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I have written in the past about how HH Bala Periyava envisions things about our society, culture and value in mind, how His ideas becoming actual projects etc. These are all bringing Mahaperiyava’s upadesams into actual implementation in today’s world. His focus has been always capturing the young minds and seed all our value based, vedic based thoughts in their minds at the young age so that when they grow up / growing up, they do not go on the wrong path.

Recently, He has asked few noble volunteers like Smt Radhika Chandramouli to spearhead an initiative to conduct summer camps for young brahmin boys and girls and give them an introduction about Pancha kaavyas for 6 days in Chennai:

  • Raghuvamsa
  • Kumarasambhava
  • Kiratarjuniya
  • Sisupalavadha
  • Naisadha carita

Kanchi Matam has identified scholars from the matam to talk about each kaavyas. They also will talk about the beauty of Sanskrit….

  • Where: Sri Narayani Ammal Kalyana Mantapam, RA Puram, Chennai
  • Date: Apr 27th to May 2nd
  • Time : 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Lunch/Tea : Freely provided
  • What to bring: Interest to learn our epics/puranas/values
  • Take aways: More insight into our culture, increased value, noble thoughts leading to good deeds
  • Contact: Smt Chandramouli 9962549086, 9940236425

With_balaperiyavaThis is a FREE camp organized by Sri Kanchi Matam. Although this is targeted for young brahmacharis, even elders are welcome to attend.

What do we need from you?

Please take this initiative seriously. Please spread the word among your friends and families and encourage young brahmin boys and girls in your apartment, neighbors etc to attend. Sri Kanchi matam is conducting this event. By spreading the word and making these children attend you are doing a great service to our matam, our acharyas and to our Hindu dharma.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara




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  1. Is there any plan to conduct these camps in weekends ?
    Mon-Fri are weekdays, many interested ppl might miss out due to office or college.
    Majority of the ppl in 15-40 are office goers or college students.

    • i guess schools/colleges are closed during this mentioned, the core intended audiences school/college kids…i am not the organizer ..only a messenger…pl contact radhika for all questions….

  2. Hi Mahesh,

    I have read some incidents from HH Paramacharya’s experiences where he does not even encourage sub-sect of Brahmins getting married. Even in the sirugumani Parasuramacharya video, he recounts how swamigal asked him to take only kannada-madhwas and not include even telugu brahmins in the list.

    Therefore I’m highly skeptical of any claims that he encouraged marriage alliances among the 5 states, cultural similarities or differences aside.

    The reason why I’m specifically pointing this out here is, our Paramacharya was very vigilant that the wrong message should never have his endorsement.

    Therefor he never re-interpreted our dharma (to suit the modern times as was requested), never gave any lenience, never encouraged even slight deviations from one’s swadharma. Sri Chandrashekara Sthapathi even recounts how Paramacharya asked for a specific design and when told that it was not there in the silpa-saasthra texts, he instantly conceded to compliance over innovation.

    Given that this blog serves such a diligent person’s devotees, we must be very careful about what we post and say here.

    I know that your intentions are sincere. Can you please fact-check this inter-state inter-language marriage claim before posting this online ?

    Thanks very much.

    • Dear Bhuvana,

      May be I will remove the reference to “Implementing Mahaperiyava upadesam” from my posting if that is what is causing confusion. HH Balaperiyava spent 90 mts with me during last year trip when He narrated this. There is no reason to validate this anyone…I am not qualified to – rather – I do not want to question HH Balaperiyava’s decision. I am not pointing at you – but sometime we go overboard and question everything 🙂 They are our acharyas. If we have accepted them as acharyas, then there is no issue. Once again, I am not pointing this at you but I am speaking generally…

      Hope you won’t mind my long response.

      • This initiative is to bring people having common roots together, not so much to encourage inter sect alliances. In general, a Tamil Smartha marrying, say a Kannada Smartha can’t be considered as inter sect, whereas if he/she chooses, for example, a Madhwa or an Iyyengar is, of course, inter sect , which is generally not encouraged. Again this effort is to bring people together rather than anything else.
        Kind regards.

      • Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara..

        Well said, Mahesh. We follow several things in life without any questioning but when it comes to our GURU’s, GOD, Scriptures and Methods of Worship, we tend to just keep asking questions WITHOUT even doing the due diligence on our part. It’s easier to question than sincerely trying to find an answer.

        May we all Pray to Sri Periyava to give us UNCONDITIONAL and that’ll help us cross this birth and death cycles. What they tell is ALWAYS good for us.(spanning across Janmas)

        Adiyen Sri Periyava Dasan.

        Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  3. Thank you very much Sir for the information. I will inform my neighbours and other friends to
    depute their children for the above event. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    Balasubramanian NR

  4. Great initiative to preserve our culture . But I do not know why it is being restricted to Brahmin youths ?

    • It is because in today’s world, only Brahmin community needs to be more sensitized towards their Dharma. Only this community has abandoned all its virtues of the past and had the greatest fall from the high pedestal of Dharma. No other community has had such a pathetic fall.
      Pudhu Periyava often used quote the example of ‘cycle pedal’. If at all Brahmins of this generation has some virtue, it is be cause of the merit of the forefathers. Unless you do more good deeds (anushtanam, japam etc), no way your past glory can be re-established.

      That said, more inclusive initiatives will be forthcoming from our Acharyas.

  5. Is there any camp to be conducted in Trichy ,Sir

  6. Which city is this ?

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