For the Maharudram event this weekend, one of our young readers, 26 years old,  planned to come from Kansas city alone. Her primary motive is to attend this event and also to see other Periyava devotees….She recently moved there from Utah and decided to take the night bus to Chicago. The bus ride is a good 8-10 hours – think about her devotion and interest in satsang…As with anyone, apparently, she was little worried about going alone in the night in the bus. She went ahead and purchased the ticket and all her worry went away after seeing the boarding pass. It said KAN-CHI – to represent the city names! After seeing this magic word, what would worry us?!

If you always remember “Naa Irukken” we need not worry for anything.

P.S – I was envious to see this young lady’s bakthi…As other girls of her age are forgetting the culture and running elsewhere, Periyava had pulled her near Him….Gifted young lady…We all pray her all the bests for her…I was much relieved after seeing her text this morning that she reached her place safely.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Shankara

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  1. Amazing. If we think of HIM for even a second with true devotion, his presence is felt. How could he not assure/bless a lady who had such a good intention.

  2. Amazing experience KAN-CHI. What more do we want, Bhagavan is with her at every step no need to worry.

    Some days when I feel low as I go to work, suddenly there will be a car in front of me with name plate SAIRAM, SAIDEEP, SAILILA, PRASAD, GDISGR8. Immediately my spirit will get lifted.
    Just sharing

  3. periava once said, when expressed anxiety of our living without Him, ‘aye enda kavalaipadre, naan ellaraethuleyum vandu vilayaduven,iruppen’. Hey, why are you worried, i will be coming and playing in everyones house and be there, is the translation. how true this is. You have not given the name of this Kunju Kamakshi. just put all your baram in Him and start, He is with you. He always does it believe me. this incident is the proof.She is a blessed soul and i am sure she will get all co operation from her husband if she is married and would be and other fellow citizens if she is yet to get to.

  4. Excellent.

    Jaya jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankaa!

    Thank U

  5. Mahesh 🙂 In the line, “If we remember ‘Naan Irruken’..”, i think the sentence wrongly means — “we need to worry for anything” instead of “we need not worry for anything” 🙂

    • it is my mac’s auto-correct feature and particularly when i type fast, i don’t even notice that it made some changes…..thanks for the catch…corrected…

  6. What a way to convey to someone that HE IS HERE, than to print KAN-CHI to this blessed young devotee..
    Jaya jaya Sankara, Hara hara Sankara.

  7. One more MAHIMAI from our beloved & respected MAHAN.
    Jaya jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankaa!

  8. This is really thrilling- KAN-CHi Oh, great! All glory to Mahaperiyava!

  9. amazing devotion! He takes care of whoever thinks of Him and surrenders!! It is very clear that if f we take one step towards Him, He takes 100 steps towards Us!

  10. Excellent

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