Pithru Karyam in foreign land

Very long article. Worth reading – particularly for Indians settled abroad…..I have read it before and it seems like I haven’t shared this already…

Periyava with garland


Periyava’s advice to a rich indian settled in the U.S Once in Sri Kanchi , there were some people standing near periyava to have dharshan & his blessings . A richly looking person in his early 60s , came there with his family. They were all in very costly dress & jewels . When his turn came he sat down on the floor opposite to Periyava (a rope was tied as a fence) . Periyava just looked at him .
Rich man started to speak in his Malayalam accent Tamil: “ Periyava ! I am in the States for the last 25 years . But , I honestly married our Indian girl & came to India only for that purpose . This is my bharyal (wife ) & these are my puthrans & puthris ! ( sons & daughters) . Though we are in the states we strictly follow our Indian Brahmin traditions & customs only . I perform sandhyavandhanam daily in the morning & evening . See , I don’t even miss any annual shraddham ( pithru karma ) of my father & mother . Whatever is required for this purpose I can easily get them from here . I am very much particular about it , you know Periyava ? yes ! ( ekalamana enai petthava nalla paragathi adaiya naan evvalavu venumnalum selavu pannu thayar Periyava ! ) I am ready spend any amount for my late Parents to let them get the good position There in the Heaven . ) Because of two reasons . Firstly they are my Parents who gave me this body . Secondly , I should be the role model to my son , isn’t it ? . Then only , he will follow all these & do these karmas to me too in future ? If WE the periyava go in the right direction & create a raja paattai ( Royal path ) surely the next generation too will go in that same right direction smoothly & easily . Pithrukkalai vida osandha periya dheivam yaaru irukka , Periyava ? ( other than the pithrus , which other God is in the higher level than them ) And, Finally , I shall be very happy , atleast if some people learn from me & follow these to show their sense of gratitude to their late parents & pithrus , Periyava ! I am right , isn’t it ? What do you say , Periyava ? “
All the people standing nearby including the Mutt people , were furiously looking at him b’cos of his ill manners & boasting blabberings. So long Periyava was just looking at the floor with his head down . Now , slowly lifted his head & began to ask him questions
“ ( nee indha shraddhatthukku samanlam ingerundhu varavazhaikka etthanai selavaradhu ? ) How much it costs to import the required items to perform a shraddham there ?
Looking around very proudly , he said some amount in dollars & the equivalent Indian rupees , in his manner .
Periyava “ Oh! It costs that much ? I didn’t think it would cost that much ! What about the shraddha manthras & a purohith to conduct it ? “
“ That’s not a big thing at all Periyava . Nowadays science has grown much. And I take advantage of it for such good reasons only . There is one instrument called tape recorder & cassettes . I recorded all the manthras through my permanent family purohith at my home here . And use it while I perform the shraddha there. Mansirundha margam undunnu solluva, illiya ? ( they say that if there is will , there is a way , isn’t it ? )
Periyava: “ Oh ! So there is a way like this to perform the shraddha scientifically too ! “
“ Saraiyaach chonnel Periyava ! “
Periyava: “ To come here & go back to YOUR States , how much it costs , each time ?”
Then , he replied elaborately about the different plane fares & other costly expenses & said finally “ But , I always come & go back in executive class only For the reason to avoid some unwanted elements of the lower class passengers who will take advantage to move with us equally , & sometimes , it will become dangerous too to the people like me.
Periyava: “ Do you visit India every year & when ? “
“ Oh ! That I can’t say , Periyava . Because , both officially & un officially I visit here . When I visit officially I come alone . But every year unofficially visiting India during the Christmas Holidays there & also during the Navarathri season without fail. For navarathri I come with my full family, because of 2 reasons . Modhalle, andha Ambal, Lokamatha, ellathaiyum aattip padaikira Akilaanda koti nakai illainna indha lokam edhu? (Firstly, if that Super most power is not there , then how can this World will be there ? “) Secondly, to create intimacy & affection with these religious functions & festivals & to understand their value , I bring my children here . Money is not the only criteria in life . These types of good characters must be absorbed by them to become the best citizen in future .
