Vijay TV’s new program on Periyava starts Feb 10th

I am sure most of you are aware that as part of Vijay TV’s series (மகான்களும் அதிசயங்களும்), from Feb 10th onwards they will telecast episodes on Mahaperiyava every evening at 6PM IST.

From an email, I understand that the actor who acts as aged Periyava is a very big devotee of Mahaperiyava in real life…..

The first 25 seconds of the video embedded below has the trailer of the series. If you are a fan of Super Singer program, you may watch the whole video!!

Thanks to Vijay TV for doing this – this was my dream project for a long time – even now!!! Maybe a good movie should out on Mahaperiyava – not documentary…

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  1. sri gurupyo namaha,the serial should reach all the sections in the society

  2. the serial on mahapariyava is excellent. very one should watch it to know about the true bhakthi.

  3. Sree R natarajan sir views are perfectly correct.
    kindly read
    Please understand Maha periyava devotees expecting a true real history of Maha periyava as authenticated biography “Jagadguru divyacharitiram” written by his own poorvasrama brother
    sri Sambamurthy sastrigal.

  4. Dear devotees please dont support for a Imagination history. If you want to know read
    real history of Maha periyaval. If you want imagination history that is not correct. Acharya swamigal biographies should be presented accurately, perfectly. Otherwise dont enter into these kind of matters.

  5. Please understand Maha periyava devotees expecting a true real history of Maha periyava as authenticated biography “Jagadguru divyacharitiram” written by his own poorvasrama brother
    sri Sambamurthy sastrigal. Whether they want to make public to know the real history OR they want to mix real history with their own imagination history. Let them read all relevant documents relating earlier acharyas . Let them understand all and then present them correctly Let them understand the situations prevailed , environment, customs, practices , mutt rules, Acharyals way, everything . THIS IS NOT A
    IMAGINATION OF MAHAPERIYAVAL LIFE.we dont want imagination of Acharya swamijis life.

  6. Some people have spoken about the saree worn wrongly, but what is shown in the serial is correct, since Mahaperiyava was born in a Kannada-speaking family and hence, the clothing has been correctly depicted according to how Kannada and Telugu Smartha Brahmana women wear the 9-yard saree.

  7. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    I am aware of these facts too. That’s why I wrote in Sage of Kanchi group too like this. Actually it is a request by me hoping for good to happen so far it is possible. As I myself have some experience as an artiste I think it is easy to correct errors in audio than going for a reshoot and all.

    What I wrote there was: … mAmA, it is the responsibility of us, the 9K+ members, to take this details to the producers and sending them greetings for such an effort and also making it a point that these minor/major mistakes are avoided in future at least. (wrote that because, I believe in ‘If you are not part of the solution, you are the problem’.)

    Is it so difficult for all us to sign a mail and send it to the producers for the sake of our periyavA?

    Many of us would have watched ‘edhiroli’ in podhigai (someone reading letters and U.M.Kannan answering that). According to them 10 letters about a program implies some huge amount of viewership. They have separate ratio to calculate and I am not going into that in detail. So, I believe(d) that if 100, 150 of us can mail them they will consider and they will be more cautious in reviewing episodes and adjust whatever can be done in audio or smaller problems which can be resolved by simple means.

    Thank you,

    Erode Nagaraj.

  8. This is good attempt by Vijay TV on overall aspects. It creates good vibes among people who did not know the traditions of Kanchi Maha Swami our divine Maha Periyavar. That He was the incarnate of Lord Maheshwara…. is often brought out well, for which I am very thankful. The production seems honest enough;

    Sometimes, due “attention to details”, observing delicate care with absolute bhakthi needed for this type of endeavor—- is impossible to be expected from commercial outfits like VijayTV ; we can’t blame them.

    Good effort is being made and is to be welcomed. I am convinced Vijay TV folks are “honest do gooders”. They jusst need honest guidance– that is the comment I can think of. Good for younger generations of Indians who don’t get exposed to this great sampradhayam of Kanchi Mutt.

