Let us believe that Periyava has unleashed a few people who are at least Pamaras as per Sivan sirs definition on this mission. Karthik, I understand is working to make his ends meet and is a volunteer for this work and I doubt whether he will get time for all the connect. My attempt at donating to his account hit a stone wall though I had created a beneficiary account in his name and he promised me he will come back if he needs money. That he did not pursue me for money shows at least that he is not after money. Even if Mahesh gets Auditor Mouli to do some check, I doubt whether people will stop complaining. I think it will be good that if there is a sense of doubt such people should do complete due diligence themselves as money is hard earned and attachment to it justified.

    N Subramanian

  5. Excellent information. Very detailed. Thanks so much. Great work by KarthiKeyan and Bala.

  6. The cow with the hit on the head .. its really painful too imagine how it must have felt.. i recently read that unlike here in the US, where they shoot the cow in the head to kill it.. thanks to the ‘still’ developing nature of our economy back in India, they use hammers to kill these big sweeties! what the hell.. are these mwn even humans. just imagine the sight! actaully, how was this cow cured/treated ? must have been very tough indeed.. hope it dint suffer any brain damage or anything.. ! i can’t believe there are Tamizh people and moreover Indians who hit a cow on the head!

  7. We, devotees of Periyava will respond without any question, whenever you give a call, since we believe you
    have abundance Grace of HIM, which you deserve by your selfless services in spite of official responsibilities.
    Jaya Jaya Sanakra ! Hara Hara Sankara!

  8. Dear Mahesh Ji – May strength and valor never leave you and success never ellude you in all your good efforts.

    How can we contribute?

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
    hara Nama parvathi pathaye hara hara mahadeva

  9. People like Sri Bala and Sri Kartikeyan who stick their necks out despite physical threats and work tirelessly for Gosamrakshana without seeking any rewards or recognition are true heroes here. Just the one photo, where they bury a dead cow with appropriate honors (including a garland of flowers), incurring their own out-of-pocket costs, provides clear evidence of their dedication to the cause. They have (through a shorter path) reached the highest levels of consciousness which is hard to reach even after decades of acharams and anushatanms and severe penance.

    Sri Kanchi Periyavaas’ Divine Blessings will be always with them.

  10. Please mail me and oblige Mr Karthikeyan ‘s address so that I post a cheque to him.
    With best wishes,

  11. Hope they give FIRST priority to adopt “Native cows” (AKA Naattu Pashu,Swadeshi cows) as they are the original cows with sanctity (as per Shastras) which are recommended for GodhAnam . Goshalas should protect native cows first because they are in the brim of #EXTINCTION.

    “Devil in the milk” book is a must read for all those who consume milk. It proves with research papers that Milk of foreign cows (#A1milk) like Jersey & HF breeds (Bos taurus family-which are protected by 99% of Goshalas) are dangerous to health & root cause for many diseases. It recommends to protect Indian cows (Bos Indicus family) which gives healthy #A2milk.

  12. even Mahaperiyava will not forgive those talking ill of the people involved in rescue. people should understand that they are not buying a product. it is our dharma to take care of cows and its progeny. I live in Gujarat where cows are worshipped by majority of people. Still it is difficult to run a ghoshala when people living around complain about cow dung and mosquitoes which are baseless. Karthikeyan ( without any former experience and funds) is doing this in Tamil Nadu which is a very hostile place to do such deed.Humble request to donators to not ask details of money spent.
    He himself has put in a lot of time and money without question while also earning his living.
    Asking about money spent is not called donation.

  13. Dear All,
    I have already posted by feed-back after visiting personally to Tirunelveli and went around with them, of course could not go to Olakudi due to time constraints [ please see the photos posted on this site]. few months back

    Also I have given a modest monetary support and trying to garner support from known sources.

    The ground reality is they are doing things risking their personal life . Their dedication and passion for what they do is amazing and that too by dedicating time slot despite their day-to-day professional activities required for their living which needs appreciation.

    My request will be if there were delays , please consider it to be due to some genuine per-occupations and nothing do with the integrity as I observed. It is fair to give benefit of doubt based on the above fact instead of doing any character assassination. “Seeing is believing” – I saw and I still believe these guys.

    They are a new acquaintance to me as much as it is for you all with one difference , I had a chance to meet Bala & Karthikeyan team in person.

    Sri Ram T E

  14. Pranams to Maha Periyava !

    Salute to the brave workmen…

  15. this is very great efforts, thanks million, Maha Periyavaa Saranam

  16. Mahaswamigal Of Kanchi expects Humanity to be as One Family while serving the cows.

    It is very important to create awareness; and once it is done, the man power and money will automatically flow. It is a matter of taking initiative by a few people like Karthikeyan, Bala, Mahesh and Sathiya Narayanan etc. in this direction and the required resources will come on its own.
    However, the person who donates money should also participate physically and similarly the one who toils physically should also contribute in whatever manner possible monetarily also. This will ensure total involvement and instead of bifurcation as donor and laborer class they will all come under the aegis of children of “Go Maatha” as a member of the same family.

