Siva Kaingaryam by one of our readers….

Here is the actual email I received from Shri Prabhu Mahalingam. The email says it all. Without Periyava’s and Lord Neelakandan’s blessings, such noble thoughts won’t come into our minds. Prabhu seems to be one such chosen soul…

Please read on..Encourage him, participate in this noble cause and get the blessings of Lord Parameswaran. If anyone wants to contribute, please reach out to him directly at

We wish Prabhu all the success in completing this great renovation project.

(The above photo is of Lord Agateeswarar, right next to Orikkai mani mantapam that can be seen at the background)

I am a member in the Mahapariyava word press and  greatly admire your web page and a regular reader.

I have posted few posts  regarding Mattur Swamigal after his siddi. It was a great blessing to be in his guidance for the past 6 years.

I am a resident of Kanchipuram for the past 7 years by Ambal’s grace.

Through mahapariyava’s grace I have been doing some charity work ( On my own) for old temple renovation in and around kanchipuram.

One such temple is Yoga ligaswarar and Hanumanteeswarar temples in Sarva teertha karai in Kanchi which is having the Kumbabishekam from 9th to 12 Feb 2014.

These two temples have been renovated by Kanthamalai saba at a cost of approx 12 Lakhs. Towards which I had contributed a small amount.

Now I would like to make a bigger contribution towards renovation of a Old Shiva temple.

One such temple in mind is the Agateeswarar temple near Mahapariyava Manimandapam in Oorikai, Kanchipuram. This temple is almost 2000 years old and mahapariyava has done pooja to this lingam.

The temple and swamy are in very bad shape.

One of the manimandapam’s present  trustees (Mani Iyer) has also accepted to help us in the form of material (like stone sand etc)requirement for this temple renovation.

The village head’s and prominent people have given there nod for construction.

I would like to know if it would be appropriate to post a photo of this temple and the idea to build. This would give us some more funds to do a good job.

I don’t know the intricacies of doing this. I am just a humble beginner to this social cause.

With Mahapariyava’s grace I would like to do as much as possible in this short life given.

It is our duty to do some thing to the God who is protecting us every second.

To have an idea of the long list of temples in Kanchi which doesn’t even have a roof please visit this web site given below. Some LINGA Arudai are even broken.

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  1. Dear Mahapariyava Followers.
    Sorry for the delayed reply. You can contribute in any form you like. We are starting the Balalyam work in the temple this Sunday.
    Please contact me thro the below given mail id
    thro mobile no.
    +91 9962206068
    IT is overwhelming to see such a support and blessings.
    Thanks for it.
    With Regards,
    Prabhu Mahalingam

  2. Dear All, Namaskarams.
    Thanks for the kind words and support. Please do call me +91 99622 06068. or contact me in the mail id given below.
    It is a great support to have so many pariyava followers support this cause.
    My heart felt thanks
    With Regards,
    Prabhu Mahalingam

  3. Is there any possibility of taking part in this noble job?

  4. Village next to Kovanur is Kothangudi and those still not converted in both these contiguous villages have an Amman temple ignoring the Siva temple and the Perumal temple.

  5. In Kovanur ( near Nachiarkoil) Has a dilapidated Sivatemple.All vigrahas are strewn around the temple tank.Sorry to say that the Statues are used to tie cattle before and after washing them in the tank
    The entire village has been converted.The kurukkal who was doing pooja once a day has stopped going there.
    That is the state of affairs in the heart of Tanjore dist.
    The entire village belonged to one Judge( Judge Pannai)Don’t know where are the decendants.
    Very sorry state of affairs.

  6. Dear Shri Prabhu Mahalingam : It is so satisfying to see that Maha Periava is acting through yourself. You are the chosen medium. May Sankara bless you. Please if you do not mind, share with me your address
    so that I can send my small contribution to you via Western Union. It is far easier for me to send whatever
    I can via this way. Many many thanks.
    Vengalathur Krishnamurthy Srinivasan, 82 years old resident of Toronto, Ont, Canada.

  7. How do we help? Can we contribute in anyway? Please let us know. Thank you.

  8. Namaskarams. I intend to contribute to this holy work taken by you. If you kindly send the details toyail I’d I would be grateful.


  1. Temple Renovation of Lord Mallikarjunaswarar / Mallikavanaswarar, Kanchi – Periyava Karyam

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