    Liberties are taken due to “honest ignorance” of minute details of the great Sampradhayam of Kanchi Mutt
    or due to lack of “total unawareness” of the makers of the series is seen through several examples:

    a: the 9 yards-sari is worn on wrong side of the shoulder of the ladies!
    b: the portrayal of the senior Acharya, lifting the young MahaSwami and seating Him on his lap
    normally respectable distance is always kept in our Sampradhayam of Kanchi ?

    Vijay TV’s great productions such as Devon ke Dev Mahadev (Hindi) and Shivam (Tamil) serial are excellent ones even if Sri Ganesh-ji is shown as younger brother of Sri Kaarthikeya swamy and they both seem to have a sister too in Ashoka Sundari !

    In yet another Tamil serial, known as “7 th Grade, C section” a good serial about teacher and student
    in a school –.we often saw the temple priests wearing the Yagnyopaveedam on the left shoulder !!!!!




  10. yesterday I watched that telecast. The person who acted as 66th Acharya as per Kanchi history
    (kalavai periyaval chandrasekerendra saraswathi) is telling his name as Sri Mahadevendra saraswathi.
    I think they are showing That actor as 66th Sri chand.saraswathi swamigal ,.In his camp only
    Lakshmikanthan later Sri Mahadevendra saraswathi was there ( periyaval mother sister son)
    please clarify

  11. It indeed seems to be a commercial venture, like with many other television programs. There was a glaring error in the episode telecast yesterday: When the Divine Child Swaminathan requests the Acharya (tagged in the earlier episode as 66th Peetadhipathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam) about his name, the Acharya replies as Sri Mahadevendra Saraswathi. The 66th Peetadhipathi’s yogapattam was Sri Chandrashekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal (the same as Mahaperiyava) and the 67th Peetadhipathi was Sri Mahadevendra Saraswathi Swamigal. It would help if somebody that knows the program telecasters and ask them to correct it.

    Also, in the first episode, there is a scene about how even as a Divine Child, the toddler Swaminathan cries inconsolably only to surrogately save the life of a strangled calf. AFAIK, this event does not find mention in any of the available authentic accounts of Mahaperiyava’s Charitram. Yet, if this had actually happened and conveyed to the program directors/story authors by authentic sources, then it is a beautiful leela of Mahaperiyava of most of us were unaware of until now. Otherwise, if it may be a narration out of imagination, then it would not conform with Mahaperiyava’s ideals of deviating from the Truth and behoove to showing of events that never actually took place.

  12. mahAdhEvEndhra sarasvathi is the name of 67th AchAryA (lakshmikAnthan in pUrva Asrama) and this what this serial says is incorrect I think. The poor pronunciation of words and the way weave sequences definitely needs a (kuttu) mention for shooting without proper guidence. 🙁

    mahA periyavA.. ungaLa neengaLE kAppAtheeNdA dhAn uNdu.

    • Criticizing is easy. Taking initiative to shoot such serial is commendable. Let us take the +ve side only. We all know that this serial is not going to be perfect.

      • Agree with your views on this. In today’s market driven economy even clicks are commercialized. The positive side of it is, it makes us communicate mahaperiyava’s thoughts through a free blog. There’s no escape route to commercialization. But the market(we the people) should be careful not to get exploited. And that’s where our individual decisions play a critical role.

        An example: If the discussed television, shows specific advertisements targeting the tambrahm segment of population, (if allowed to assume so), and lets say markets certain brands.
        It may happen so that the ads may even feature customized message that appeals to tambrahm households. But finally – if the audience don’t get influenced by it and if that ad investment doesn’t translate to higher returns (beyond the required levels) the ads won’t exploit us and so would the television.

        For those who found the above illogical, a simple request. Somebody has taken a good initiative, they need money to make it sustainable. Let’s support them but ensure our buying decisions aren’t influenced by “just” the advertisements but based on our actual needs, which we know truly. When that realization happens there won’t be exploitation.

      • The telecast initiative is indeed commendable, but factual errors need to be avoided in a big way to avoid unasked controversies. May be the pronunciation of words, depiction of certain scenes can be ignored. But the incorrect identifying of Acharyas is certainly wrong. We need to understand that when biographical shows such as these are telecast on TV, they reach a wider audience, and hence, the narration of the story needs to be as much correct as possible. They certainly can take inputs from the Mutt authorities and related historians for depiction of facts.

