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Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum


I have so far read about 50+ comments on the quality of the serial – more specifically attention to details even in basic fundamentals that make this show not so appealing or losing the nativity. I also watched some of the serials – I have to admit that the quality of the show is definitely below average. Along with you, I also wonder why these guys are missing out a golden opportunity to do this right. This show can live for generations if properly made.

Anyways, I am going to be in India from March first week. I am working on getting some face time with the producer/director of this show in Vijay TV. If I am able to meet this team, will spend some time to share all our concerns and also offer some assistance to perfect the fundamentals. If they are in right mind, they should take our feedback constructively and take our support.

If Periyava wishes, I will be able to do this.

Will keep you all posted…


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  1. Hara Hare shankara! jeya jeya shankara!

    Not sure why this serial was stopped. It was really amazing. I am not able to see the videos in any website as well.

    For a layman if we need to tell something, television is the best way.

    Please please, dont stop this. I only saw periyaval in this serial. not anyone else.
    Consult Mr. Swaminathan and please continue. We need to know more about periyaval and this is an opportunity to tell to younger generation as well.

    Please continue the serial.

    Hara Hare shankara! jeya jeya shankara!

    • Dear Mr. Krishna,

      Television programs are produced and managed by a group of people who have political connections. In my mind, it is impossible to sever the link of politics to TV. The outcome of this unholy alliance is that actors, suitable for a role, may not be selected, truth cannot be told as it should be told and script may not be written as it should be written. The consequence is that people will be misled. Mahaperiyaval’s single goal in His Avataram was to depict Vedas and Sanathana Dharma without an iota of compromise or adulteration. The continuation of the TV serial, as it was telecast, will be a great diservice to Mahaperiyaval. There are better avenues for your goals! May Sri Mahaperiyaval lead you to Light………..Rajendran

  2. Dear Mr. Mahesh,

    For the past 2-3 episodes, I see a lot of positive changes. Very heartening to see. All because of Him. Regards, Kala

  3. Mahesh

    Many thanks for your initiatives

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  4. Mahesh
    I somehow beg to differ with you in this regard.
    The best solution would be to request the producer/director to consult one person well-versed in these matters before finalising the script of each sequence and heed to his/her advice to the extent possible.
    I am afraid that script-sharing with individuals outside the production-team will not be normally allowed/entertained by any one.
    Even now I feel that its a excellent serial, even with all these shortcomings.
    Anyhow lets see how this is going to unfold.

  5. As Shri Ravigurunathan mentioned, so much complaints have reached out HH Pudhu Periyava also…He called the Vijay TV Director/Producer to the matam and asked them to share the script for review before making them. Vijay TV should have taken this step in the first place. Better later than never!

    Our sincere thanks and namaskarams to HH Pudhu Periyava.

    I will still meet the director/producer during my stay to discuss and share some of my thoughts….

  6. Can some one share the author of a good book that says the biography of mahaperiyava.

    • The one book I read was Jagadguruvin Divya Charitram (available in this blog too).
      Other than this I don’t think that there is any authentic biography on Mahaperiavaal.
      Once Sri Raa Ganapathi Anna did attempt to write one but was forbade by Mahaperiavaaa.
      What ever has come out of his early life are either revealed by Sri Mahaperiavaa himself during his discourse are by some of his close devotees of that period.

  7. உயிரெலாம் உருகுதே உனது புகழ் பாடவே…
    மனமெலாம் மருகுதே உனது முகம் காணவே…

    வேதங்கள்-நாதங்கள் நீ போற்றுவாய்…இறைவா…!!!
    பாபங்கள், சாபங்கள் பறந்தோடவே துணைவா…
    அனைத்தையும் அறிந்திடும் ஜகத்குருவே நீயே….

    தாயாய் வந்தாய் ஆதிசிவ சங்கரா…
    தவமாய் நின்றாய் பரமசிவ சங்கரா…

    நீரோடையாய் நடந்தாய்…
    பார் முழுவதும் கலந்தாய்…
    ஏற்றினாய்…ஞானஒளி ஏற்றினாய்…
    கார்மேகமாய் படர்ந்தாய்…
    கருணை மழையென பொழிந்தாய்… தூயவா…

    துறவு கொண்ட பாலசேகரா….
    சங்கரா.. ஜெய சங்கரா
    தண்டம் ஏந்திய தாண்டவா….
    குருவாய் வருவாய் நடராஜ ரூபனே
    திருவாய் மலர்வாய் நீ…. லோக சாந்தனே…

    சங்கரா.. ஜெய சங்கரா ..

