Anusham day in Chennai

To attend a jayanthi function of Periyava, requires His blessing, which was missing for me yesterday I guess. I was planning to attend Ekadasa rudra abishekam to Periyava yesterday morning at Brahmasri Chandrasekhara Bharathi’s house. Due to some unknown reason, I completely forgot when I woke up in the morning. I finished my puja and at 11AM I realized that I missed this event!   A great mix of disappointment and embarrassment prevailed the whole day. In the evening I already committed to a dinner with few of my friends completely forgetting the fact that there is another anusham puja at Sri Narayanaswamy Iyer’s place (!). I managed to cancel that and attended that event.

I must say that it was heart-filling to hear the vidyarthis chanting Sri Rudram, ganam etc – great vibration….About 30-40 people attended it. Zee-TV fame Shri P Swaminathan, editor, gave a speech about Mahaperiyava followed by a simple and good dinner. It is said that Goddess Annapoorni is ever present in Sri Pradosham mama’s house. It is true in Sri Narayanaswamy mama’s house also…There is always food for anyone at all times. One should visit this place to hear the veda parayanam of vidyarthis on a daily basis and the divinity that prevails in that place and receive blessings of Acharya.

On my way back home at 9.30 PM, I wanted to visit Brahmasri Chandru’s house at least to do a namaskaram. Anna said that namasankeerthanam is still going on and it is not late. While driving, we missed one road and took the parallel and we stopped the car due to procession. When looked closely, it is none other than Mahaperiyava on veedhi valam right opposite to Brahmasri Mecheri Pattu Sastrigal’s house. I witnessed at least 5-6 of the devotees, including one young boy – hardly 9 years old, doing angapradakshinam on the street for Periyava – just amazing to see their bakthi. My camera got stuck in the car – wish I had captured this.

Final destination at Chandru anna’s house, at least 10 of them were doing namasangeerthanam – did our namaskarams, got the rakshai from  him and returned home….I intend to capture his puja in my video to share with you all…

Long day – started off with some disappointment but Periyava took care of me in the later part of the day.

I think I am an even-Steven!

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  1. When ( time) and where exactly in Madley Road is Anusham poojas conducted

  2. Generally I used to visit almost every month for the Anusham Pooja in West Mambalam,
    if I am unable to go upto Kancheepuram, and also go to the Go-Shala near
    Kasi Viswanathar Temple, just behind the Sankara Madam. I sit along with the Patashala
    children and spend my time listening to their chanting.

  3. Looking forward to see Brahmasri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Anna’s puja video. Recall you had uploaded a pic of him performing puja to Mahaperiyava. That sight increases the want to see more of it.

  4. Sir,
    Heartful thanks for sharing info about maha swamigal.may god bless u abundantly sir

  5. it is in the w.mambalam side of madley road sub-way.every one can attend &get MAHAPERIAVA’S blessings.every friday in gho pooja there is also prarthanai chit there in which we can write our grievences&put it in a kumbam.sastry will sprinkle holy water &purify the prarthanais chits in the kumbam.everyone can pray their ishta deivam for fulfilments of their prarthanai.finally after aarthi prasadams are given .

  6. every month anusham pooja is conducted in grand manner in go-shala near kasi viswanathar temple(.i.e,behind sankara matam) in w.mambalam .prasadam given for everyone attending the is a well attended one .on fridays gho pooja is also done in a grand manner.individual archanas also done&prasadam given to all attending devotees

  7. Pranams. Will you furnish the address whee the anusham at chennai is celebated, we will pray HH to bless us to participate this function? Regards. Raghuraman

  8. Dear sir,
    By God’s grace we regularly read the articles posted in Mahaperiyava WordPress. Mahaperiyava has blessed us with a peaceful life in KANCHI. Today when I opened the website,I saw the new Mahaperiyava photos posted ..But sir.. the middle one.. We do not want to see our Mahaperiyava in that state of mind. He is always complete , calm.. and caring.. the emotions in the middle photo.. evokes fear in our heart.. as if He is in some problem.. please sir.. can u change the photo?

  9. Very great Shri. Mahesh, you made our day divine! With you,we all could travel and had Maha Periyava Dharshan and took part in Anusham Poooja in Maanasiika mode! I think that most of the places you mentioned are in West Mambalam area, Chennai. Could you share these addresses where the Anusham Pooja is conducted regularly? Many devotees may like to attend. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  10. Hi, can u share any of their contact nos in mambalam ….shall touchbase wid them for any periva progs n satsangam….My contact no is 9962966009…..

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