Ninnai Saranadaindhen – New CD on Sri Mahapriyava


Sri Mahaperiyava Charanam,

A new CD with 8 songs on Sri Mahaperiyava was released on 10th April at Sri Narathagana sabha, Chennai. With Mahaperiyaval’s blessing Shri LS Venkatesan wrote 6 songs describing Mahaperiyava karunai.

  • Music : Sri. Magesh Vinayagam ( son of Sri Vikku Vinayagam)
  • Singer : Smt Shanthi Suresh.
  • Where to get from :  Mr.Siva @ 9840865408

Please see youtube to hear one song @ below link..I just finished listening this song – great job!!

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  1. I need this cd. How to get it. Please the contact number to my mail I’d Regards and thanks

  2. Where can we buy this case. Please give the contact number.


  4. This was simply superb . Where can I get those songs??

  5. kindly let me know whether can i get the book on the songs for my mother

  6. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara! Can some CDs be kept in Giri Trading, Bhavani Book Centre etc. at Chennai?

  7. I contacted the person on number given. Sent him emails. No response from the contact. How do I buy?


    • i don’t know…i will forward your email to them…

    • Sir, I have replied your mail. I have sent you the requested CDs through a Mahaperiyava devotee flying to US yesterday night to save on the postage cost. It will be posted locally at US once the devotee reaches US. My number is +91 98408 65408. Anybody wishes to get the CD can reach me on this number. Thanks, Siva

      • Thanks….Pl note that several readers tried to reach your number but ended up with no response…Pl make sure that you provide more contact points….

  8. Mrs.Shanthi Suresh also just completed another devotional album on Mahaperiyava titled “Maamuni Malaradi Saranam” composed by Sri.Mohan Vaithya. CD is priced at Rs.100 and the amount collected from this sale is given to the Veda Patashala at Thenambakkam

  9. Credit goes to the composer L.S.Venkatesan, the singer Mrs. Shanti Suresh and the Music Director Mahesh Vinayakaram besides Mahesh for publicising this.
    L.S.Venkatesan describes the context of this composition in his interview (at minute 28:00)


    • Namaskaram’s Venkatesan Anna, I was down with tears watching the experience you had narrated… Guruve Sharanam… Mahaperiyava’s Anugraham on you is just an Godly experience… Am blessed through you to hear Mahaperiyava. Let me know if I can visit your home, see you in person… Prostrate Periyava at your home and before Periyava’s drawing… Jayaraman (9940649245)

  10. Congrats Mahesh.. Great composition by you.

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