    உயிரெலாம் உருகுதே உனது புகழ் பாடவே…
    மனமெலாம் மருகுதே உனது முகம் காணவே

  8. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara , Maha perivaa blessings

  9. All these views of various devotees in this blog should be sent to the producer / sponsor so that they can understand the real concerns of the Sri Periyava Devotees.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  10. I am not eligible to comment but even then i like to point out certain points to take us all back to a century in there dress,Kudumi,language,to give more effect to the situation and surroundings.The change has to develop gradually only.Any way this is a great attempt to project and help many of us to understand the greatness of Our Maha Periyava through this visual media.KIndly accomodate more eligible people who can guide those orthodox situation to the screen without any damage. Any way we give our humble salute to your attempt.Hara Hara Sankara.Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  11. Just now when I checked ‘YOU TUBE” I found that Vijay TV had replaced the 02/21/2014 episode with a revised one in which the scene of parensts doing namaskaram to Mahaperiyava stands removed. HH Pudu Periyavaa’s anugraham and Maha Periyavaa’s blessings. A good beginning to our efforts. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  12. Mr Ravi Gurunathan, You may want to share this Page as well as this Blog to the director of the “Serial” enabling him to genuinely realize the accretion of intense feedback.

  13. Great News !!! It is Perivaya Blessing on the same!!! Lets stop Negative comments and focus only on Positive side of the Show!!! With Pudhu Perivaya Interference now this show will reach great heights!!!

    Maha Perivaya Saranam

  14. I happened to speak to one Mr Ramachandran (as per Vijay TV information – he is the director) . I am just sharing the information as such I spoke to him. He is today in Kancheepuram (5pm IST)and had Dharshan of our HH Periyavaa as lot of feedback he received about the serial from various viewers and also from Sri Matam. He claims HH Periyavaa has deputed a scholar from Sri Matam and the director is asked to show the script to the scholar and work as per his guidelines and also a book is given to him by HH Periyava about Paramacharya. He says he shall henceforth ensure no mistake will happen.

    His contact number – +91 94440 32904

    Periyavaa Charanam.

    Ravi Gurunathan

  15. Mahesh, this is one of the concern owing to which there was a suggestion given by many followers of this blog (including me) couple of years before on documenting “Devotees Experiences with Mahaperiyavaa” as video films and share it with Blog Followers. This initiative by your team has took off very successfully and ticking on till date. This Vijay TV Serial on Mahaperiyavaa deserves a serious introspection inwards especially from its Creative Head Team. Unfortunately, the commercial aspect has overtaken the real intent of directing and broadcasting such serial(s).

    It’s good that more voices are being heard on this. Thanks for your initiative in accommodating this as well as voicing your concern on this ! ! !

  16. MahaPeriyava Padma Padham Saranam

    I also felt like Viji there பிராமின பாஷை very important — We can not force such things as long as they show His real story would be fanstatic — I can watch them again and again and I can tell the next generation about this — The real story would be really nice — So that my Grand kids and so forth can Know Him

  17. This is further to my earlier comments.
    Today I saw all the episodes through this link in one go.
    However I enjoyed all the episodes to the hilt.
    Particularly the scenes in the recent episode where ‘Swamy’ takes Sanyasa (to transform Himself into Mahaperiava) was poignant.
    Yes, there are inaccuracies in portraying some practices.
    I am not sure whether the procedures/dress-code/practices adopted in the serial is correct or not.
    But it brought out the desired effect on the viewers.

    The sincerity of the producer/director is to be appreciated.
    Characters have been chosen aptly and all of them have done a wonderful job till now.
    Especially the characters of the five-year old & thirteen-year-old Swamy, the Paramaguru of Mahaperiyava, Subramanya Sastry, Mahalakshmi Ammal etc were chiseled with perfection and the actors have done a wonderful job in portraying the characters.

    But one must understand that there is no proper detailed biography of Mahaperiyava.
    So it would be very difficult for anyone to define the authenticity of each and every incident that is picturised.

