Aardhra Foundation for Shivacharyars

“முப்போதும் திருமேனி தீண்டுவார்க்கும் அடியேன்” சுந்தரமூர்த்தி சுவாமிகள்.

Sri Sundaramurthy Swamigal, who is the personification of Lord Shiva’s beautiful image (from a mirror), has sung that He Himself is a devotee of all Shivachariyars who do pujas to Lord Shiva three times a day. Such is the greatness of Shivachariyars.

A great initiative by a foremost Bhaktar of Sri Maha Periyava and Lord Shiva has been working really hard for several years now to help Shivachariyars and Lord Shiva Temples. His foundation to help Shivachariyars to propagate Sanathana Dharma has come up with a terrific scheme, details of which follow. If you know of any Shivachariyars or their families, who might benefit from this initiative, please request them to call Aardhra Foundation (ஆர்த்ரா Foundation) at 98407 44337.  As Sri Maha Periyava has observed, without a proper Shivaachariyar, even the largest of temples gradually just turn into ruins.  As Sri Maha Periyava has famously observed, the Vedas chanted are the ones which provide the jeevan to even the all-powerful Shiva Murthy and constitute the hook on the top of the tamil letter (சி) – without Shivachariyars properly chanting the Vedams, Sri Maha Periyava has observed the hook in the tamil word சிவம் disappears, leaving only the rest of the tamil word சவம் (i.e., like a lifeless corpse). That is, without Shivachariyars chanting the vedas, the Shivalingam just gradually becomes an ordinary stone-like structure.Therefore, according to Sri Maha Periyava,  it is only the Shivachaariyaars who with their Vedhic chanting convert an ordinary stone into the all-powerful Lord Shiva. Keeping this direction of Sri Maha Periyava in mind,  this initiative is designed to help and develop such Shivachariyars, so that all beings in the universe can derive all the blessings from praying to Lord Parvathy sametha Lord Shiva.


Please go to http://aadalvallan.blogspot.in/ for further details.

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  1. The tamil blog that has posted this seems like a really nice blog. very nice effort.

  2. Let Sri Maha Periyavaa bless all of us to protect these temples to enable mankind to achieve HIS FEET.


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