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I just added a link to the playlist for this serial. On the right hand sidebar, under “Important Links”, you can see a link to this. Click on this, it will take you to the youtube page for you select any episode and play.


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  1. My comments dated 19 th feb may kindly be deleted in toto.
    It is a great effort and mahaswami will see to it that the serial would be true to His life .He was a sarvagnar and He knows how the serial should be done.
    May He guide the producers to collect,collate and show the incidents true to His life.
    Our duty is to help them with available facts about the chronology of events if possible and if available.
    No end to criticism from all of us!
    while visiting the Akshardam temple complex even my children were telling that such a Huge,Magnificent temple should come up some where so that the glory of such a MAHAN be known to all and His teachings propagated.
    It could be an International centre for Hindu religious teaching and learning .
    It will help the visiter to get HIS blessings.
    Only NRIs and devotees like Maheshji and Sri Sivaramanji and the team could possibly initiate such a Great Magnificent venture..

  2. A great effort by the Giris which should be appreciated by one and all.BUT!!They should have put in a big research team at work,interviewed a lot of living legends like.BR.Shri Vedagiri Mama,Balu Swamigal,Dr Radakrishna Sastrigal and dozes of other Anukka Thondargal before entering to produce a serial on an Avatharapurusha like Mahaperiava.
    Common directorial blunders are dime a dozen.
    Smt mahalakshmiji puts plantain leaf and a ladle of annam is put on and a little curd is added(.without putting sabjis.normally we dont serve rice)
    The boy says choru for sadam( we normally say sadam or annam)
    Swamigal invites Swaminathan and make him sit in his lap…not done by Sanyasins!
    There are quite few books written by eminent authors like Sri Bharanidharan, old Sankara vijayam book(Rs.5 only) of the fifties and dozens of articles on His peetarohana,His interview about His feelings on the Peetarohan,and what life had taught him before his Sanyas etc in the Bhavans journal with His photo on the cover page.
    Better late than never.Even now we can request the producers to delay further episodes and consult the Peetadhipathis and the older generation devotees to asertain the accuracy of events and the details so this won’t be taken as an autoritative one by posterity.
    Periava’s mother had no inkling that her son could become the next Swamiji and she was going only to console her sister on her son Shri Laxminarayan becoming a Sanyasi.
    Bribing the boy to tell a lie etc shows the holy mother in very poor light!!
    The power of attorney holder who was responsible for the grant of Sanyas to Shri Laxminarayan swami has not so far been shown.
    To prick holes and point out mistakes is easy!
    BUT we are seeing the avatharpurusha’s life history who attained siddhi only yesterday.So To Say!We remember Him and prostrate before His photo daily and pour out our woos and problems for redressal.Hence our criticism. Of course with a heavy heart! ,

  3. REsepcted Sir,Excellant idea.

    Indeed u r doing a great service.

  4. very crude attempt by VIJAY TV. many may not agree but it is a fact. get advise of elders in the Aaanmigam field and close associates of Sri Mutt and do the home work properly. Dont be too cinematic
    Divinity should be in the forefront and not melodrama etc.,Only a person who is knowledgeable can
    handle this subject not any tom dck and harry…..making a fast buck?//

    • Yes, I agree with you. This project should be handled by an experienced person. Facts about Mahaperiyavaa’s life should be collected from close associates of Sri மடம் and Pudhuperiyavaa. There are many things in the first 3 episode that does not look correct.
      1. Poor choice of artists. ( When you show a Brahmin of the 1890’s period with கட்ட மீசை, it does not suit at all.)
      2. I can’t believe Periyavaa’s mother asked the young boy to lie to his father (and she agreed to bribe the boy for this) to avoid joining veda patasala. How do they know this? After all she gave birth to two great மகான்கள். (Periyavaa and Sivan sir).

      3.Some of the pronunciation of Tamil words are not correct e.g. கிலமை (கிழமை) , அலகா (அழகா)

      4.I don’t think the 66th acharya would have kept Swaminathan on his lap, since he was a sanyasi.

      This project is about Mahaperiyavaa and it should come out like Orirukkai Temple in a majestic manner with pure divinity.
      We should give this feed back to the director and the producer and hope they will improve in the coming episodes.

  5. If you all watched the begining episodes, the 5 year old boy acted as Sri Periyava is very very impressive and done very very well. When the smally boy was beaten up his teacher for copying the Bible from the other student, we really feel how Sri Periyava has taken that beating from the teacher, our heart beating up.

