Dr Padma Subramanian’s speech on Mahaperiyava

Found it from old archives! This is a good 90 mts speech….

How Periyava helped her with her doctoral research; padhuka incident (she breaks down when narrating this); her long desire for not dancing in front of Periyava etc…..

I never knew that she is such a great speaker. She is just outstanding. Don’t miss this!

Click here to download

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  1. It was an excellant speech by Padma. I enjoyed her narrating Periyavas miracles.
    Dr.R. Bhaskaran Annanagar,Chennai

  2. Sri Maha periava charanam. Excellent. Thanks indeed for having provided such a beautiful and soul stirring details on Maha periava. May His blessings be available to all

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  4. The speech was so impressing which reminded me our experience with Maha Periyava when we had our son Ramesh’s Poonal in front of him at Kanchipuram and all suggestions were given by great Maha Periyava.Even our family Party Sastrigal became nervous in doing the ceremony.Great time.

  5. Thanks a ton Mr. Mahesh for posting this. Thanks to Dr. Padma Subramanian for sharing her experiences with the Living God. I was getting Goosebumps at some places of hearing the speech about the God. Proud to be Hindu and having born during his life time.

    • I remember Dr. Padma Subramaniam performed bharatanatyam with her troupe in Guwahati few decades back. The Sanskrit verse ‘Maitrim bhajata’ composed by Shri Mahaperiyava was also staged by her with Her deciples. There costumes of different religions were used conveying the message that we all should live in collectivity. One more thing (which I realized only afterwards) was that while offering pushpanjali, at the end she poured the flowers on herself also. I was initially wondering why she did so. Then only I realized that She was offering puja to the ‘Atma’ residing inside her. Beautiful ! . She also performed some Shri Daksinamoorty dance also. The Mira bhajan dance was also wonderful, in which she was transported to the Brindavan.

  6. entire one hour i am literally crying…. HARA HARA SANKARA JAYA JAYA SANKARA

  7. Thank you Mahesh for sharing this….Excellent narration and felt reassuring…

  8. I am not able to download from he link posted by Sri Ravi Gurunathan. It would help every one if the mp3 file is posted in this site.

  9. Superb. I could not control my tears in quite a few instances… Thanks Mahesh for posting this.

  10. Thank you Balaji for sharing this with our Sankara Seva & Veda Samithi group members. Now appreciation and amiration from several members are in circulation. My nephew who heard this for the first time is yet to recover from trance. He has circulated to the friends of his group in Salem…who have formed a samithi like ours, called Periyava Graham.. Mrs. B.V. Ramani, on hearing the fully speech, was speechless for some time and says she enjoyed the full lecture which brought tears …she says. Her mother , you may know is Smt. Naga Lakshmi mami….popularly known in Maha Periyva circle, those days, an ardent devotee.
    Cnandra my daughter heard this from Singapore from your mail and is in full appreciation. Thanks

  11. Remembered my father’s (Dr Krishnaswami) miracle experience from MahaPeriyava in 1940 with Maruthidasan Krishnamoorthy of Vizag.. Periyava’s vision and guidance in the erection of MaruthiAshram at Lalithanagar Vizag ,soon after ( around 1942) and many miracles on Maruthi Vigraham over there which I saw with my own eyes in 1962…

  12. Thrilling ! We were lost in TIME and lost ourselves. Found back who we are where we are only later.

  13. brought tears in my eyes i am unable to share my feelings with anybody it cant be expressed it is an marvales incredible experiance

  14. thank you so much for your post. I cannot say I enjoyed it. I listened with rapt attention and tears started flowing uncontrollably

  15. Superb speech.

  16. Just a thought – is it possible to create DVDs of all the collected experiences with Sri Periyavaas and use the sale proceeds for Veda/Go Rakshana? This would also be a boon for senior devotees who are not comfortable with browsing/limited connectivity etc.

    • fantastic interview. soul stirring. and a very good suggestion by karthik.s. kindly explore the ways to make it happen. Mahaperiyava charanam.

  17. Excellent speech and I enjoyed every minute of it. fortunate to listen this on a Thursday. Thanks Mahesh for sharing.

  18. Superb !. Thanks for sharing !

  19. This is the best account of experiences with Mahaperiyava .

  20. Periyavaa Charanam. You may please try this link to download this file. Truly a treasure to listen from Great scholar and an ambassador of India.


  21. Padma! you have made me cry!!!! how nicely you have put forward things. you should have told sivan sir visiting your manni’s place suddenly and leaving exactly at that time on that shuddering day on 8th jan.
    i have also been going to all the places you have mentioned and i must have seen you or even walked with you but not recognised as i had all along been in North. It is good padma has clarified about the thesis as i had the wrong information that Periava told her about the karanams at Chidambaram. I was there at Satara when the queen of greece was with Periava(oh when she was not there!!!!). how nicely Padma has explained about humpi – another unforgettable place for me. about periaar statue, HH was even mentioning at that time ‘we say God only once, go and read how many times periar has called called God, is it not good”. subtle humor of periava is quite famous. once he pointed out to a man at crowd and said ”he and i are the same’ people were surprised. Periava asked his sishya to go and find out the name of that person. the reply ‘his name is shankar,periava’, find out his profession and the reply was ‘ achariar’ Periava said you see he is shankar achariar (carpenter)and i am shankarachariar. are we not the same: a long time laugh.

  22. Wonderful Speech.
    We could visualise that it came directly from her heart.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  23. Amazing… Simple speech which makes listeners speechless… Thank you so much for bringing out posts like this. But for you we would have missed so much about mahaperiyavaa.

  24. Thank you very much Mahesh for posting this. Just listened to it and wasn’t able to control tears at many places.

  25. Just astounding and enjoyed every minute of devoted speak. Dr.Padma Subramanian has got divine blessings for such an experience. Wish I have also got little of it.

  26. I got an opportunity to listen to Dr.Padma Subramanian’s speech on Maha Periyava in Coimbatore few years back.Every year Krishna Sweets will organize various programs in Coimbatore.Still remember that program.She started by saying she is not a great speaker but she like to share all the experiences with Maha Periyava.It was awesome and that was the first time I got to listen to a person who had direct interaction with Periyava.

    Even last Sunday,March 2nd there was a program on experiences with Periyava by Shri Vikku Vinayakram in Coimbatore organized by Krishna sweets.Those programs are recorded and I think CD’s are available.

  27. thanks for posting.

  28. As luck would have it I was not able to play the link online, there was an error. But I was able to download just the audio (m4a) – about 39 MB, 1 Hr 39 mins. Good enough for the time being 🙂

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