    After all this is not a documentary on the life of a Mutt-Head.
    It is meant to portray the Life of Mahaperiyava, who is Parameswara Himself, who incidentally also happened to be the head of the Mutt.
    So there will always be an element of dramatics in this.
    The episodes have to cater (and spread the message) not only to the Devotees but also to the general viewers who may not be aware of the early life of Mahaperiyava.
    If this Serial achieves in spreading the awareness of Mahaperiyava’s Greatness and his Teachings, to the general viewers, then I feel, that the director/producer can deem that their mission has been fulfilled.

    However it would be great if the director/producer could try to include the suggestions given by the devotees to the extent possible and refine the episodes.
    That would make this serial a real ‘Master-piece’.
    Lets wait with folded hands for the incidents to unfold and wish Mahesh all the best in his Mission.


  18. it feel like mahapriyava is again born.

  19. If properly serialized, the world can be shown the towering ascetic whose knowledge was diverse and unparalleled and whose compassion surpassed that of any one living. See how the calf was made to suffer to make a scene as if to portray as an infant he made miracles, when all his life he stood for “Gosamrakshana”

    No doubt the effort to recreate the life of the Great is laudable, but the result should not become less than desirable when made without relevance and knowledge.

  20. That the contents need pep was felt in the first few frames for me. Thanks Shri mahesh for the initiative. Vijay TV deserves all encouragement as it is easily the best channel currently in Tamil.

  21. Dear Mahesh,

    I was wondering till now (its been 10 episodes) as to how no one (in this forum) has raised this so far. It is very much disturbing to see a lot of indifferences within 10episodes. Like the other member, I am also very much worried about the future episodes. The director is totally unaware of the subject. I feel there are a whole lot of other directors in the industry who can do great justice. Few of the many major mistakes which disturbed are

    1. MahaPeriyavaa decides on his own and takes sanyasam, which is misleading. Isn’t that it was done only after the parents’ consent?
    2. Mutt people not allowing the parents to meet periyava after he took sanyasam. It creates a bad impression.
    3. Mahaperiyavaa as a kid bought murukku only from a ‘Madi Patti’, not as shown.
    4. there is no mention about mahaperiyavaa’s other siblings. How come a serial director is not even aware of this basic info?
    5. again as pointed out, the boy acting as Mahaperiyavaa, he looks much older.

    This is definitely below average or rather poor direction, I would say. It is better to not to touch this divine and sensitive subject, without proper knowledge and sincerity.

    Directing a serial or show with own opinion / creativity is different from directing a real story. Adding masala’s is different from giving wrong / misleading informations. Vijay TV should understand this. It looks more like a commercial venture using Mahaperiyavaa’s tag. Had they been sincere they should have consulted the scholars before making it public. It does not seem to have happened for sure.

    The opinion of Mahaperiyavaa on Adhishankarar’s stamp will fit for this also. Regards, Kala

    • Shivaraman and Ganesa Sarma had already talked to this producer and raised all these concerns….They have offered their help to make it perfect…The producer is not showing any interest in perfecting….I am taking another approach to see if we can put some pressure on Vijay TV to fix this soon….So far they have already shot 19 episodes and we need to stop this soon…


        Thanks for your reply Mr. Mahesh. This is what exactly I expected from them. If you have observed, all the scenes were misrepresented either by distorting the facts or dramatizing them. I am very much convinced what they can do in future. My main worry Mr. Mahesh is, how they will handle the current Periavaas scenes. (Hope you remember how an episode in “Kutram – nadanthathu enna?” aired on 2004 issue.) The Mahabharatham aired in this channel has also raised a lot of concerns.

        We have many other good channels and producers who can do the same serial, in the right way. Since our community is always a soft target, they take us for granted. If your efforts doesn’t work our way, I strongly feel we should make all efforts to stop this serial. Even it means going to court. I feel its worth. Whatever needs to be done is to be done at the earliest.

        I again acknowledge one of the devotee’s view ‘Many seem to believe that Maha Periyava needs to be propagated in this manner. There is really no such need. The Sun is always Bright.” “There are plenty of reading materials and audios and videos on Maha Periyava which are available to the devoted and interested people.’

        Your blog, kanchi periyava forum are classic examples. One can spend their life times in these blogs itself. I appreciate you for this from the bottom of my heart.

