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I saw this comment in the youtube account – I was simply speechless!! This is real bakthi…For all of us, we have ton of material in front of us to read, watch etc and yet we are not able to do more bakthi. Here all this devotee has is a stamp-sized picture of Periyava and comes from a different religious background and yet he/she is doing great bakthi!!!

I replied to him/her to continue the prayer towards Periyava as He is beyond religion/caste/color etc. I am sure that a true bakthi like this will be answered by Periyava.

Let us pray for this devotee to continue the bakthi towards Periyava….

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


I am xian from Chennai….forefathers were Namboodiris…..for the past few weeks I am madly in love with KANCHI PERIYAVA……strange isnt’it. Last week I dreamt of half used Ghee lamp, does it signify anything about Periyava? I live in London. Do you know any temple in UK where Periyava is worshipped. As a christian I have lot of limitations….feel sad…..I have taken a stamp size print out of Periyava and light candle for him everyday, yday I bought a CLAY lamp and has prepared home made ghee…going to light Nei Vilaku very soon for Periyava…cant believe this”

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  1. அன்பு திரு மகேஷ்…


    அப்பரடிகள் (திருநாவுக்கரசர்) சமணம் தழுவி தன் எழுபத்தேழாம் வயதில் தான் சைவம் திரும்பினார்? ஐயன் அவரை புறம் தள்ளவில்லையே?

    அவர் தம் திருவாக்கால் ‘உலகம் விளக்கு ஞாயிறு’ என்றல்லவா தன்னைப் பாடச் செய்து கொண்டார்…

    புறம்ப யத்தெம் முத்தினைப் புகலூ ரிலங்கு பொன்னினை
    உறந்தை யோங்கு சிராப்பள்ளி யுலகம் விளக்கு ஞாயிற்றைக்
    கறங்கு மருவிக் கழுக்குன்றிற் காண்பார் காணுங் கண்ணானை
    அறஞ்சூ ழதிகை வீரட்டத் தரிமா னேற்றை யடைந்தேனே.

    புறம்பயத்தில் உறையும் எங்கள் முத்து, புகலூரில் விளங்கும் பொன், உறையூரில் ஓங்கிக் காணப்படும் சிராப்பள்ளிக் குன்றிலுள்ள உலகுக்கு ஒளிதரும் சூரியன், அருவிகள் ஒலிக்கும் கழுக்குன்றத்தில் தரிசிக்க வருபவர்களுக்குப் பற்றுக்கோடு, அறச்செயல்கள் யாண்டும் செய்யப்படுகின்ற அதிகை வீரட்டத்தில் உள்ள ஆண் சிங்கம் ஆகிய பெருமானை அடியேன் அடைந்தேன்.

    அதே போலத் தானே, நம் ஐயனும்… சாதி, மத, மொழி, இன, தேச, கால வர்த்தமானங்களைக் கடந்து நிற்கும் உலகம் விளக்கு ஞாயிறு அன்றோ நம் ஐயன்?

    சிவம். திருச்சிற்றம்பலம்.

  2. The” Conciousness” or” Brahmam” is neither Christian nor Hindu

    That “Neivilakku” will dispell the “Darkness” one day,do not know in which birth it would be

    All the best,sir

  3. He is like Kannappa Nayanar. Soon he is going to experience a miracle as Maha Periyava is known to shower his love on a true devotee.

  4. a small suggestion [happens to be a thursday too] visualise sri sri Periyava in front of you and start talking and seeking his blessings and divine presence,. the more your intense prayers the earlier the visitations…blessings of Gurumandala be with you Sir.

  5. Even our Christian brother devotee is a follower of Advaitha and naturally Maha Periyava’s Blessings will be abundant on him! May he continue his devotion to Maha Periyava and he will evolve further and further on the Dharmic path! God,Son and Holy Spirit and Paramaathama, Jeevaathma and Advaithic experience are One and the Same Truth! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  6. Nanri.veru enna solla.periava saranam.

  7. Amazing and touching.

  8. Yes. Periava has no boundaries when it comes to showering his grace on his devotees. Continue to do what you want to do for him and he will take care of the rest. Hara Hara shankara. Jaya jaya shankara.

  9. All pervading Periyava (paramatma) will surely bless this devotee.
    Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara

  10. We must realise our HH Kanchi Swamijis are Jagadgurus. They are the Gurus for the entire Universe. Our revered HH Mahaperiyava Karunamurthy-His unbounded love n unfathomable affection will embrace the entire world, not only the human kingdom, but the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom which all have form of life. As a true Advaitin n Sarvagnani He will bless all regardless of caste, creed, religion or nationality. For this individual to develop bhakthi for Mahaperiyava Poorva janma suhredam…Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara.. Dr. Jayasankaran.

  11. So sweet, brother Xian. continue worshiping Shri Maha Periyava as you wish. Your words ” I am madly in love with KANCHI PERIYAVA…” speaks how deep you are in bhakti. In my opinion, u can even lit a candle in front of His photo as per your custom. Remember, Vedu Kannappa worshipped Lord Shiva in the forest as per his custom. God wants only bhakti not rituals.

  12. there are a lot of xians who has been going to periava and this gentlemen if he sees the filmed version of periava on the siddhi day he would find ques of nuns and fathers standing to pay their obeisence. apartment from this paul brunton,queen of greece and so many others have been regular visitor. in fact that french doctor about whom i had mentioned and whose name is dr. Demitrin just used to stand in attention jst looking at periava for hours together. all these i mention because you feel you are xian and you have limitations. good you have a neivilakku but anything even just thinking Him for a few seconds will draw you near Him. you are blessed really because so many have told they see Jesus in Him!!!! pl.continue just to think of Him and pray for all welfare as He is doing even now. n.ramaswami


  14. Amazing….moving

  15. Our bakthi is nothing before this young xian. May Periyava continue to bless him.

  16. May Periyava shower his blessings on this devotee and guide her in her approach to worship Periyava.

  17. Touching!

  18. Amazing and deeply touched.

  19. Hari om very nice,inspiring,surely periyavva’s blessings is there for this gentleman,you would be the right person to guide him, jaya shankara hara hara shankara !

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