A uniqueness about tomorrow’s Sani Pradosham

Read it in the web…sharing with you….It seems that these combination is very rare and not going to happen for next 30 years. So let us all fall at the feet of Lord Kaalakaalan tomorrow during Pradosham time – no matter how busy we are.




13th Moon: Most Powerful Sani Pradosham of the Year:

The upcoming 13th Moon on April 26th, has unique properties that amplify an already powerful Pradosham. It is the most powerful Sani Pradosham of the year. Not only does it fall on a Saturday, but the Moon aligns with the star Uttarabhadrapada, a star ruled by Saturn. The Star being Saturn’s star will increase Saturn’s influence. The Uttarabhadrapada star has a unique quality that will Dissolve the karma blocking wealth that you are owed. Also Jupiter being in the 4th house from the Moon, will help to clear karma between you and your mother, and karma disrupting home life. Also it is the last waning Moon Sani Pradosham to occur while Saturn is exalted. Let us take this opportunity that will not repeat for another 30 years, and offer prayers.

Om Nama Shivaya!

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  1. Thanks for the timely information.will visit nearby siva temple and offer prayers for all.

  2. Rama Rama

    Uttarabhadrapada is prevailing upto April 27th 10:02 hrs at Chennai.
    Hence, this Maha Pradosham info is validated positively.

    Rama Rama

  3. Namaste. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Please let us know what we should do during this day. Any particular times on Saturday or whole day goes that way. Please let us know the stotram and/or what else to do please. Thanks a lot.


  4. Which prayers are to be offered? Please let me know. Thanks.

  5. No26 not a good no.pray to isvara to. Mitigate forthis also , there is 1percent effect good inthis. If astami. Is not approriate think about no8.also,

    • Rama Rama

      Ganeshji felt No. 26 is not good number. A few expressions of mine is drafted hereunder.

      I remember, somewhere in this same blog there was mention about our Maha swamy’s expression as numerology and all are not to be considered.

      Hence, 8, 17, 26 all these things are also good only.

      Ashtou brahmanan grahyithva – is the saying mentioned vide Ganapathy atharva sirsha upanishad.

      In modern digital clock/ calculators, 8 is the only number which supports all other numbers.

      8 is meant for Maha Ganapathy.

      Ashtami chandra vibraja dhalika sthala shobithaya – Lalitha sahasranamam says so.

      Though there are 10 directions, we never fail to mention as Ashta dik palaka.

      Ashta dharam marga – 8 ways of attaining moksha – Yaga, Vedabhyasa, dana, tapas, satya, kshama, daya, aspruha

      Ashtabandana – 8 things mixed for idols applied during kumbabhishekam/ Samprokshanam

      Ashta bharya – 8 wives of Lord Krishna – Satya, Bhama, Rukmani, Jambhavi, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra & Lakshna

      Ashta Churna – Mixture of Sukku, Milagu, Tippili, Jirakam, Karunjeerakam, Intuppu, Perunkayam, Ayamodakam

      Ashta dik gaja – 8 elephants bearing this earth

      A number of hymns on most of the devathas composed as Ashtakam – 8 stanzas.

      Ashta loha – 8 metals viz, Swarnam(gold), Rajatham(Silver), Tamram(Copper), Sisakam(Lead), Kantikam(Mercury), Vamsam(Tin), Louham(Iron), Tikshna loham(Steel)

      Ashta mangala- Brahmin, bow, fire, gold, ghee, sun, water & king.

      Ashta mantri – Ikshvaku dynasty Dasaratha chakravarthy was having 8 ministers mentioned vide Valmiki ramayanam.

      Ashtanga Yoga – Ashta yogini – Ashta vakra – many many sanskrit names supporting number 8.

      Anything is good under the sun – over the earth.

      Rama Rama

      • these can be in the list…..asta luxmi, asta siddhies , asta varga way of prediction, digital way..8 times any good things are good,not bad things. innuemorology iti is suggested days of 8 ,&name no 8 can be avoided. inastrology it is suggested.. astami ,chandrastami may be avoided.a incomplete list….ragukalam,ema kandam, pratamy, navami, bad horays,dosha planetsetc. periyava has told one astrolloger,ithat manasporutaimi i n thirumana porutam is important than other things in respect of girls,boys above age of 30… any takers? all are like signs if cofortable may take it , mani jo sier ,183/116 yadava st adambakkam close to matam helped so mahy people me also,indarsan ,etc.over years.by his blessins i am able to manage.kindly have a talk with mani toget details of periyava for benifit of others

  6. This should apply to whole world where people believe. Think of this and pray during any sandhya

  7. Thank You for the timely information. Just one point to note: the above seems to be applicable only to North America. I don’t think it is the same nakshatram in India on Saturday. Anyway to confirm?

    Thanks again,

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