Periyava:“ “ So , you earn plenty there & spend lavishly only to bring up your children properly & to satisfy your pithrus ! And, you have a good chance of coming to India both officially & unofficially. From the way you explained here , I can understand that , you are meeting the particular relatives only to suit your ‘ standard ‘, because you want to avoid unnecessary low level people to take advantage to come near you !
(Now the other people’s face became bright with smiles as they had understood where Periyava’s talk is leading to ! On the contrary , the rich man’s group began to make curves in their bodies . The main person was simply staring at Periyava to avoid others’ eyes. )
You can spend any amount to import anything required from here to perform the pithrukaryams there only to suit your convenience. And, who advised you to do all this pithrukaryams there? How will they be able to take their pindams offered by you there in that para desa (foreign) bhoomi? They can & are allowed to accept the pindams & the monthly therthams (new moon Tharppanam) & Mahalaya tharppanams & shraddhams in this Bharatha punya bhoomi only. That’s all the more reasons that we, the Indians Brahmins are refrained from crossing the sea/going abroad. These pithru karmas are done to get their blessings & for the welfare of our family & the future generation too. Yes! You are right in saying that there is no dheivam superior than the pithrus. Each time, when you did the shraddha there, they all came there eagerly & hungrily too to receive the pindams & to bless you all . On the contrary, they couldn’t do so & had to return back with empty stomach & cursing you all in all these years . You are able to programme well in advance to come to India to celebrate the Super most power during the Navarathri . And, you thought it was colossal waste to visit India to perform the Pithrukaryam alone Now , all your poor pithrus are awaiting here eagerly & very hungrily to receive your pindams & therthams . Immediately tell your family shasthri to perform the pithru karmas for all these 25 years in one shraddha at the right place convenient to you & him . The pithrus will be very happy at this & bless you all .
The rich man’s ego disappeared & with tears rolling down his cheeks fell at feet of the Real Guru/God who was smiling and happily & blessing them all .
The rich man got up & said in a crying tone & flapping his cheeks “ Mahaperiyava , En dheivame . en kannaith thirandhuttel . ( O! my God . you have opened my eyes . ) thappup pannitten , Maha thappup pannnitten Periyava . ( I have done blunder ) Ippove poyi Periyava uttharavuppadi itthanai varusha shraddhatthaiyum kandippa seyyaren . ( immediately I shall certainly perform the shraddha of all these years’ balance as per the order of Periyava . ) Enga ellaraiyum Periava periya mansudan mannicchu prasadham tharanunun vendikkiren ! idhukku mela enakku onnum sollath theriyale . ! “ ( I request that periyava should forgive us all with great karuna & give us prasadham . I don’t want more to say ) .
Periyava gave them the prasadham of fruits kalkandu kumkum flower and a blouse bit to his wife & said. (Ellarum madatthula aaharam pannittu ambalaiyum darsanam pannittu pogalam. shraddhamlam pannittup oorukkup poradhukku munnadi vandhuttup po) All of you have your meals here in the mutt & visit the Kamakshi temple & proceed. After finishing with the pithru karma, before returning back to your country , visit here again & go ) ellarum shemama iruppel ! ( all of you will be very much alright ) & lifted His palms to them & others too & blessed with His eternal & divine smile !
The rich man & his family again did a sashtaanga namaskaram saying “ adhudhan Periyava venum , adhudhan venum ! ) That’s why we want Periyava ) & slowly went back with bright faces .
The man with full of ego and who spoke about him in volumes to Periyava, says “ I don’t what to say more you have opened my eyes . “
Who else can advise so eternally to such a person without wounding his heart & to realize his great blunder for 25 years to his pithrus ? Further how beautifully HE had got him the blessings of his pithrus too to relieve him from the permanent curse too . Oh ! splendid . Nobody in the world would have tolerated this much lorry load of ego & correct him too in such a mild manner & bless him also !!! This is the foremost lesson we all should learn from our GURU !

