Outstanding Veda Sapthaham by Brahmasri Mullaivasal

Thanks to Arun who forwarded me this…The person who speaks is Brahmasri Mullaivasal Krishnamurthy Ganapadigal – most respected one. I listened to two of the videos – he is quoting ramyana, upanishad, all four vedas, gita etc instantaneously..He seems to know all these like the back of his hand…Unlike other upanyasakars he is very interactive – asking his students to chant along with him etc….Don’t miss! I am going to finish all these videos soon….

We should do namaskarams to such great learned people.

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  1. There are 78 videos in the playlist.

  2. Can anybody provide only audio of this great Vedha Sapthaham in mp3 format for off-line sravanam. Thanks in advance,

  3. Always a pleasure to hear him. Humble and very knowledgable. He was the former principal of Madras Samskrit College. My pranams to him.

  4. mahesh, i dont know how i missed it during the last few days and saw it only today. it is a very good video. He is great no doubt and his whole family is greatest. He is also lucky in having his father and son alike. It is from his father that Mettur learnt all vedas. His father also got thoda from periava. Mullaival is a great bhagyavan during this century not because of his father or son (who is fully versed in vedas and IIT prof.following all our culture in full) but because he was with Mettur till the end, his wife put the Kolam for Mettur adishtanam pit etc. we are fortunate in having him but we should utilise this opportunity. he is doing yeoman service even in this advanced age.

  5. Oh sorry, I see it has 7 parts, thank you !

  6. Very nice, can we see the rest too please ? Thank you very much !

  7. I am blessed to hear this and born in this great nation of ours! Thanks for posting this.

  8. Ram Ram – we are really blessed by Mahaswamigal to be a member of this blog.

  9. Unfortunaely and disappointingly the video lasted only 22 minutees.

      However,  very  grateful for making   available this small piece.



    • what i have embedded is a play list…playlist typically holds many videos in it. This sapthaham has 13 videos if i am right…each one only for 20+ mts…If you skip forward, next video will play….

      • Dear Mahesh,

        Thanks again for the link to this fantastic Veda Sapthaham by Krishamurthi Sastrigal !. Btw, it is goes all the way till 17-7-2010 and Pudu Periava graces the sapthaham on the final day.

  10. Great lecture. There is a series of these lectures and all are great ones. The important aspect of Sastrigal’s lectures are on Sandhyavandanam. He has repeatedly stressed the importance of this. Not only on this lecture but several others I have listened to.

  11. Superb ! Thanks 🙂

  12. Dear Mahesh: Great video and hope to see further in the series. Thanks for your wonderful service you are giving us all. Our blessings to you for a long healthy and happy life to keep it going in such a nice blog..


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