        Regards, Kala

      • //The producer is not showing any interest in perfecting// Who is the producer? It looks like their intention is to insult Mahaperiyavaa ,Sri Madam,Brahmins and Sanadhana Dharma as a whole. I think they should stop this serial now. Nowadays, the trend is to insult Hindu religious leaders one way or another by most medias.

      • It is unfortunate that Vijay TV is indifferent. Makes one wonder about the motivation for the project. Is sensationalism a key factor? Is political correctness an issue which is preventing the portrayal of the culture, traditions and languages and their changes as they existed during the times of the great saint? If so, we may be fighting a losing battle to reason with the producers of the show. We may have to get a signature campaign and elicit help from persons like Sri Subramanian Swamy to abort the show? That would be better than a distorted propaganda of Sri Maha Periyaval’s message.


      • I have one other idea in case the producers of the show are inflexible. Persons knowledgeable about Sri Maha Periyaval should compile a list of inaccuracies in each episode of the serial and go on a counter campaign to dispel wrong information presented by the show. One could go on, say, Jaya TV and present the true version of what was erroneously depicted in Vijay TV. Short, You tube clips could be posted for the world to see.

        Slight exaggeration of the facts in the TV media should, nevertheless be tolerated. Some judgment may be necessary and I would trust the persons who were close to the Maha Periyaval.

      • Periva help us to solve this issue and bring only the truth to come out.

  22. Mahesh – thanks for taking the initiative and wish you well in your efforts. When a serial on such a divine person as our Paramacharya is made lot of care should be taken not to misrepresent facts or make it cinematic. The serial abounds in inaccuracies and lack of attention to detail that many have already pointed out. One that was quite hurting for me was showing young Swaminathan eat food from the plate without doing pariseshanam. Vijay TV’s intent is good but they desperately need guidance to correct these mistakes.

  23. There are a lot of distortions in this serial which are not satisfactory to me. Many seem to believe that Maha Periyava needs to be propagated in this manner. There is really no such need. The Sun is always Bright. Only we should make the efforts to realise His Brilliance and Omnipresence. There are plenty of reading materials and audios and videos on Maha Periyava which are available to the devoted and interested .people. My best wishes to your efforts. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!


    I would like to suggest that someone could bring the infomration which was naratted on Sri Mahaperiyava by Sri Ganesa Sharma in his Pravachanam on the tile “SAPTAGAM ON MAHAPERIYAVA” (the CD is available in Giri Trading Agency, Mylapore). In his Pravachanam, Sri Ganesa Sarma informed that after Sri Mahapriyava, one sister named Lalithambal, three brothers named, Sambamurthy, Sambasivan and Krishnamurthy were born. Though the age gap between Sri Ganapathy and Sri Mahaperiyava was 10 years, the other one sister and 3 brothers were born with little difference in age. This was not shown in the serial. I noticed recently that a book authered by Sri Ganesa Sarma on Sri Mahaperiyava, which is also available in the Giri Trading Agency, Mylapore, Chennai-4.

  25. No Mahan can be imitated by an actor. Any attempt would only fall short of what it is intended for. As pointed out by many here, I agree that basic mistakes like wife standing on the left side of husband etc should be avoided.

  26. I am also of the opinion that they should have consulted some close assosiates who were with sri Mah periava..To the best of ability they should try to picture the correct things and happenings which will be remebered for ever. wishing you all the best in your endeavour.May Sri Maha periava guide you in ths attempt. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara. with regards

  27. If you could plan to visit the Vijay Tv, we as a team can go and represent our feelings and the points where they can do better in the forthcoming episodes.

    Please let us know your schedule, so that those who wish, can plan accordingly.

    Best Regards

  28. as others have state above, I too believe that this (starting a serial on the life of MahaPeriyava) definitely is a first step in the right direction

    But VijayTV should definitely do more research when doing a show on life history of our JagathGuru.

    For instance, When we recite slogas, Enunciation is given so much emphasis, while most of the characters in the TV show cant seem to even enunciate words used in daily verbiage correctly. They should also take more care in choosing the right cast, at least for the main characters of the show.

