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Mahaperiyava in His speech “En Kaaryam” while talking about the need for vedic education for all boys; how to do it on top of regular school life etc. He also says that He has never seen anyone who have learnt Sanskrit/veda not performing well in the school. He wanted each kid to learn vedas to the extend that he should be in a comfortable position to do basic homams/pujas by himself.…..He also talks about the significance of a mother’s role in ensuring such milestone.

All these are true in Anirudh’s case. Like this article says, Anirudh is a normal teenager – listens to music, watches movies, hangs out with his friends, eats out but with an extraordinary passion for vedas. At 16, he has completed a significant portion of Yajur vedam. He is learning from one of the well-learned acharya – Brahmasri Vengalathur Mani Ganapadigal.  Last time, when I was in India, I attended one of his vedam class and these kids were just rocking – felt happy for the kids.  His teacher has taken his students to several events where they can chant udaga shanthi, manhanyasam, ganams etc and trained them so well…His parents deserve a great deal of appreciation in helping Anirudh meet this height. Both Jayashree and Sundar are both quite knowledgeable in the vedas at least to the extend of appreciating the importance of what Anirudh has taken up. I know his mom for more than 20 years!
Now, after a long stretch of being a student, Anirudh is taking vedam classes at Adambakkam with all the blessings from his teacher. He is teaching kids and some adults on correcting sandhyavandhanam mantras, sukthams etc at his house. The local temple is asking him to come do the same in the temple for others to benefit as well. I am sure he is teaching his dad too!
Great job Anirudh – you are truly a model kid! You followed Mahaperiyava’s teachings fully and His blessings will be with you always!
Kudos to his parents for bringing up a great kid….
P.S – Don’t know why this article was titled poorly by the author in Adambakkam Times!

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  1. My God…I dint know these posts have come up. Anirudh knows us so well as i have also taugh him a few lines when i was there during his Veda classes. Very happy to popularize my Guru.

    The amount of contributions he has made in teaching several of us is just amazing. All those who read this post, please do not chant vedas just because we have readymade books. Swaram is very important. We were his disciples from 1998 to 2006.

    Our guru Vengalathur Mani Ganapadigal has taught us in such a way that i can individually now go and perform seemandam. Upanayanam, Grahapravesam etc…

    What i like most is he is very choosy in selecting the students he wants to teach..

    What dedication he has in teaching!!! Blessed to have been his disciples…

  2. I agree with Kanchipuram Rajan Gopalakrishnan and this Vedavidyaarthi Sri. Anirudh will surely be blessed by Our Acharyals. I join scores of people to wish him all that is GOOD AND LASTING. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara.

  3. Very nice to know about this young Vedic scholar Anirudh. His parents are Blessed people who should be thanked by us all. We do not have any other qualification to appreciate such people except that we are all Maha Periyava Devotees. Maha Periyava must be very happy that the youth will be inspired by Vedic scholar Anirudh. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!
    On a lighter note. Kolaveri song Anirudh represents the opposite class. Crass materialism, irresponsible jollity, atrocious ‘music’ etc. The youth who go after them will go down the drain, if they continue such activities. The grandeur of Light is appreciated only when you experience the darkness. Hence the article’s author in Adambakkam Times has given the title to clearly differentiate the two Anirudhs!

  4. Nice to hear this. He would be an inspiration for the younger generation.

  5. the title is not apt .. we should avoid using such titles and in particular this song from another anirudh has ruined the minds of youngsters the lyrics tune and the singer were unbearable .. On the contrary this vedha viththu Chi.Anirudh deserves all our blessings .. You will have the paripoorana blessings of our Mahaperiyava Kid .. Best Wishes
    Conjivaram Rajan Gopalkrishnan

  6. The key take away is relocating to Bharatha Desam to learn Sanskrit/Vedas. We should it note this point. In my experience, how much ever you learn in US there is a limit to everything and as Sri HH Maha Periyavaa emphasizes there are certain things that should be done only in Karma Boomi. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  7. This is really amazing and very inspiring. Kudos to him and his parents.