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  1. all these customs are just for the sake of doing, you get up every morning being grateful and showing gratitude to your ancestors that is more than enough…even Sankaracharyar regretted in his last days on the customs and traditions that he instructed to everyone..its all in the mind!!

  2. என் மாமியார் இறந்தபோது யு.எஸ்ஸில் இருந்தோம். உடனே திரும்ப முடியாத தர்மசங்கடமான சூழ்நிலை. ஆறு மாசமாகத் தவித்துக் கொண்டு இருந்தோம். போன மாதம் திரும்பி வந்த அன்றிலிருந்து ஆரம்பித்துக் காரியங்களைச் செய்து முடித்தோம். இப்போது பல வருடங்கள் கழித்து இதே பதிவு குறித்த கருத்துப் பகிர்வு மீண்டும் வந்திருப்பது எங்களுக்காகவே என்று தோன்றுகிறது. ஹர ஹர சங்கர! ஜெய ஜெய சங்கர! நமஸ்காரங்கள்.

  3. In the book ‘Hindu dharma’ Sri mahaperiyava says that it prevailed all across the world….Please refer Chapter 2 ‘The Universal Religion'(pages 56-61)…if this be so,why then restrict it to only ‘Bharat Varsha’ versus ‘Foreign Land’ when it comes to doing pithru karma?….seems to be a conflict between these two perspectives…. ‘Hindu Dharma’ is available as a pdf download.


  5. Namaskarams to all elders in the group. To be very candid, this contents of the original article seems manipulated quite a bit. I can’t think of a genuine brahmin, who is well established in US, will have the kind of ego portrayed in the article, in front of Periyava. Sorry – My feeling is that, this article has exaggerated the real conversation.

    Second, we live in NJ area. There are special Shrardham places in SVBF ( where they even make the relevant shrardha samaiyal) – and in a few other places. I am not really saying that this approves doing Shradhams in foreign lands. But, this is in a way, second best you can do, given the circumstances.

    I see many people feel bad, for doing shrardhams in US. I can tell you that, some of the priest who come to our places do these shrardhams (with full parvana homam) with lot more devotion than some of the priests in India.

    My 2 cents – If you ‘need’ to do in US, please don’t feel guilty. Do the shrardham with devotion. Your parents and Pithrus know YOU better and will accept and understand.

    • Can u kindly provide the contact information for SVBF or other places where the shrardha can be done. Kindly help..

    • You are absolutely right. In those days the only mode of transportation was ship and as per Maha Periyava, a Brahmin can miss his Nithya Anustams only for 3 days. But now-a-days we can reach any destination within 48 hours. So, as per Maha Periyava it is not a big deal going abroad.

      GOD and our Pitrus know our current state and they are the ones who has put us in this current state. So, they will understand and accept whatever you do with affection and love. When it comes to our customs and believes some of us become very fanatical about it, which drives me nuts.

  6. Dear Sri Maheshji,


    The above book has a Srimukham by Sri Mahaswamy – this book is by Sri Nilakanta Deekshitar where he very beautifully goes through all yogas – bhakthi, gyana and karma and describes Sri Siva Sakthi roopam at the end.


    The above book has a Srimukahm by Sri Mahaswamy – this book is Gauthama Dharma Shastram – a composition of Dharma Shastra by Sri Gauthama Maharishi – for all Vedic Shakas.

    There is yet another 3 books by Srivatsa –Ve- Sri Somadeva Sarma – one of which ( Sadacharam ) has Srimukham by Sri Mahaswamy. The 3 book names are given below

    1) Sandhya Vandhanam

    2) Sadhacharam ( has the Srimukham of Sri Mahaswamy )

    3) Apasthamba sutra – Tharpanam – with detailed meaning of each mantra ( really interesting book to read to understand how and what of Tharpanam).

    There is one more very interesting book by Srivatsa-Ve-Sri Somadeva Sarma – called ’40 Samskaras’ – not read yet – but heard that has lots of information on why stuff are done the way its done in Hinduism.

    Apart from this, wanted to give information on the below free of cost Ayurvedic Hospitals.

    1) Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswathi – Ayurvedic Hospital – Nazarath Pettai – near Sri Perumbudhur.

    2) Sri Guruvayurappan Asthiga Samajam run free Ayurvedic dispensary – inside Sri Uttara Guruvayurappan temple ( This hospital doctor Sri Varadarajan sir of Thanjavur is an ardent devotee of Sri Mahaswamy and had his early years growing up in the care of Sri Mahaswamy). Also distributes Ayurvedic medicines free of cost for the poor.

