Haven’t seen this photo

…Have you?? I have another photo of Him in my puja room that was taken from the left on this same location where you will only see “Anbe Sivam”.

Thanks to Sri Hariharan for posting this in FB.

Suresh – can you please share the other photo of Him (from his childhood days) that was recently posted in FB??




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  1. photo is very nice.

  2. ஆம். போட்டோ மிக அருமை.

  3. i also like lord shiva and it is beautiful.

  4. Lord Shiva’s photo above Periyava looks very beautiful. If only I could get hold on one such photo for myself 🙁

    • True, both Mahaswami and Lord Shiva’s photo bear that mesmerising smile of inner peace. Requesting Sri Maheshji to help in getting this Lord Shiva’s photo.
      One more request. I know this is a big one to ask, but it was wonderful to have the darshan of Sri Kamakshi with Mahaswami and the Srichakra peetam in Sri Shilpi’s painting.
      My question is, will someone be allowed to have the darshan of the inside of the Sri Chakra Peetam with the different devis and the padmas inside? – was captivated by the SriChakra peetam inside the Kamakshi temple. I believe, when time comes and if a devotee is true, the chakra will itself give its mystery to the worthy, but just a thought. Is there someone who has seen the Sri Chakra peetam apart from the Gurukkal and Acharyaals?

      Seeking the grace of Mahaswami,

      Thanks and regards,
      P. Vijay

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