    Cow protection (Go Samrakshanam) ,really, is all about how cow protects us (not the other way around).

    Even skeptics, the not so religiously inclined and members of other religions cannot deny the role of the cow in promoting human welfare.
    She indeed is a second mother to all of us. It is our duty to serve our protector. Let us all work as one large family in this noble endeavour.
    There is a Gosevak in each one of us. Even the mere presence of the motherly cow with her calf will make all of us to lose our heart to her.
    Hence let’s appeal to our individual and collective conscience and awaken the Gosevak in us, so that all of us , as a large family, involve ourselves in Goseva.
    Let’s come together and create millions of Gosevaks and make our country Bharat strong.
    In earlier days all most all houses had cows and hence Goseva was an essential part of life.
    In recent times, in view of the migration to cities, Goseva has not been possible though not forgotten. If this trend continues, there is a danger that Goseva may vanish from our list of duties and our future generations may not even know about this sacred duty.
    Most of our children may not have even seen a calf. In current times it is not possible to have a cow at home, especially in urban centres.
    It has therefore become imperative that we create and sustain the interest in Goseva among the people of this and future generations.
    Therefore there is a need to establish Goshalaas where cows can be maintained in a good environment . This has to be a community effort rather than individual effort

    It is my earnest desire that all Hindus should join united in this effort as a family and also include others to become one big family in a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation. “Matha Abhimanam” (respect towards religion) may be different in different religions.
    But all religions are for “Jeeva kaarunya” ( compassion towards the other living beings) and using this, all of us of various religions, also must unite and shoulder this responsibility by giving a helping hand”.
    The only option is to do Goseva by taking part in activities to further the cause of cow protection. We must support Goshalaas , physically and monetarily, to the best of our abilities.

    We must also create an economic value for the cow by supporting cow based food products and medicines so that automatically the interest of the cow is taken care of.
    It is the economic value of the cow together with its innate divinity that gave cow the exalted status and made Goseva a way of life. This will actually be the “Real goseva”. – GOSEVAK BALAJI

  17. ThanQ mr.mahesh for ur detailed message. Similar comments are common in public life.we shouldn’t mind and continue our service. Thanks..I wl today transfer
    RS.10000 to ur wife’s account with HDFC Bankand send e.mail to u with details of transfer. I am a Mgr retd from SBI settled in Madras and my first daughter is an Associate in CTS Bangalore.
    MADRAS 600064

  18. With God’s grace you are doing a great job, Mahesh. I do realise you have a day job . Time and effort you are putting on worthwhile causes is tremendous. To be honest to myself, will I do this, for example, mobilising funds and support for cow rescue? No . The job will be too daunting for me.Because you and other good persons like Bala and Karthikeyan have taken this job , I get an opportunity to contribute something. Heartfelt thanks for this. My request to all is let us give without strings attaached.Once we have confidence in the project and the persons we just donate. I am sure most are doing this.

  19. Dear Mahesh,

    Net, net — what is the shortfall now to save the balance 144 cows ?

    And by what date, do we have to raise this amount to be in time for saving the 144 cows ?


  20. Hi Mahesh

    This is an excellent job, no words to express this selfless job, Mahaperiyava will bless your initiation

    Please share bank details, i can contribute money from my side


  21. Thank you very much, Mahesh. These are great details. Most of us are sitting comfortably in our offices/homes depositing money, but however large the amount be, it can never equate the selfless service these two people – Bala and Karthikeyan – are doing. If they are unable to respond in time, it is only right of us to understand the great task that they are involved and the lack of time on their part to do other things. I read a comment by one of the donors in a previous post on the same subject and clearly made out the harshness with which it was written just for not receiving response in time. We spend money in several hundreds/thousands while dining at hotels without asking much questions about what goes on within the kitchens, how hygenically the dishes are prepared, etc. But when it comes to such matters, all such questions of impropriety arise in our minds. It’s not wrong to know about the veracity of the destination of our donations, but the inquiries can be done in a more appropriate and polite manner. Request all donors to rise beyond lip-service appreciations and donations and go and indulge themselves in work at the site.

    • yes Mr. Sudharshan. Totally agree. How selfish we are! it disgusts me! just donating money is nothing in comparison to actually being out there and toiling and also like Mahesh mentioned in the prev. post, being threatened for life! Very true that we track to the paise level, what we spend outside on eating and other useless activities and how we get so concerned when no acknowledgment is received for some donation we made! Its the ego in us that wants a recognition for the deed! not talking bout anyone! just about myself and how selfish i can be sometimes!! odious!

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