Update on Sirugamani Veda Patasala

> Namaskar,
> Attached the group photo of Somayaji, Nithyagnihothri Bru.Sri.Parasuramachar dhampathy with his Patasala Vidhyarthies taken in 2005.

> Our local and NRI friends helping Sirugamani Patasala till date are asking about the future of this Patasala. Since this Patasala was started by Bru.Sri. Padhmanabachar, Vajapayeji,father of Bru.Sri Parasuramachar as per the instructions of Sri Mahaperiava, they would like to run this Patasala. B.Sri. Parasuramachar’s elder brother (Bru.Sri. Ramakrishnachar) is in Manthralaya and younger brother (Bru.Sri.Damodhachar) is in Erode. Elder brother may take over or may run with his representative. This will be known only after the completion of Guru anna’s karyams, after 10th Feb.2014.

> We will keep you informed of the developments.

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  1. Can somebody provide information of how to support this patasala?

    • Brahmasri Parasuramachar, who was running this patasala attained siddhi last year. Last I heard that this patasala is not running now…The students have been taken into another patasala run by his brother.


  2. Thanks for the update Mahesh. Wish this keep continuing with the blessings of Maha Periyava!!!

  3. The kids look very sweet and innocent. It breaks my heart. How to help Sirugumani Paadasaalai. Is there a trust ? can you pl give me details.

    • Shobana,

      From the blog, we supported them in 2013. Based on this development, we can support them in the future also. If you want to contribute to them, I suggest you connect with Shri Gurumurthy mama at +91 9840918710

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