Glimpse of Mahashivarathiri Function at Salem Periyava Gruham

Found this video on the net…amazing sets of devotees singing so many songs…kids are so involved in this…thought of sharing with you…If I get an opportunity, I want to visit this place….

We should create such small Periyava grahams in each place to create a place for all of us to come and pray to Him.

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  1. very nice,sri maha periayava sharanam
    sudharsnam, salem

  2. very nice,
    sudharsnam, salem

  3. Great. Want to visit this Holy Place and participate in One Bhajan at least! Jaya Jaya shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  4. Really impressive. His Blessings to the kids. Ramakrishnan

  5. Superb, the kids who’ve not even seen Sri Maha Perivaa brought me tears when I watched the video. Good show kids & the teacher!

  6. awesome …………..arputham …

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