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We all know the story of Pusalar Nayanar. We also know the story of Sri Pradosham mama, who is the 64th nayanmar who built the largest temple for Periyava. We also are hearing about other Periyava temples that are being built/going to be built (Nochiyam mami, W.Mambalam etc). Even ordinary mortals like us have those dreams as well….While I was in Chennai Shivaraman & I drove by this place; stopped and took few photos…Right when I was ready to leave mama came out from the house and enquired about us etc. He was so nice to talk to us and told us a little about this place, handed me two beautiful photos/posters of Periyava…I understand that this is the first ever padhuka mandapam to be built for Periyava! It seems that they originally planned to build a temple but it turned out to be this (His) way!
Unfortunately, it was around 2PM when we went there and the place was closed. Still mama showed this place through the grill doors from the side – I was able to see the main sannidhi where His padhukas are kept…Although I planned to revisit, couldn’t do it before I took off – not blessed, I guess. They are also completing a mini–hall for small events etc. As we could see from the photo, HH Pudhu Periyava had blessed this new hall and opened on Apr 18th….
Address : Old #124, New #6, P.S.Sivaswamy Salai, Chennai – 5.
This is exactly what I along with several devotees have been dreaming to do here in US for a long time – a padhuka mandapam for our Periyava where we can do all anusham pujas, jayanthi, aradhana, vedic events, satsangs etc – an identity for Kanchi devotees. In fact we want this all major cities in US. If He wishes, my dream will come true!
Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Open hours of Mylapore Padhuka Mandapam as of August 2022:
    Mornings 7 to 10 AM
    Evenings 4:30 to 7:30 PM

  2. Whenever I go to Nilgris/that side,I hv always prayed here and gone.It was a Guruvar,Navarathri festival going on with Sringeri Acharya camping in Sivasailam’s bungalow Nilgris.It was raining n I prayed here first,a girl was preparing with her family for a concert,then I walked to Sivasailam’s Bungalow and was fortunate to see Sringeri Achary’s puja..with Vijaya Siva n RK Sriramkumar enjoying their music..
    My devotion to Mahaperiyava was answered when someone next to me in the hall said..”what an ambience.Grateful to you Acharya.It happens to be Anusham too!”

  3. //This is exactly what I along with several devotees have been dreaming to do here in US for a long time – a padhuka mandapam for our Periyava where we can do all anusham pujas, jayanthi, aradhana, vedic events, satsangs etc – an identity for Kanchi devotees. In fact we want this all major cities in US//

    Sri. Mahesh – Is this really aligned with our Periyava goals? I understand we are all here in US but our real goal should be go back to Bharatha Desam and perform our duties there. I do not have to remind you but this is not a place to do Anushtanams, Vedic chantings, Pithru Karyam’s etc. even though we do it here without really paying heed to Periyava sayings and that includes me as well.

    Another important duty that we conveniently forget is how our parents gets neglected in this process. It is our duty to serve them when they are old and it is not going be compensated just by sending money or having taken care by our siblings/ relatives. Periyava has stressed the importance of taking care of our parents and it is nothing but a gross neglience of our duty as stated by HH in Deivathin Kural.

    It is be a great disservice to the future generation if they do not know more about Bharatha Desam and that is only going to happen only we they stay there for an extended time. For eg. one of the recent posts in which you mentioned about Sri. Anirudh who relocated back to Bharatha Desam and is now a master in Vedas. He may come to US in future for higher studies but I’m sure he will be able to understand and
    appreciate Bharatha Desam and its culture much better than our children who are brought up here. Any amount of Anushtanams, satsang, etc. is not to compensate for the real life Spiritual experience we get back home.

    My intention is not to criticize but constantly remind ourselves of Periyava goals and imagine what he would want us to do in situations like these.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    • you’ve mixed up lots of topics into one 🙂 taking care of parents, returning to india are nothing to do with guru aradhana….no matter where we are we can pray Periyava..we can have a padhuka mandapam in whatever place we live. This padhuka mandapam should stop you and me from returning to India. The way I see it is – if we build this, the young devotee who is coming to this country would benefit from this mandapam. I can only plant the tree. if I am able to get the fruits, great – if not, someone else is going to get the fruit – still i am happy…none of these has anything to do with returning to india…

      • Sri. Mahesh, Here are the following goals as listed by Sri HH Pudhu Periyava recently.

        a) Fulfilling the wishes of my Guru and ensuring proper support to the study and propagation of the Vedas.
        b) Carry forward Adi Sankara’s teachings
        c) Renovation and maintenance of temples
        d) Reaching out to the poor and needy with education, medical care and vocational support.

        All I was stating the above mentioned initiative is not really in alignment with those goals. Of course, we can pray to Periyava from where ever we are, but in my humble opinion the real Guru Aradahana is to be near our Guru and do kainkaryams in whatever way possible, like Sri Pradosham Mama or other great devotees did..

        That said, I just saw your other posts on Gho Samrakshanam, which is really well aligned with Periyava’s goals. I must commend you for your efforts on that initiative. We, as followers of Periyava and Sanatana Dharmics should be united front in that effort in saving Gho Matha’s.

        Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

      • This project is approved by Pudhu Periyava…He had blessed north american devotees with a holy padhukas to be kept in this padhuka mandapam and has given us the Srimukam also. Hope this clarifies your concern. No action will be taken from me or anyone whom i am associating with, without the blessings of our current acharyas. Trust me!

      • Good to know and thanks for letting me know. Periyava bless your efforts. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  4. @viswanathan: This place is in PS Sivasamy road, 200 metres from vivekanda college, MYLAPORE.

  5. This Place is in Chennai ?

  6. Periyava Saranam! Could you please tell us where is this holy place.

    • it is in mylapore in chennai i used to live very closeby but never new periyava or his mahimai now i regret not being there

  7. Wish Periyava fulfill the dream very soon!!

    • Sir,
      Can you provide us with full address of MahaPeriyava Mantapam. Eagerly awaiting to go there………………

      Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

      Periyava padham Sarnam.


  1. Video interview of Sri Narasimhan on Mylapore Padhuka Mandapam – Sage of Kanchi

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