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  1. There is a need for every one at least once in a year have the darshan of the guru.that very View of the Guru can remove the sins accumulated just like the fire burn down the dry logs, leaf and grass .Here Sri Rajani kanth understand that and very silently implementing those things in his life without and show. God bless him..

  2. Bala pariyava saranam.

  3. Physically body (structure wise), he is Rajinikanth. Athmawise, he is a Yogi & was a Yogi in the previous life also. This is a continuation of previous life. He was in the Yoga nilai in a cave for 6th Hours, but he felt it only 5 mnts. now, with Bala Periyava. Bala Periyava’s nayana theeksha (seeing touch) will purifying his athma more.
    We have the karmas, including Deva, Rishi & Pithru tharpanam etc. After fulfilling all, through Guru only, we can go to Parameswarar. Whereas, Sanyasis’ direct connection to Prameswarar. Especially, this is Adi Sankara Guru Parampa Peetam. Raji saab is very lucky. Direct, eye seeing with Sanyasa Guru. When a person is listening to his wife, automatically will go in the right track. May the God give him a long healthy and happy life.

  4. Everyone is the same in front of Periyava. Be it à billionare or a man on a street. Sankara !!!

  5. Yes, it is just like anyother photo. It would be interesting to read a little bit on Rajnikant’s spiritual journey, his experiences and how from a total drunkard, his life changed completely.

    An absolute case of Divine Grace and how things take a 180 deg turn.

  6. BalaPeriyava Padma Padham Saranam.

    Why not be given importance to this Photo — Amount of People to go Thiruvannamali increased so much. RajiniKanth one of the representative of Hindus. When our politicians are more interested in muslims votes. People like him should be given importance — Just sustainability of the Hindu Religion.

    Mahesh I do not like your reply nothing important please remove your comment. Sorry and thanks

  7. Please don’t give importance to celebrities visiting Periyavas


  8. Rajinikanth is a Great Bhakhtha! Mahaans are Blessing him with all success! He should be healthy, live long and do useful things for the country! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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