    • Am also confused from the time I saw the diplay of it mentioning him as 66th acharya I checked the mutt calender

  13. Dear Vijay TV crew, ” Sri Maha Periyavaa” is our Jagatguru. Pl therefore take utmost care in producing the serial with sincere efforts. Pl read Acharyaa’s “Deivathin Kural” in which you can find many things (teachings)and it will clear all your doubts – with divine wishes: b.k.sreenivasan, Chennai

  14. whatever it is commercial or not. we need to think about Periyava….. We should appreciate the network for the initiative….. Everyday at 6’O clock…. Periyava will be there everywhere around the world….

    Periyava padha charanam

    Om nama shivaya!!!!!!!

    Periyava padha charanam

  15. I am really happy to view telecast the maha periyava history. Any time Periyava blessing to vijay tv.


    • Respected sir,

      Don’t we see the same for kumbabishekam posters, where puduperiyava shows his hands? Its very interesting to see the devottees expectations differ from a Kovil poster to a serial poster. Someone should do a serial on periyava but they shouldn’t co mmercialize it. Without commercializing it how will they get money to do the serial will their question.Then don’t watch it! Commericialization comes only when the consumer gives the TRP to the channel. Mahaperiyava might not have asked any channel to make any serial or book out of his lifestory. In fact he would have asked the author, in which century will you start or end(indicating his true birthless/deathless nature)

      On a different note: If the omni-present god is everywhere, he’s there everywhere to purify and sancitize every place. Unfortunately, we all want to worship only the god of our like, the gurus whom we endorse(till he meets our criteria like the shifts that happened during Novembers of 2004 and 2013). Common lets grow up spiritually too.

      These are thoughts. So let’s not jump into an arugement. if they don’t sound right to anyone, humble apology to them and wish someday they grow up.

    • 🙁 They equate Mahaans with miracles. That’s all! Nothing spiritual about such a huge self-display! Spirituality is synonymous with modesty — show biz is the opposite of anything modest. I do watch TV though our Periyava did not like it and strictly recommended against any TV watching. It is ironical that such a show about Periyava should come on TV. 🙁 We can only pray Periyava again to somehow prevent this commercialization. Also such wall posters of our Periyava should be brought down after sometime and carefully preserved. I am sure His devotees in Chennai will do this little service whenever and wherever they see His posters in the city.

    • PERIVA SARANAM Please call vijay tv & fire them. Not acceptable

  17. title music is excellent. who is the music director?

  18. Nice to hear. Eager to watch the programme.

  19. Great Programme!!! Perivaya was always common to all Religion, caste and creed!!.

    I am excited to watch!!!

    Pranams to Maha Perivaya!!!

  20. With HIS blessings, your dream project will also come true.


  21. guruve saranam

  22. Let the whole world, especially the non-Hindus realize there was none like our Mahaperiyavaa and start respecting Sanatana Dharma – Carnatic music by Christians, Dwajastambhas in Churches, Forced conversions to Islam, what not?

    I pray to the golden feet of our Mahaperiyavaa that the world should wake up and acknowledge the primordial faith is Sanatana Dharma….

  23. i am not sure if I can be happy about this. All media/TV ventures are extremely commercialized. Sankara TV is there – an out and out spiritual media. But Vijay TV is far from anything spiritual – imo – though there are some religious programs. I am not happy about this 🙁 I just hope they(the producers) dont commercialize such initiatives in any manner.

    Periyava Paadam Charanam

  24. No doubt a great endeavour. But I am not sure if maha periyavaa himself would have endorsed this. I had read an anecdote where a film producer or director went to maha periyavaa and told him about the adi shankara movie he was creating. Apparently peryava’s reaction was very strong and showed his opposition to this.

  25. Can’t even imagine anyone acting like Sri Periyava. Impossible. Any way this serial will be seen by millions of people around globe. They all know about Sri Periyava’s grace. But serial must bring out various events cleary and not to do the script like any other commercial serials.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  26. The new program from Vijay TV should be a thrilling one to watch. Hopefully we can record it every day and view it at leisure. Any idea when the program will be broadcasted in Chicago? Thanks.

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