Invitation to Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiya’s 121st Jayanthi Mahotsavam

My first 2014 Jayanthi posting!

When it comes to Jayanthi event, nothing can parallel Sri Pradosham mama’s grandeur. It starts with the invitation that they print. Printed on a high quality thick glossy paper with very unique style of writing the mahatmyam of Periyava before going into the details of the event.

If you are in Kanchipuram, please attend this event along with Sri Matam event also. For the first time, I had an opportunity to visit their place and spend few hours there talking to mami and others…

Thanks to Shri Ganesh Kumar and Shri Narayanaswamy Iyer for giving me this invitation.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to this event, please contact Shri Ganesh Kumar at 9884460904 /

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara





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  1. If at all we have done any thing good, then only we will get a chance to get this type of invitation.

  2. May 15 is the jayanthi according to the chandramana panchangam which was followed by the purvashrama family of mahaperiyava. June 12 is the jayanthi according to the sauramana panchangam followed in Tamil nadu

  3. There seems to be some confusion on the date of Jayanthi. Even as per Kanchi Mutt’s calendar, the Jayanthi falls only on June 12, 2014. While May 15 is also Anusham only, is it the correct date of Jayanthi?

  4. Wonderful to read this article and to see and read the invitation.
    Especially like Mahaperiyava’s photograph on the invitation. I have never seen it before.
    Is there a possibility of getting Maami to share her experiences?

    Thanks and belated New Year wishes,
    in Sri Bhagavan,

  5. Blesses to even get this information.
    You are blessed and thanks for sharing these.
    Best wishes
    Krishna K R

  6. Great news. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Pradosham Maamaavukku Namaskaaram! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to this a lot, have been a part of the celebrations since my school days, my maternal grandparents’ lived & my maama lives still lives in Bangaru Thottam. We’d never miss the Jayanthi celebrations and our world typically revolved around the occasions being celerated for Periyava at Pradhosham maama’s house & at Orikkai. At that time, the Orikkai Mani Mandapam had been proposed but it was just a land where they’d setup Pandhals and the event used to be a huge success, with detailed Homams and also cultural concerts, attracting lots of devotees from all over. The highlight used to be the Ther in the evening and participation would be at peak. And now, whenever I visit India, I naturally pay a visit to Periyava’s Adishtanam and also to the Periyava temple dedicated at Pradhosham maama’s house.

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