HH Sivan Saar 18th Aradhana Photos



It was a blessing for me to participate in this veda parayanam event yesterday at Shivaraman’s place…. Great chanting by vaideekas…One vaideeka who has done several soma yagams attended this function as well. The amount of effort taken to conduct this event was just beyond words..Kudos to Dr Ananth, Shivaraman, Ramanan, Shivaraman, Suppini etc…Last but not the least – food was outstanding….

I took HD video of this event but unfortunately I am unable to upload this video from my father’s place. Although he upgraded the internet plan, it still isn’t enough…I spent the entire day attempting to upload but in vain….

First let me share the pictures..In the meanwhile, I will find out how to share the video…If there is anyone near W.Mambalam having faster internet connectivity, pl let me know….

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  1. Is all about me, Nabug, sample the skulls, shall core Tup man

  2. kindly let me have suppuni anna’s contact number/s;i wish to speak to him about sivan saar.

  3. Nice sir.

  4. The evening programme, wow great , is available in ; mahaperiyava.org

  5. Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing! Compensates a lot for not being physically there. Sivan sar ThiruvadigaLukku Namaskaaram! Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara!

  6. Pranams great to see all photos, i request you to post about Sivan Saar story those who do not know can be benefitted.

  7. thanks a lot for bringing this to me. i was disappointed when i failed to see the live telecast in face book as it was not buffering. i could not attend and my grand son,d.i.l etc. family members were in full attendance there. thanks again mahesh. n.ramaswami

  8. Dear Mr.Mahesh Krishnamurthy,

    I have seen your photograph yesterday in Dinamani. A young man like you doing wonderful job. God bless you in your endevour. Thank you for the links.

  9. Sivan Sir — Padma Padham saranam.

    He has got yangyopavidham — Had He not attained Sayasam — Just doubtful

  10. Lovely pictures!

  11. thank you very much, have a wonderful stay back home!

  12. This is great. Thanks Mahesh for posting these pictures. Just spoke to my father Shri Venkataraman, who said he had a chance to talk to you yesterday at the Aradhana.

    I think the song “Enna tavam seitha nee” aptly will suit the mother of these two saints. Having one “Sath putran” is considered a blessing. Having these two divine saints from the same womb “Bhagyamnnu sollartha” words fail me, literally we have to ask “Enna tavam seitha nee” .


  1. Glimpses of Sri Sivan Sar Aradhana – March 18th 2014 : MahaPeriyava.Org

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