2014 Chicago Maharudram

Chicago sanathana dharma followers had a great opportunity to host and attend Maharudra Yegnam last weekend hosted by Hindu Mandir of Lake County. This was a 3-day event started from Friday till Sunday. At least 100 ladies in madisar participated in Lalitha Sahasranama Archanai on Friday evening in front of Goddess Durga. Headed by 15 well-learned vedic priests, at least 130+ ritwiks chanted Sri Rudram on Saturday and attended Rudra Homam. As Adi Shankara Jayanthi fell on Sat/Sunday, this event had much more significance. Organizers did an outstanding job in managing such a large crowd – all the way from picking people from airport, hotel, shuttle bus, food etc…Great job….

We were lucky to have HH Mahaperiyava and HH Pudhu Periyava Padhukas in the event. We received them with poorna kumbam, did archana to them etc. After seeing such a large gathering and how successfully the even has been going on, the president of Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, Lemont had announced that he would host a Maharudram in 2015 also – I  (along with others) am more excited !!! Avan arulale avan thaal vanaghi!!!! In this event, I absolutely like to have Periyava vigraham and do abishekam while Rudrabhishekam goes on! If He wants, this will happen too….

I was sitting in a place from where I could not take much photos/videos…took a 1-minute video clip and someone sent me one picture…Here it is….

I had a great opportunity to meet several of our blog readers in this event….Team from Indianapolis, Detroit, local Chicago, Kansas city, Nebraska, DC  etc..I met Shri Ravi Venkataraman who published the Mahaperiyava Puja Vidhanam book…It was absolutely great to put a face behind the names, connect with them etc. The relationship is growing….Thanks to Periyava for connecting…

The advantage of this satsang – I am planning to go to Indianapolis soon with Mahaperiyava padhukas to do a puja there with the devotees there…I am sure these folks will come again in 2015 for attending Maharudram event.


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  1. Periyava’s anugraham kadal thandi ithu pol nalla sat sangam nadakka endrum thunai nirkum.jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  2. I have more videos, voice recordings and photos I can share 🙂

  3. Shankara. Samudram thanduvathu sastra virodam endru bombay kooda neengal pogamateergalae. So only ur paduka shoukd get abishekam. People there are lucky. Bless them and give them more strength oh shankaraaa

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