  8. Thrilled to learn about the talents of this young guy and his noble service to the society.

  9. Awesome! 🙂 though Anirush may also consider stopping eating out 🙂 But definitely! great job! great kid!

  10. Because, that Anirudh is the person who composed the “kolaveri song”. Great news. Certainly Periyval’s blessings will be with them always. Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  11. Really great – Praying for Mahaswamy’s grace on Aniruddh to acheive more heights in life. Grantham is still tought in most of the veda pata shalas and its even available for commoners from the REACH conservation trust ( ) – who head many conservation works in old temples and help in reading the stone inscriptions in the temple.
    Many great tamil literary classic all impart only Dharma – that’s why Mahaswamy asked kids to be taught Aathi Chudi, Korkai Vendhe, Thirukkural and Sanga illakkiyam.
    Many great stalwarts like Mannargudi Bramhashri Gopalakrishna sasthrigal, who are stalwarts of Aghasthiyam, Kalladam and Tholkappiyam along with exceptional knowledge in Kamba Ramayanam and Valmiki Ramayanam, who have done great job in educating in tamil & sanskrit are still available, but unless we take pains to learn from them, we will be at the mercy of DK goons whose gangs are now ruling the roost in representing ( read mis-representing ) tamil in schools & colleges.

    Praying to Mahaswamy’s grace in getting more people like Aniruddh for the sustenance of our great tradition.

    Thanks and regards,
    P. Vijay

  12. Extremely gratifying to note that this young guy is on the RIGHT PATH. It will further augment his casue for spiritual enlightenment if he can avoid eating out as ordained by Sri Paramacharya.

  13. I saw the posting of Anirudh. He is a bright student, no doubt.

    It was me who was teaching him all the preliminary portions . Later I took him to my Guru Vengalahoor Mani Sastrigal.for advanced course when I had to UK and US 1

    Still I am conducting various classes in and around Mamabalam This message is to inform that my classes are continuing and are age bar. No knowledgeof Sanskrit is necessary.Grahasthas and students are welcome to approach me..
    You can contact me on 2489 8508 or E mail saisevachakra
    I had beeen inspired by Maha Periava while I was servong as a volunteer for Pidi Aridi Thittam and also I was conducting Anusham bhajans in Chennai and USA also.

    I am an ardent devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. He specially encouraged me in my mission.Pranams to Baba>

    • Great Sir! Thanks for your noble service!

      • Thank you for that note mama. This is Jayasree (Anirudh’s mom) and you created that fire in him. Anirudh used to enjoy your classes and would insist on him to take classes every day. He was very accommodative and inspired him to continue learning. When he had to visit US for 6 months, he personally introduced Anirudh to his guru. Thus the journey continues… Special thanks to you mama.

    • Thanks Balakrishna Mama for laying the foundation stone for Anirudh. We saw mama’s Ad in mambalam times after Anirudh’s Upnayanam in march. So we took him to mama for Veda classes. Although anirudh learned ina group, soon he wanted to learn more so balakrishna mama took him to his guru Vengalathoor Mani Ganapadigal.

      Once again thank you Balakrishna Mama


  14. With the Grace of MahaPeriyava — More and more such kids come up and save Vedhas — The Divine itself. Hopefully someone from my family also get this chance. Most of the languages came from Vedic lanauge including Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, Tamil (Grandhtham), Greek

  15. Mr.Mahesh
    About your PS – My guess is, the “kolaveri song” was composed by a person called “Anirudh” [relative of Rajnikanth] so the author may b comparing the “works/achievement” of both the anirudhs thro his title!

    • if you think kolaveri song is an achievements am sorry .. we do not need such songs and spoil our younger generation .. had he been nipped in the bud, he would not have dared to write some vulgar poems and got in to the trouble that he is in .. we must discourage such characters ..

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