    When the small boy was questioned by the Sister at the Christian Mission school, who is your dearest? father or mother” the boy replied “father” we can feel mother’s feelings, but when the sister asked did you ever seen the god, Sri Periyava points his hand to his mother. great scene.

    Then we can feel how Sri Periyava mother’s “Thavippu” that her son may join the mutt and take sanyasam.

    Here are the own words Sri Periyava during the evenful days

    “I had a bath at the Kumara Koshta Tirha. A carriage of the Math had come there from Kalavai with the people to buy artices for Maha Puja on the tenth day of the passing of the previous 66th Acharya. One of them, a hereditary maistry (mason) of the Math, asked me to accompany him. A separate cart was engaged for the rest of the family to follow me. During the journey, the maistry hinted to me that i might not return home and that the rest of may life might be spent in the Math itself. At first, i thought that my elder cousing having become the Head of the Math, it was his wish that i should live with him. But the maistry gradually clarified matters as the cart rolled on. The Acharya had fever which developed into delirium and that was why I was being separated from the family to be taken to Kalavai. i was stunned by this unexpected turn of events. I lay in kneeling posture in the cart, shocked as I was, repeating “Rama ….Rama” the only prayer I knew. My mother and other children came some time later only to find that instead of her missin of consoling her sister, she herself was placed in the state of having to be consoled.” From the book Tha Sage of Kanchi by Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan.

    Pranams to Sri Mahalakshmi Thayar, the Divine Mother, who gave, to all of us, her son as “Sri Periyava” who is the Divine Mother to all of us.

    Eventhough we see actors there, but it really makes us to feel how Sri Periyava on those days, our mind can visuvalise those moments.

    Once Sri Periyava became the 68th Acharya, with total detachment from the family, how episode will move on, there will be no characters, only Sri Periyava and various incidents, Padha Yatra of Sri Periyava, 85 years of Sri Periyava arul katakcham, sea of devotees across the world, devotees experineces oh its breathtaking task to capture. I feel the real names of the devotees should be used.

    I wish and pray to Sri Periyava that i could get a small role in this great serial just as one of the devotees among the other devotees who comes to seek Sri Periyava’s darshan

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  6. I just recollect that once Ra. Ganapathy had made an announcement in Kalki , calling for details of any extraordinary experiences devotees of Mahaperiya might have had since he wanted to compile them. As soon as Mahaperiyava came to know about it, He called Ra.Ga. and asked him to stop that.In the very next issue of Kalki, Ra. Ga. himself made a statement to this effect. I am not able to recollect the year/date. May be our friends can help. .

  7. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara, Kanchi Sankara Kamokoti Sankara Wonderful and fantastic story of Kanchi Mahaswamigal’s Life Mahatmiyam history in Small screen in each and every home, I don’t know whether before commencing the telecasting of Kanchi Mahaswamigal Life Mahatmiyam the views and opiniolns of the Pudu Periva, Bala Periva and very close associates of Mahaswamigal like Bharanidharan, Vinayakram, Balu mama and others who were been fully assoiated with Kanchi maswamigal till the SIDHI of Kanchi Swamigal. or not. Thanking you, M.Mohan

  8. respected director,
    Fantastic story of mahaperiaval. The saree worn by the ladies are belonging to the Tamil brahmin culture and the thalappu or pallu or mundanai ( Whatever you may want to call)should be on the right shoulder and not the left. Telungu saree only will have thalappu on the left.

    Thanks and please do not misunderstand my comment.

    • Madam Sitalakshmy,
      There is nothing wrong in the way the saree is worn by the ladies. You must remember that Sri Mahaperiyava was born in a Kannada Hoysala family and not a Tamil family. So his mother wears the pallu like Telugu and Kannada ladies wear.

  9. I am unable to find the link.kindly help

  10. I submit that the idea of depicting Mahaperiyava’s life and times in the visual media requires serious examination. It is true that many people have had authentic experiences with / through him which are well recorded. But reading about them in books or listening to the people in person or through recordings as you have been providing is a far more satisfactory way of relating to them than watching through commercial TV. Most of us have seen Mahaperiyava in person- how can we ever reconcile to the idea of an actor merely imitating him on the screen?

    No doubt many people claim miracles but has Periyava ever claimed credit for them ? As far as I know he only used to say that he prayed to Ambal /Swami and people got relief. Our religion is not based on miracle-mongering. Devotees used to report miraculous or extraordinary happenings in respect of Bhagavan Ramana too. He used to ascribe them to “Automatic Divine Activity” and never claimed any credit himself.