    3) Sri Andavan Ashram Ayurvedic dispensary – Alwarpet – Chennai – ( Inside Sri Andavan Ashram office next to Sri Andavan Ashram kalyana mandapam )

    Thought this information will be helpful for those who are interested in Ayurvedic medicine and those not well to do – who can get free ayurvedic treatment.

    Regarding every day exercises that are necessary and can help in easing knee pain for the old – there is a book by Vivekananda Kendra – cost @ Rs.40.

    This book has Surya Namaskara, basic exercises for standing, sitting and sleeping poses. These are very easy and can be practiced by all – but would suggest going to some training institution for starting.

    There is one Sri Raghavan sir, who practices yoga for 30 years and is a Yogacharya – who is part of Parischaya program of Sri Kanchi mutt & teaches Yoga for free @ Adambakkam Sankara Mutt on Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning for all from 6:00 a.m to 7:00 a.m.

    These are really helpful to me and I sincerely believe it is Sri Mahaswamy’s blessing that I am stumbling on such good people who are again Sri Mahaswamy’s devotees in my life. Hence wanted to share this great wealth that was given as Sri Mahaswamy Prasadam with others.

    Sri Jayendra Saraswatthi Ayurveda College & Hospi…: http://youtu.be/jW8N2xorIqE

    THE REVIVAL: http://youtu.be/3kt8zTGDIj8

  7. Thanks a lot Chi.Sreedhar for the very useful information..S.RamamoorthyIyer.

  8. Since there is lot of unintentional misinformation on Dhramasastras and their application in this forum from time to time by posters in response to any original article of the moderator (not to mention the routine flagellations and castigations of groups of people by some self appointed ‘expert’ posters which does not seem to help the hapless soul seeking directions), I compiled these resources based on our Mahaperiyaava’s utternaces and initiatives to help the readers:

    May these help us all in following our Dharmam to the best of our ability and increase our Sraddha!

    Periyavaa on the practical guide for DharmaSastras:

    Source : http://www.kamakoti.org/hindudharma/part15/chap3.htm

    Vaidyanatha Diksita’s own name for his work is Smrti-Muktaphala-Nibhandana-Grantha. We know very little about the author of this extremely useful book. Diksita must have lived some two hundred years ago; he belonged to Kandiramanikkam, near Nacciyarkoil (in Tanjavur district). It must be noted that he himself practised the dharmas he had dealt with in his nibhandana and he is also believed to have performed big sacrifices.

    Vaidyanatha-Diksitiyam is considered superior to similar works by Medhatithi, Vijnesvara, Hemadri and so on. Exhaustive in nature, it deals with the duties and rites pertaining to the different castes and asramas
    (the four stages of life), ritual purity, sradhha, prayascitta, stridharma, dayabhaga, dravyasuddhi.
    It even gives directions about the division of paternal property. When the Hindu code Bill was introduced in free India some put forward the view that the division of property must be based on the sastras. Such division is called “Dayabhaga”. The division of property in Kerala, in the uncle-nephew line, is called marumakkatayam. The word “dayadi” is derived from “daya”.

    Diksitiyam is the last among the nibhandanas. In the preparation of this work Vaidyanatha Diksita had the advantage of making a comparative study of all the previous works on Dharmasastra. Before it the authority followed it to some extent in the South was the nibhandana of Tozhappar. Vaisnavas and Smartas alike today accept the Diksitiyam as an authority.

    The nibhandanas are not like the Vedas (Sruti), the Kalpa-sutras and the Smrtis. Since they came later it is not easy to make them acceptable to all. Diksita, it must be noted, does not show the least trace of bias in his work and has followed the Mimamsa in determining the meaning of Vedic texts. He has brought together previous sastras and arrived at conclusions only after resolving the contradictions in them. This is the reason why his work is considered as authority in the South. When the Smrtis differ in some matters,
    he takes a broad view and suggests: “Let each individual follow the practices of his region and the tradition of his forefathers”.