  29. Namaskarams to All!
    First of all, this is a very good initiative by Vijay TV in bringing out the life history of our Periyava to the whole world! People throughout the world are watching this!! Yes…there are flaws.. This programme is of course being telecasted only by Periyava’s wish. So again… if Periya wishes, the team will sure lend their ears and make all necessary corrections. As almost the people around the world are watching this the information that is being conveyed should be the right one in all aspects. I am showing this to my 3 year old daughter who is so fond of Periyava calling by the name UMMACHI THATHA. Kids like her should not be conveyed a message that has flaws..especially being a life history which cant be altered! As many have said it is better to meet devotees who were close with Periyava and gather the information. Also, many have shared their experiences with Periyava. They are readily available on the net (youtube). This can also be an added value if they are unable to meet each and every devotees. This programme by Vijay TV also should create BAKTHI in the minds of all those who watch! Periyava has started Periyava will sure provide the solution…for without his consent nothing can happen!
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!
    Peryava Padam Charanam!!

  30. Pl do it for Periyava & all of our sake. It is treasure for the coming generation.

  31. Totally agreed. Pls do something if you can. Will be very much appreciated.

  32. The mother of Sanyasi never prostrates before him.

  33. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

    Request all devotees to use the term ‘Sri Madam’ instead of Mutt, which is a derogatory term given by British when they ruled us.

  34. After watching only 4 episodes, my wife and I are considering quitting. I wanted to share my thoughts to the list keeper. Opening this web page, it was gratifying to note that several others, including Mr. Mahesh, have found the content of the show disturbing. I am not a scholar on Maha Periyaval. Thanks to my friend, Hariharan Balasubramanian, I was introduced to the Nadamdum Deivum’s teachings and to the voices of many of the Swami’s ardent disciples. Within this one year of following various audio and videos of and about Maha Periyaval one thing stands out: Maha Periyaval stressed on Dharma, swadharma, Kulacharam and other achara-anushtanams. Vijay TV’s “Mahangalum and Adhisayangalum” vividly lacks in portraying these aspects. As examples, young Swaminathan performs namaskaram to the 66th Peedathipathi like a woman, the 66th Peedathipathi himself is shown doing pooja to Lord Nataraja standing the left of the deity. The language delivery of Swaminathan as a school boy leaves much to be desired. I wished a person of the caliber of Sri Ganesha Sarma was retained as a consultant to the show’s producers. In the interest of political expediency, the content should not be diluted. This show will be watched by impressionable youngsters who will cherish what they see. They should not be allowed to see a twisted version of what Maha Periyaval stood for, lived and preached his entire life. Many of the perversions we witness today and accepted by Hindus are the result of deliberate misguidance from the British and, unfortunately, our own “high class” brothers and sisters and Nasthikas. I hope a similar mis-information campaign does not occur from the powerful and widely watched media outlets such as Vijay TV. Thanks to Mr. Mahesh to taking up the cause. I wish him well.

  35. May mahaperiva bless everyone for the truth to come out than their creativity.

  36. Mahesh,

    I agree with you. Please make all arrangements to meet with Vijay TV and tell them in a sophisticated way that you can help get a better serial.

    I see that they want to dramatize the show for a serial, which should be OK. Since we have first hand information on Mahaperiyavaa’s life, we feel that this dramatization is far from being correct. It kind of makes us feel bad. Certainly, the director is not picturing our Acharyas or the mutt in a bad way. So we need to appreciate his efforts and encourage Vijay TV to get a better story line.

    The first mistake I found was the acharya (supposed to be 66th in line for kanchi peetam) asks the boy’s (Swaminathan) name. The boy replies his name and asks back the name of the acharya. The acharya says “Mahadevendra saraswathi”, which is not correct. He should have said Chandrasekhrendra Saraswathi. Now they are making Lakshmikanthan as the acharya and calls him Mahadevendra Saraswathi,

    I think that the director should consult with some scholars from Kanchi mutt. I am pretty sure that they may have recorded multiple episodes by now. At least going forward, they can give a better adherence to the true story line and correct what they have missed.

    Before you meet him, you may want to collect some names of people who are willing to consult for the show and help the director. That way you have all the answers ready.

    My 2 cents…


    • Ravi – agree.. My intent is to pair them to people with accurate information on Periyava and someone who can guide them through the film shooting for perfection on certain fundamentals. All devotees should be very thankful for Vijay TV in taking this initiative…They have a rough start…We will do our part to fix this. I hope I could meet them during my stay.