    There is no doubt that religion at a popular level depends heavily on the miraculous element. But in how many cases do such miracles bring about a trasformation in life and thought of the people concerned on a permanent basis? On the contrary merely remaining in the Sannidhi of a genuine Saint like Mahaperiyava and just a glance of Grace from him totally changes our life, provided we are fit or ripe. Can there be a greater miracle? Can such situations be depicted on the TV where everything is just faked? The scenes, settings, costume everything is imitative and an air of artificiality pervades the whole thing.

    Millions of our people watched the serials Ramayana and Mahabharata on the TV. Now when they think of Rama and Krishna, whose image comes before their mind- that of the actor or of the Rama and Krishna which they had earlier? The human mind is so fickle and fragile, it ieasily falls a prey to external impressions. . Was it not far better that we listened to traditional pravachanas where they used to describe them through slokas and that brought to our minds the images like Aajanu baahum Aravinda dalaya daksham etc? Can any visual depiction compare with Sri Sengalipuram Anantarama Dikshitar’s description of the Keshadi padanta varnanai (dashakam 100) of Narayaneeyam? Those who had the fortune to hear it, do they still not remember after nearly 50 years? Is this not one reason why we say hearing is better than seeing? The Bhagavata says its nectar should be drunk through the ears ( Pibata Bhagavatam rasamalayam)

    We take things lightly. Any actor dons the roles of our Devas/Devis ( leave alone God). And Narada is depicted like a clown.or joker. In the movie Ten Commandments , God is not shown talking to Moses but there is a flash of light, only the Voice is heard. Is this not how our Rishis grasped or ‘saw’ the mantras? Then why should we go in for a visual depiction on a purely commercial media? Mahaperiyava lived too close to us, we have seen hundreds of his photos. How can we ever reconcile to somebody impersonating him on the screen?

    • The comments, concerns are unfounded. Its a portrayal of a Mahan who was a NADAMDUM DEIVAM in our times. Its not impersonation. The present generation deserves to know about Him.y

    • Your comments are true. We do not want the actor image to replace anything that we have about mahaperiyava close to our heart. Thank you for bringing in a new dimension.

    • I salute to the divine feet of my Guru.

      Sorry, I have a difference in opinion.

      I have not seen Mahaperiyavaa in his physical form, to me this is his gift.

      To me, if I see the Actor, I cant see Mahaperiyavaa, so am only going to see him and not the actor.

      Personifying GOD is not a new thing, else we will not have seen “Natarajar Pose”. Imagining the unimaginable in dynamic state is not possible to most of us.

      This is just my opinion. thanks

  11. Namaskarams.

    I happened to have Perivas photo at His later years with Veena.

    Sharing the same amongst His devotees

    Photo curtasy:Smt Vasantha Sundaram -New Delhi

    Regards meenavenki Delhi

  12. thank u sir…

    • jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara kanchi shankara kamakoti shankara
      paramaguru ku koti namasakaram

      Vijay tv I appreciate your efforts in telecasting mahangalum adisayangalum but dear director when you are taking a subject like this you have to have taken utmost care and sincere efforts essentially when screen playing it.Sri chandrasekara swamigal the 68 th pontiff of kanchi kamakoti mutt was not just a jagathguru but he is sakshath parameshwaran. there are numerous dveotees of our beloved periyava all around the globe. so many people who have dedicated and spent their life doing kangairyam to him.when starting a venture like this you could have very well taken any of his devotees help which would have created a classic impact. but if you are doing it commercially it pricks n hurts our sentiments for we madly love our jagathguru. Atleast basic things like diction n few hindu dharma shastras u should have followed for periyava was an example and who led his life strictly as per hindu shastam.there are so many videos and experiences of periyavas devotees in the internet ,in what way you think your program differs. I understand facts will remain the same but this short film should have been picturised in such a way it remains deep in our heart not just now but for ever is it not ? even if you listen to shri ganesh sharmas sapthaham the way he narrates immerses us completely into it the journey and at one point of time we feel we are right next to mahaperiya and experiencing him in person.. it is such an exhilarating experience listening to him… there are so many devotees who have not seen periyava so please portray the character as him .It would be great if u could take it sportively and re correct and telecast.

      • Fully agree with Anushas views. This can be directed to VIJAY TV directly, if any one has the direct contact with the channer.

  13. Thank you very much for the link.
    It appears as if Episode 3 has been repeated twice in the list ..?

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