    Now, how to obtain Vaidyanatha-Diksitiyam?

    Source : http://lists.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2014-January/036259.html

    Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam alias Smriti muktaphalam: This work is composed by Sri Vaithyanatha Dikshitar who hailed from Kandramanika village in Kumakonam or Tanjore District. The author has referred almost all the books that are available for dharma sastra and composed this exhaustive work. The beauty of this work is author did not give his point of view anywhere and finally ends the work like, these all the dharma that needs to be observed, it is upto a person based on kala, niyama and so on consult with elders and follow it to maximum extent. No enforcement.

    This was published by Sarada Vilas Mudrayala Kumbakonam in the year 1950. From 1950 to 1955 this press has published all the parts of Vaithyanatha deekshithiyam with the moola slokha in grantha script and meaning of that slokha in tamil. This books were published by the anugya of Mahaperiyavaa. And His Holiness has given Sri Mukham for all the parts of these books.

    If one wants a Devanagari Script of all volumes :

    It can be downloaded immediately at : http://vaidyanatha.ambaa.org/

    For Tamil Version of the book contact VEDA DHARMA SASTRA PARIPALANA SABHA

    All the parts of Smriti muktaphalam alais Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam with Tamil translation are
    republished in 2010 by the Veda Dharma Sastra Paipalana Sabha of Sri Kanchi Mutt,edited by BrSri Vaidya
    S.V. Radhakrishana Sastri of Srirangam.

    For copies, one can approach Sri Kanchi Mutt.

    In 1948, Mahaperiyavaa, had instructed that a sum of Re.1/- must be collected from each brahmana family towards expenses of the Sabha on account of honoraria, propaganda, publications etc. It was then requested that all brahmanas should give their donations to those authorized by the Sabha and obtain Sabha receipt.

    Source: http://www.kamakoti.org/kamakoti/articles/Veda%20Dharma%20Shastra%20Paripalana%20Sabha%20Aims.html

    • Thanks Shri Sreedhar. Most of the points enunciated in the dharma shastras are difficult to follow in today’s lifestyle. As you have rightly observed, one should make a sincere attempt to follow them to the extent possible after understanding their significance. Sri Vaidyanatha Deekshiteeyam is indeed a great compilation of the dharma shastras propounded by various Rishis at different points of time painstakingly collected and codified by Sri Deekshitar. I would like to add that the Veda Rakshana Sabha gifts the seven volumes of Smriti Mukta Phalam to donors who contribute to the Sabha.

  9. “Nee velinaadu poonathu mattumallaamal un pithrukkaLaiyum angu varas sollittaayaa?” was what Maha Periyava reportedly quipped, as per Anna Sri. Ra. Ganapati’s writings! When people go abroad, many take recourse to giving some Dhaanam to Purohithar at many Temples built there in lieu of Pithru Kaaryam . Some consolation but not equivalent to Sraaththam done in our country. People make compromises on many things, but Maha Periyava says that there is no compromise in Sasthraas on this subject.Sri Periyava says the same thing as it is the Sasthras’s decree. It is for everyone to take appropriate corrective steps.Splendid eyeopening post! Hara Hara Shankara, Jeya Jeya Shankara!

  10. Yes I agree there is no further discussion. Knowingly this is a violation. On the second point, there is a person in VA whom I know goes for a day to India to do the shrardham and get back. As you mentioned the violation has happened after stepping into the foreign land, so we have to just keep quiet and take the heat when it is awarded.

  11. There was a time when we could ask questions by email to Jayendra Periaavaal. We email the question to matham and somebody takes the questions and gets it answered by Jayendra Periavaal. I had posed the same question. It is said in our sastras that the benefit of doing pithru karma is obtained only if done in janma bhoomi OR India. What is the recourse for people who are in America and cannot afford go every year.
    Jayendra Periavaal categorically said ” There is no exemption to this rule in sastras” So, there is also no solution or answer. I have asked the same question to some learned Mahamahopadhyas and was told the same answer as what periavaal gave. I do srardham to my parents here in US. I have asked the question to my priests and they too did not have any answer.

