A few folks to thank from the bottom of the heart!



I have been planning to write this soon after my return from India. However, things started to get busy. Better late than never.

I have to thank the following three blog friends from the bottom of my heart to accommodate us during my trip. If I don’t do this, I will carry a big sin for the rest of my life!

In Ms Shoba’s case, we knocked at her door in Srirangam at around 10PM. As usual, we gave no heads-up – just showed up! The whole family was so kind – they took care of us well ; had good conversation – talked about Brahmasri Mullaivasal ganapadigal etc for sometime and we left. They were so happy that we could meet them etc…They didn’t mind the late hours – they were so kind with the smile of their faces!

Shri Balasubramaniam and family hosted us for one night in Chidambaram. We did not give them any notification about our arrival/dinner plan etc. The whole family was patiently waiting for us to come; offered a great dinner, gave us a comfortable stay that night, which we really wanted. Shri Balasubramaniam is such a great Nataraja and Periyava devotee, I consider myself fortunate to meet someone like him. He also is a great role model for his nephew in nithyakarma! Hats off to you sir….

Shri Venkatesan, Trichy. We have done a video interview of Shri Venkatesan’s father in law. Their family already had Shri Ganesa Sharma as guest staying at their place when he was at Trichy for sapthaham. We originally went to their house at 10 PM to talk to Shri Ganesa Sharma – we talked, talked and talked. When it was around midnight, we decided to sleep there. We = 3 adults!! Stayed that night and left the next day morning after coffee, breakfast and all the good stuff….I can’t thank enough for their entire family to put up with us with loud conversations in the middle of the night and yet let us stay!!!

By now, as you can see, just showing-up has become a trend, isn’t it? I truly felt bad in all cases.

In case if you are wondering how I managed to get all these great treatment..They were not for me..Shivaraman was in the middle of that “we”! That is why!!

Thank you Shivaraman and sincere thanks to all these three families for having us….



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  1. MK is really so humble . Talking about the visits is welcome as it gives us an opportunity to get
    mentioned in the same page of Mahaperiyava for that we are prepared to receive such great
    devotees of our swamy at any day , any hour . But thanking us is absolutely unnecessary . It was/is our fortune to have you all at our place .

  2. Nothing personal,it’s all Maha periyavaa only always,really amazed how he finds time for so many postings
    Sivaraman is always ready to help

  3. Very nice experience with these great devotees. With Sri. Ganesa Sarma and Sri. Sivaraman,being present one could imagine the conversations about Maha Periyava. Hope you could share some vignettes at least! Jaya aya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Thondartham Perumai Sollavum Arithee!

  4. Mahesh is right. When every devotee write here about their views, experience about Sri Periyava. why not Mahesh. Mahesh has taken great efforts to brings this site so nicely and of course all of Sri Periyava devotees also enjoying this sharing of various details about Sri Periyava.

    I don’t remember any personal things of Mahesh posted here so far. Even this one is about his tour to his motherland to revisit temples and to meet the devotees of Sri Periyava.

    The said comments are not right..

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  5. Sincere acknowledgement from bottom of the heart.

  6. Shivaraman irruke bayam en? Mahaperiyava’s grace is boundless!

  7. IT IS NOT USEFUL TO DEVOTEES all your personal things always post only relates MAHA PERIYAVA

    • LOL! This blog started off as a blog by an individual. So this will have articles about my views, my darshans, my conversations with few folks etc – much different than other blogs where people do not even know who runs it except for the domain name. I believe that my style gives a personal touch to the readers as opposed to sounding like talking to a robot. The average age group of this reader base is 65+ – they don’t belong to FB era – they need personal connects….I guess this style would continue here unless I write completely non-Periyava related. Currently that is not the case.

      So please bear with me 🙂

      Thanks for bringing this up!


      • Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara !

        You were the perfect example of “Athithi” aka “Suprise Guest” (unlike today’s RSVP culture) and HH Sri Periyava has really emphasized that serving and treating the “uninformed Guest well is the same as doing to GOD – Athithi Devo Bhava”. Had you planned before, the recipients who treated you so well may not have got the blessings of HH and GOD. So, you actually helped them earn punyam from their good deeds. :-))

        My 2 paise perspective !!

        Adiyen Sri Periyava Dasan !

        Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara !

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