Pujyasri Jayendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya Swamigal’s Delhi Visit


With the benign blessings of their Holinesses Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal `Samashti Upanayanam’ is arranged in Delhi every year since 1974, in connection with Sri Sankara Jayanthi on the auspicious day chosen by Sri kanchi Acharyal. This year Sri Sankara Jayanthi comes on Sunday, the 4th May, 2014 and Sri Periaval has directed that this year Samashti Upanayanam be arranged on the auspicious Muhutham on Sanakra Jayanthi Day, Sunday, the 4thMay, 2014.

Accordingly, the 40th year Samashti Upanayanam will be performed on Sunday, the 4th May, 2014 at “Kanchi Kamakoti Bhavanam – Delhi” in Sri Devi Kamkashi Mandir, Opp. J.N.U. East Gate, A-11, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi 110 067.

Those desirous of performing the Upanayanam of their Wards may contact the at the given address or on phone number 25742607 / 9871765727 / 26867240 / 26890508/ 22720797 / 22771692 / 26865513 and register their name, Veda and Gothra at the earliest, in any case, before the 25th April, 2014.

All are requested to participate in the community cause and be recipient of blessings of Vedamatha and Sri Acharyals.

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