    • After Pudhu Periyava had categorically said that there is no exemption to this rule, the whole search for the answer ends. Unfortunately, we are so tuned to keep asking questions to more people till we get the answer we want 🙂 I am writing this in a lighter vein – no heat please….By living abroad if we are violating certain dharma, let us accept it. Either we should try to fix it (if possible) or continue on our path.

      for the record, one of Sri matam devotee in Chicago goes to India to do Pithru Karyam yearly. He was there last month too. So, it is not impossible to go to India yearly to do shraardham if we have our priorities right.

      just my 2 cents…

      • Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

        //So, it is not impossible to go to India yearly to do shraardham if we have our priorities right.//

        It does get a bit tight when both our parents are no more. We should travel twice a year to Bharatha Desam to our Pithru Karma. Remember our Bharyai (wife) also needs to travel with us, as any Vedic Karma without her is not deemed complete. What about the monthly Amavasya Tharpananams, Mahalaya Amavaysa, etc. that comes monthly when we have to discharge our duties for our ancestors? Doing it here is no good either. Our rishies have great foresight and that is the reason they had told us not to cross ocean, due to all these practical scenarios. Remember, according to Periyava and our Sastras, one has to take care of his parents when they are alive which gets completely overlooked in this process. Sending money or having them taken care off by our siblings is no substitute for not doing our duties.

      • Mahesh
        I do them, but they say without wife — no use as well — getting leave for both them is difficult — Can anyone tell us any other easy way — just doing in Kashi and Rameswaram –then we can do overseas — I do all the New moon tharpanam, malayam — pirthu sardham here — I know leaving India is not good for brahmins — it converts to paradeshi — material world — pulls us — MahaPeiryava alone has to help

    • Thanks Ramani for clear clarification.

      For Pithru’s Thirupthi right place is do it in India. Those who could not in a position to travel (specially H1B’s couple) doing it in USA for our Athma Thirupthi .

      I am belongs to 2nd category and during that period I am sponsoring annadhana kattali in India.


    • //There was a time when we could ask questions by email to Jayendra Periaavaal.//

      It still is. Email your questions to kanchimutt@gmail.com and I’m sure you will get answers to your questions.

  12. Kumbakonam Sr Citizens who visit Varanasi in a group for “Pithru Pooja”may contact Sankara Mutt, kumbakonam for Sl Class fare reimbursement by “Bhagirathi Ammal Sivarama Iyer Kainkaryam, Bangalore. Ram Ram Ram


  13. Mahaperiava namakku Kankakee deivam ind a kaiyugathil.We are all born in this punyaboomi and we are blessed by mahaperiava.namaskarams.dayanandan

  14. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful teaching.

  15. Periyava periyavadhan…learnt well the significance of pithru karyams performed in India…thanks.

  16. Punxa bhoomi punyavans leadng comtented life with the thoughts of periava.

  17. We are not a Businessmen and working here on work visa and will have rate opportunity to avail holidays or visit India.

    • Yes, we must do pitru karmas only in India, I verified with many pandits (sastrigal) and gana patigal as well, because of Sacred rivers are running only in Bharath desam (according to Vedas, manu, mahabartham, dharma sastram by vaidiyanatha deekshidar)

      Ganga, yamuna, kaveri, and other rivers are flowing in India only …..hence all brahmins must do the rituals only in India,

      Even if we perform anything in foreign land, it is for our satisfaction only, it will not help.

      This is what I was advised by a Brahman who studied in IIT and still working and doing ritual in currrent India, also advised by krishnamoorthy iyer in mylapore (he has written saram of dharma sastram),
      also by my home sastrigal.

      After going to india from foreign land especially UK, USA, Africa, we must do suddi before doing any rituals ..i.e. Gayatri more than 1008 times everyday…atleast 100000 so that our sins would be cleared.

      (Since we crossed sea, you might be knowing that all sea are different, each one will not connect. you can see videos in youtube. Hence we must pray and apologies Sea (Ocean). Being a brahmin, must not cross Sea..we came through all rituals when we do ubakarma (yakvobavetham- poonul kalynam)).

      I did this before doing karmas to my Mom, before last year i didnt know all these..