  37. I really appriciate that team for doing this show. My namakarams to their feet, for doing such service to this world. I also appreciate you for going from US and giving them some advice. Many Periyava’s followers are in Tamil Nadu. Nobody is ready to contact/go and give them such suggestion. We have Sri.Sankara Tv. They did not think/bring this serial of such Mahan i.e. Sri.Parameswar. I feel shame for that. For Mukti, we want only Yoga Nilai i.e connection with Parameswaran. Parameswarn has given darshan to Kannapanayanar and not that Anushtna Brahmin Bakthar. We should not forget that. Total surrender is important. Karma takes us to Bakti..Bakti takes us to Yoga Nilai for attaining Mukthi (without re-birth). You might have seen the persons name in that telecasting team. Once again my namakarams to their feet.

    However, i request and appreciate those who want to go and give suggestion about our nithya karma with Panchtha Udarni, Parisheshanam, our Prayer (veda), Pooja etc. Earlier, they were with Panchakacham, but without Edupu Uthriyam/veshti. It seems, somebody has given that suggestion. They are with Panchakacham with Edupu Uthriyam/veshti.

    Without finding mistake, giving them such suggestions & that suggestion will be appreciated.


    • Yes – intent is to appreciate them for doing this and helping them to refine and make this show better.

      • One of my friends told me that at the beginning of each episode, there is the typical disclaimer which says ” The following program does not reflect the actual lift or history of any such person and any such similarly is purely coincidental…….” or something like that.
        Is it true that there is a disclaimer ? Then I dont know how to understand the serial’s content and message

  38. It has to definetly better.Your idea of meeting the producer will help the uality improvement.

  39. Actually I was so much interested when the ad came through this site to my inbox .. And then I searched in the vijay tv site for the serial and found the swami ragavendra story ..I didn’t like the quality in that .. The way they chose people and the way they acted was all totally different and didnt merge with the storyline or character … Felt like watching a movie remake , I know that Maha periyava serial also will not be impressive..vijay tv usually is known for its quality ,hope they have selected a wrong person for the season …

  40. EVEN I CALLED THE DIRECTOR he agreed that there are some mistake to be corrected.


      I beg them at least to correct the Bashai and dialogue deliveries at least. Ponnusamy is not a begger at all as shown in the serial. Periyava’s father made periyava to get Guru Darshan after Upanayanam. And it took place at the age of 11. Mahalakshmi thaaayaar is Boomadevi in patience. It is shown that parents (both of them) went to school to get admission as in nowadays. There is no hint about Ganapathi Anna and other brothers and sisters(Sivan Sir and so). i really have doubt whether they read the divya charithram and gather any minimum information about periyavaas Poorvashrama. They missed about chidambaram darshan and dire accident took place there when he went with his father.

      What to say? I can do namaskarams to them only for their try and a beautiful title song which mesmerise.

      Hope periyava will soon answer all our thabams and do them right.

      Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  41. Please read my correspondence with Giri Trading concerning the contents of this programme…


    On 13-Feb-2014, at 10:12 AM, B Shridhar wrote:

    Dear Sharada,

    Refer telecon.

    At the onset I need to congragulate you for undertaking sponsorship of such a divine subject. Now we would like to point out certain flaws which need to be corrected, if possible.

    1. The acharyal who visited the house of the Mahaswamigal was the 66th Sankaracharya “Sri Chandraselharendra Saraswati” not “Mahadevendra Saraswati” as mentioned in the film.

    2. The dhandam carried along by the sankaracharya should not be so thick as it looks like a stick used for hangling wet clothes. If needed, we will organise a realistic Dhandam fron the Kanchi Mutt itself.

    3. When the sankaracharya enters into the residence of the Mahaswamigal, the husband and the wife do namaskarams. Normally the wife should be on the right hand side of the husband when the namaskaram is made whereas here the wife is standing to the left hand side of her husband.

    We could point out other minor flaws too but then we leave it to Vijay TV to make these corrections as this will amount to distroting our valuable history and culture.

