Jambukeswarar & Thiruvanaikka Sankara Matam


I had a great opportunity to visit all of the pancha bootha thalamus in this trip – a van arulale avan thaal vanangi. In fact just today I completed the last one (Thirukalahasti).

Last week I was at Thiruvanaikka. We had a wonderful darshan and a superb time at our Sankara matam. One has to visit this place to see how old and historic and majestic this place is. This place is so vast – amazing! Our matam provides all the thraviyam to temple’s uchchi kaala puja for a very very long time.. Also there is a pancha muka shiva lingam that was found by Mahaperiyava and did prathishta there!

This matam is close to Mahaperiyava and Pudhu Periyava. In fact, Pudhu Periyava studied here at this patasala.

Currently, there are about 15+ vidhyarthis and few folks from the vrudhaashramam. We had dinner and lunch – it was such an amazing food 🙂 It was a pleasure to sit with the vidyarthis and eat with them. It was extremely delighting to see that the kids get very good food.

Although we have a vast place etc, this place requires quite some financial support and HH Pudhu Periyava had asked few key folks to reach out to many folks to get support. From the blog we have pledged to support them from next few months.

Here are some pictures from there! – enjoy…

In one of the photo, you will see one elderly person sitting on the floor. He did amavasya tharpanam for several folks that day and he is blind! I was just amazed!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Observed there are lot of individuals, Groups, Charitable organizations Blogs and hosted many web site on MAHA PERIYAVA , Charitable work and VEDHA Padasala.

    I request Mahesh to dedicate one page where all Bloggers and other charitable Organization provide or register their website link information on that.

    KKSFUSA.ORG – Joining Mailing list.

    500 – Internal server error.
    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

    Kindly correct this.


    • I also have a similar frustration but nothing can be done, I guess!!! The only way is that each patasala should maintain an active site that way all of us can point to them…

      • http://www.indiagetonline.in ,an initiative started by Google along with other partners to promote SMEs in India. Guess not profits can also use this facility to create websites in no time. Perhaps you can consider forming a web/blog volunteer group and create blogs/sites for deserving and authentic pathashalas. And you can provide guidence in terms of standards and design templates to maintain the quality. To start with a basic template with few pictures, events, contact details could be enough. You may also consider having volunteers as virtual web admins to respond to emails regularly and touch base with the pathashala vathiyar/guru for clarifications.

  2. Dear Mr. Mahesh

    Can you please give some bank details through which I can send money for the sankara matam in thiruvanaika… thanks in advance for the same….


  3. can u please give me the bank details bhuvana

  4. Mahesh sir, I posted a comment about Niranthara veda paripalana and annadhana scheme in Thiruvanaikaval pathasala. I guess the link I gave is not allowing it to be posted. Can you please include the kksf usa link for “Niranthara veda paripalana and annadhana ” in the article for people to contribute in the already existing scheme. If for some reason, you do not want to provide the link, can you please email me at bharath4488@gmail.com

  5. this is called the north street and you can see the mutt if you just peep out when you come out of akilandeswari towards the ganapathi prakaram in front of ambal. the mantapam you see is the place where periava used to stay and the outside you see is the place where pudu periava always used to sit. i wish mahesh has seen the panchamukha lingam consecrecated by periava himself which can be accessed both from outside and inside the mutt. the sankara mutt is the place where periava arranged for a yaga when i was very young and it was probably where the thadanga of ambal was also repaired. i think the back of the mutt now is utilised as vriddhasramam. mr. balakrishna sastrigal who taught pudu periava used to live here. it has a history of its own self. i have spent my younger days in this mutt, eating and playing there!!!!

  6. Right opposite Sri Akilandeshwari Ambal’s sannidhi, you can see the huge Prasanna Ganapathi sannidhi. Further towards the right of this Sannidhi, there is a door, exiting which you will be face to face with the Matam.

  7. Dear Mahesh, Glad to see your mail and happy you visited Sankara Mutt at Tiruvanaikoil fortnight back. When the mutt was established and which Acharya was associated is not known . Prof.TMP Mahadevan in his book ‘SAGE OF KANCHI’, has stated in the year 1846, then Acharya visited Tiruvanaikoil and adorned traditional studs to Ambal and hence we can presume the mutt has a long history.

    In the year 1908, Paramacharyal paid his maiden visited the Mutt which had mud flooring that time. HE adorned Ambal studs and started veda patasala. HE also constructed small Siva temple adjacent to the mutt premises, PANCHAMUKESWARAR temple.

    The Yajur veda patasala which was functioning in the mutt premises was closed few years back. THANKS TO THE GRACE OF MAHAPERIYAVAA, Rikh veda patasala is now running with 22 young kids as vidyarthis and couple of seniors are learning higher aspects of vedic siksha under the guidance of young Adyapak Sri subramania Ganapadigal.

    Due to age, the building had developed damages and flooring was in virtually in dilapidated state. It was a nightmare for the young kids even to sleep on the floor during night times.

    Now the renovation of the building is in progress with the funds collected by Sri Venkat, Hongkong. Sri Anand Vasudevan helped to greater extent when he published my appeal in his blog AMIRTAVARSHINI.A lot of devotees came forward to send their valuable contribution to the cause.

    You might have noticed the civil repair works and they are now nearing completion. Please make it a point to visit Mutt also when you come to Tiruchy. New granite stones are laid in the patasala premises.

    Sri Subramanian,TCS,Chennai is co-ordinating the activities and he pays monthly visit to the patasala, Local medical facility is arranged and CBSC school teacher teaches other academic subjects. Students are to appear for X and plus two exams.

    My request to you is to send messages to your near and dear to visit the patasala whenever they come to Tiruchy and take part in vedhasamrakshanam.

    i hope you have SAGE OF KANCHI biography on mahaperiyavaawrittenby Pro.TMP.MAHADEVAN, first published in 1967.Itis an excellent treatise which every devotee of mahaswamigal has to read.

    I should THANK sri J.G.Murthy of Srirangam who is the guiding force for me. k.narayanaswamy,tiruchy

    Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 16:16:10 +0000 To: knswamy@live.com

  8. Thank you so much for the information about Jambukeshwara & Thiruvanaikka sankara matham. Can you please send the location or address of it.

  9. a very good and special information, I will definitely visit our sankara matam when I go next time. Thanks a lot

  10. Thank you for the wonderful photos. KKSF USA has been working on a Niranthara annadhanam and Veda paripalana scheme for this pathasala. Here is the link : https://sites.google.com/a/kksfusa.org/veda-paripalanam/.

    Im hearing from people who are taking up the pathasala needs a more regular contribution from devotees to ensure all the vidhyarthis and Vriddhashram members get healthy and sumptuous food every month. A monthly regular donation of Rs.1000 will be extremely useful compared to occasional donation. I will be very grateful if you can also share this link for devotees

  11. Simply superb. Was awaiting this update. So many thanks for sharing the pictures

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