      Better read Mahabartham, Valmiki ramayanam, srimad bagavatham, bagavath geetha, dharma sastra to understand all of these and real part of life.

      If we miss pitru karma on specific thithi, we can do it in immediate next month (ammavasa or thithi).

      Please talk to your sastrigal.

      Every year must travel to India to do ritual, I have father’s ritual and mother’s ritual separately one after another …in between 45 days gap.

  18. I have been doing Pithrukarma with Local Sasthirgal here in USA. We do give pindoms to Crows. Is this correct or do we have to do only in Bharath?. I am confused.

  19. மிக அருமை. பித்ரு கர்மா பாரதத்தில் தான் செய்ய வேண்டும் என்பதைக் குறித்து தெய்வத்தின் குரலிலும் வந்திருக்கிறது. ஆனால் இந்நிகழ்வு இப்போது தான் தெரியும். பகிர்வுக்கு நன்றி.

  20. I knew that pithru’s karma’s are only effective in our karma bhoomi, for someone settled outside India the person would have to travel to India along with his wife to perform the pithru karmas. Since performing any karmas without the wife physically being present is also invalid. Also if the monthly tharpanams and other tharpanams performed are also void, what is the remedy or the way for a family living outside India to make up for the lost years and months? I know that this act of performing everything at one time would be akin to feeding someone just once a year sumptuously and leaving them hungry the rest of the year. Sri Mahaperiyava bestowed immense grace on this gentleman where he had the resources to perform the shraddam to make up for 25 years, what about the common middle class man living outside of India? Unfortunatley due one reason or the other, people have left India and many are not well to do to afford travel to India with their family every year for shraddam,is there any remedy? Elders and learned scholars please kindly expound.

    • You can simply say an invocation seeking Divine Grace to elevate your ancestoral souls and also release souls in distress . You can format it somewhat like this: May Divine Lord Parameshwara grant my prayers on this day /thithi of my…….’s punyathithi of departure from earth,. spiritual solace and elevate my father/mother’s soul to higher planes . I humbly prostrate to you My Ancestoral pithrus and seek your blessings for myself and family. Subject to approval of your kula guru you can offer annam samarpanam [wish we dont call it dhaanam to Brahmanaas] /bhojanam in places like Kaasi / Rameswaram /Gaya /Tiruvannamalai Yogi Ramsuratkumarji ashram/ Veda Patashalas / Goshaalas etc., I feel it is the urgent need of the hour so that future generations do not suffer from pithru dosham due to stay abroad. Any great living sidha may offer simpler remedies and I pray to Lord Arunachaleswara to reveal this saint and procedure at the earliest so that everyone is benefitted. However exceptions are only for overseas people only. I have written about this in Babaji sidhar Aanmigam tamil monthly journal also. Jaya jaya shankara Kamakoti sankara….RA CHANDIRAMOULISWARA cmouliswara@yahoo.com

      • There is no shastraic sanction for suggestions offered by iswara iyer. Our own thoughts and ideas on such matters cannot be considered as being in line with Shastras. Please ensure whatever suggestions you give out are okayed by the Shastras. Have we become so busy that we cannot take one single day off for the Shraddha karyam? Have the people living abroad become so broke that they cannot afford to travel back to India at least once a year? Please think over – can we not even do this annual ritual for the sake of our parents who have taken care of us so much and so very well that nothing we do can ever repay their compassion, affection, and kindness. We remain permanantly at debt towards them, but as a mark of gratitude, we have to perform the annual Shraddam with utmost diligence.

        Some people suggest that once the shraddham has been performed in Gaya/Kashi, we need not perform shraddhams any more at all. Nothing can be as wrong as this. There is a recommendation that one performs Shraddham in Gaya kshetram at least once in a lifetime for his parents, but needless of whether this has been done or not, one has to perform the Shraddham every single year without fail. Even when the main kartha/doer is completely sick and unable to perform a proper shraddham any more, he can switch over to a hiranya shraddham. Otherwise, it has to be agnimukha shraddham only.

    • Thanks Hari sharing your views. I am also waiting for our elders to provide some advice on this. Further Madhyakailash – Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation having Pithru Kattalai, will they do it in our absence and on our behalf?

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