    With Best Regards
    B. Shridhar

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Sharada Prakash
    Date: Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 6:53 AM
    Subject: Re: Programme on Mahaperiyaval on Vijay TV
    To: B Shridhar
    Cc: “”

    Dear Shridhar,
    It was nice speaking with you after a very long time.
    As informed over the telephone, the serial is the content of Vijay TV.
    As they approached us for sponsorship,owing to our organization and family’s faith in the Magaperyaval and His blessings and unparalleled blessings, we took up the project so that we are a part of the subject reaching far and and wide.
    We do not have any access or control in the production, or content.

    We have many customers complimenting for the serial and a select few who have deeper knowledge giving us constructive criticism. The same is being forwarded to Vijay TV through our Advertisement Department.
    We have been assured by Vijay TV that any mistake is only incidental and not intentional which if possible they would be asked to add.
    Your Mail with the necessary correction of the mistake in the name of Mahaswamigal has been forwarded to all concerned. We trust other mistakes by various sources are similar.

    Keep watching and giving your feed back.

  42. Your efforts are fully appreciated and our best wishes for a fruitful discussion to let them know our concerns. It is perhaps a good idea as well to impress upon them to consult some people with extensive knowledge to further air their episodes.


    Ramani Venkatraman

  43. மகான்களும் அதிசயங்களும் பற்றி நீங்களே open செய்திருப்பதால் அதைப் பற்றி என் கருத்துக்களையும் பதிவு செய்ய விரும்புகிறேன். முதற்கண் மகாபெரியவா மகிமைகள் பற்றி இன்னும் அறியாத பலருக்கும் இந்தத் தொடர் மிக உபயோகமாக இருக்கும் என்பதில் சந்தேகமில்லை. அதற்கு மிக மிக நன்றி. ஆயினும் அத்தொடரைப் பார்க்கும்போது நாம் படித்த மகாபெரியவா சரித்திரத்திலிருந்து (திரு. ரா. கணபதி எழுதியது மேலும் மகாபெரியவா திவ்ய சரித்திரம் புத்தகம் ) இது சற்று அதிகமாகவே விலகி இருப்பது போல் தோன்றுகிறது. உதாரணம் சின்னஞ்சிறு கைக்குழந்தயாயிருக்கும்போதே கன்றுக்குட்டியைக் காப்பாற்றியது போல் காட்டியிருப்பது. இதை நான் எதிலும் படிக்கவில்லை. மகாபெரியவா பிறந்தது முதலே அவதாரம் போல் காட்ட முயற்சி செய்திருக்கிறார்கள். மகாபெரியவா அவதாரம் என்பது மறுக்க முடியாத உண்மை. அனால் அதை அவர் மிக மிக சாமர்த்தியமாக முக்தி அடையும் வரை நம்மிடமிருந்து மறைத்திருக்கிறார். தான் ஒரு மிகச் சாதாரணமான ஒரு சந்நியாசி, நடக்கும் அற்புதங்கள் எல்லாம் காமாட்சியால்தான் என்று சொல்லிவந்திருக்கிறார். இதில் மகாபெரியவா வயது – இப்பாலகனுக்கு 16 – 17 வயதைப் போல் காட்டப்பட்டிருக்கிறது. மகாபெரியவா பட்டத்துக்கு வந்தபோதே அவருக்கு 13 வயதுதான். மேலும் முதல் பிள்ளை கணபதி பிறந்து 10 வருடங்கள் குழந்தை இல்லாமல் தவம் இருந்து பெற்ற பிள்ளை நம் மகாபெரியவா. ஆனால் இதில் முதல் பிள்ளை கணபதிக்கும் நம் சுவாமிநாதனுக்கும் இடையே 10 வயது வித்யாசம் தெரியவில்லை. அவரை வீட்டில் சுவாமிநாதன் என்று கூப்பிடாமல் கினி (கன்னடத்தில் கினி என்றால் கிளி) என்றுதான் செல்லமாக கூப்பிட்டிருக்கிறார்கள். இத்தொடரில் பலர் பேசும் மொழி அந்தண மொழியில்லை. ல, ள வித்யாசம் கூட இல்லை. இதை விட முக்கியம் கலவை பெரியவா தான் முக்தி அடையப போகிறோம் என்று தெரிந்தவுடன் சுவாமிநாதனை வரவழைக்க தந்தி கொடு என்று சொல்லிவிட்டு இவர் வருவதற்குள் முக்தி அடைந்து விடுகிறார். அவர் தனக்குப் பின்னால் பீடாதிபதியாக லக்ஷ்மிகாந்தனை choose செயது `எனக்கு அடுத்தபடி நீதான் பீடாதிபதி உனக்கு மகாதேவேந்திர சரஸ்வதி என்ற நாமம் அமையும் ‘ என்று சொல்வதாக காட்டியிருக்கிறார்கள். மேலும் மகாபெரியவா பாத்திரத்தில் நடிப்பவர் யார், அவரால் அந்த மகத்தான பாத்திரத்துக்கு நியாயம் செய்யப்பட்டிருக்கிறதா என்பதை (பயத்துடன்) எதிர் நோக்கியிருக்கிறோம். நீங்கள் சொன்னது போல் எடுக்கும் விதத்தில் எடுத்தால் இத்தொடர் காலத்துக்கும் அழிவில்லாமல் நம் மகாபெரியவா புகழ் பரப்பும்.
    மகாபெரியவா திருவடிகள் சரணம்.

