Sri Appaya Dikshitar Jayanthi/Charithram Part 1

Posting this video is special to me. Why? The very first devotee experience I posted in the blog was with Brahmasri Adayapalam Dikshitar (here is the link). After few years of break, I am glad to post another video of him.

Mama comes in the family of Sri Appaya Dikshitar – extraordinarily well-learned. Here he is sharing his experience on how Appaya Dikshitar Jayanthi celebrations started by Mahaperiyava etc. He also gives us a good introduction about life history of dikshitar.

To keep the attention span with the video, here is the Part 1 – roughly 23 mts. For his age, mama moves quickly. I suggest all to listen to the divya charithram of Sri Appaya Dikshitar. As with Bagavatham, Bagavad Gita etc, listening about such mahan lectured by a well-learned person is a punyam.

BTW – After a very long time, I am editing in Mac using iMovies…So I am going through some learning curve in the new version…Hope there are no glitches….In another few episodes, I should be familiar this tool as well..

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  1. Just to set the records right – of course, Sri Appaya Dikshitar was a great Adwaithic and Sanskrit scholar. But he lost all his debates with Sriman Vijayeendra Tirtha (Paramaguru of Sriman Raghavendra Tirtha) on Adwaitham versus Dwaitham. They debated on so many different polemical topics at so many different times but, he lost all of them. So much so that, he became extremely illogical after all that he started a Tatthwam – Shiva Dwaitham – i.e., Dwaitham but with Shiva instead of Vishnu Aaadharam. How can Dwaitham become correct if it was all along incorrect when the focus changes from Vishnu to Shiva. Illogical indeed. The records/ proceedings of the above debates are still available at the Vidhya Muttam (aka Sri Raghavendra Tirtha Muttam aka Poorvadi Muttam aka Vibhudendra Tirtha Muttam).

    Also, there is no proof that he actually contracted Unmatham (i.e., became mad) after consuming Oomathangai. So, the Shlokas composed after supposedly contraction of Unmatham cannot be fully credible.


    • The UNMATTAM was planned. He asked his disciples to record what he uttered when he was in a state of madness.The juice was taken and his ramblings were recorded.The antidote was given and he came back to normalcy.THE ENTIRE RAMBLINGS WERE 90 SLOKAS ON SHIVA !!!! Jambunathan

    • 1. Sri Appaya Dikshidar might have had debates, and each person would have stayed with their ideas – dont think any credible proof is there to say that he lost in debates…
      2. Sivadhwaitham – He never failed to show his focused devotion to Bhagavan Siva. But he always maintained that as an Adwaithin, Sri Siva and Sri Narayana are the same…and two aspects of the Brahman…
      The difference is – those who do Dwaitham with Sri Vhshnu Bhagavan as supreme, they never accept that Sri Siva is another form of Brahman like Sri Narayana…
      But Dikshidar always said that both Sri Siva and Sri Narayana are Brahman…


  2. Sir,eagerly waiting for part2,please

  3. Very good interview. Can you post the entire talk. The talk seems to have been cut short. Please post the entire talk.

  4. Very nice to hear from Brahmasri Adayapalam Sri Ramakrishna Dikshithar about the Charithram of Sri Appaya Dikshithar, an incarnation of Lord Siva, as told by Maha Periyava. Also gave me an opportunity to listen to your first video of Devotee Experiences, as told by Dikshithar Maama about his experiences with Maha Periyava. These great souls are our Living Links with Maha Periyava the Eternal Paramaathman! I wish all these Devotee Experiences will come out as a book form, which will be a treasure for Maha Periyava Devotees. Sri Sivaraman should seriously consider publoishing them in book form. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  5. His name is Ramakrishna Dikshitar. He is my fathers uncle (Chitappa). I am also proud to belong to the appaya dikshitar clan. I am in the 14th generation.

    • i am also a descendant of the Srimadh Appaya Dikshitar. i want to know our family tree. is the writings ,slogams, scripts and other phrases available in printed format? any tamil translated versions available?.

      • Hi, I do have a handwritten family tree of our clan written by thatha himself. Pl share your email I’d shall send across the image…..

      • Please share ur contact coordinates. Shall send across the family tree…BTW what is your poorviham. Native place…unga athu periyava ella yaaru.Please share.

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