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  1. There is a huge treasure of photos of Sri Paramacharya in Nerul, Mumbai. These photos range from His very young age to the latest period. I have taken a few snaps from the gallery during my couple of visits. it would be useful if these photos can also be made available digitised. The gallery is in the South India Education Trust [SIET] campus which I think is run by Sri Kanchi Kamkoti Peetam. I would urge all devotees including Mahesh to visit this place. The gallery include certain articles used by Sri Mahaperiyava. It is indeed a treasure.

  2. Namaskarams. Another great effort. There was an photo exhibition by Mutt near Kanchi. There are lots of THEIR HH pictures. If there is a way to digitize them, it would be a treasure.

  3. It is always highly refreshing to have dharshan of Maha Periva as often as possible through photos each day.

    Since He never wished to take His photos without purpose, permission or for pose, the photos taken by the devotees should be quite unique and the viewers would be greatly thrilled and blessed.

    Wishing you to secure as many rare photos as possible during your visit, by His grace.


  4. Periyava Saranam. Rarest collection. Mahaperiyava Saranam. Shankara !!!

  5. wonderful and all the best. n.r.

  6. Very nice pictures! Reminded of the famous song “Parththukkittee irukkath thooNuthu. PeriyavaaLaip paarththukkittee irukkath thoonuthu!” The more we see Maha Periyava, the more we want! Thanks for posting! Jaya Jaya Shankara, ara Hara Shankara!

  7. Periyava padam charanam!
    So glad to see these pictures. Even though there is any struggle or obstacle in our life, makes us feel so light and confident when we hear Periyava’s speech, see his pictures or listen to the experiences of the devotees.
    Many thanks to you Sir.


  8. Periyava padam charanam!
    So glad to see Periyava pictures. Even though there might be any big struggle/ obstacle in our life, makes us feel so light and confident when we see Periyava , hear his speech or any of the devotees’ experience.
    Many thanks to you sir.


  9. Thanks a lot for sharing these rare pictures, may your hunt be more fruitful with his grace


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