    • yes, Ms. Viji, Your comment is very correct indeed. There are some places where brahminic traditions/customs are not corrently shown — for e.g, the boys keep without doing parisheshanam, they don’t seem to have understood the concept of ‘echai/pathu’ and all, using ‘sOru’ insted of ‘saadham’ 🙂 But still, it is a good undertaking. But is is not correct story-wise. Many imaginary incidents I think.

  44. Please check what is the influence of some Antony (or Peter) in the Vijay TV production team upon the Director of the serial “Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum”. Off late, even winners of the Airtel Super Singer has been either Christian or Muslim performer in recent times. There is bias & strong missionary influence in production of some programs. For example, Neeya Naana is mostly anti-traditional, anti-Hindu type program. In the Serial “Office”, they portray Christians as great people & Hindus as Faithless in their religion.
    One half of the sphere in Vijay TV is excellent people who produce programs in the morning “Dharisanam”, Mahabharathathil Dharmam, Bhakti Thiruvizha, Azhvargal Dharisanam etc that are great programs. It is 50-50 in the Vijay TV Family.

  45. we entirely agree with the above views. in face we are watching this keenly and as one who knows some fundamentals i have been discussing some fundamentals like todays show where it was shown as if nothing was known to any body and that the parents doing namaskarams to Periava which would not have happened. in fact the mother is not at all allowed to see a sanyasi the moment he becomes one b ecause the sanyasi will have to do namaskaram only to his mother and here again it has to be saashtanga which none tolerates. the father is allowed to see and father does namaskaram as he is doing so to a guru!! in case you need some assistance please contact HH Kuvalekkal at orikkai before you meet the tv people so that facts are correctly represented. i apologise if i have exceeded my limits. n.ramaswami

    • I agree with Sri Ramaswami. While we need not criticize for criticism’s sake, we can provide encouraging suggestions. As Sri Ramaswami says it would be helpful if Sri Mahesh could meet HH Kuvalekkal at Orikkai before meeting the serial people.

    • I think you have given a good suggestion about Kuvalekkal swamigal. If Mettur Swamigal was alive he would have given valuable suggestions. When I started on a project on Mahaperiyava in association with Ganesh Sharma and gave my script to Mettur Swamigal he outright said, dont proceed, it needs more meticulousness. I also approached Vijay TV and Jaya TV but somehow it did not take off.

      In fact Bala Periyava himself was willing to go through the final script once made ready and offered to correct wherever necessary and give additional info from the Mutt and access to Mutt records.

      However I have given our suggestions in a mail to Vijay TV. Let s see what happens.

  46. Yes. I fully agree with you. Though it is better picturised than many other TV Serials, a lot os shortcomings were also observed.

    • Just one more point.
      The serial would have more authenticity if the makers consult the close devotees of Sri Maha Periyaval who had the privilege to be in His company for quite some time.
      But this being a commercial venture I am doubtful if the producers would do such sort of things.
      Anyhow may Sri Maha Periyaval Bless you in the enterprise when you come over here.

  47. May be this is the best approach at this point in time.

  48. Agree. It’s below average.

    • All of you are well read and well informed periava devotees. That is why you see so many shortcomings. For a layman or a general public, these may not be a showstopper. It gives them an opportunity to get to know our matt and about the Mahimai of periava. I think that is a big advantage.

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