True Bakthi


” When our devotion of God is motivated by a desire to secure some earthly benefit, it ceases to be real bhakthi, it becomes barter.

But when our bhakthi is for our spiritual elevation, we attain the peace of the river when it is near its lord, namely the ocean.”
– Sri Maha Periyavaa

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  1. Bhakti is not barter.. Yes, for common man it starts with desires, but if we open our minds to bhakti in its expansive form then we can also attain desireless bhakti.. If we think we cannot do.. the truth becomes that we cannot do…. There is no problem in asking God to grant this or that, but if for instance, God does not grant certain desire, we must accept that too, thinking that it is His will and continue our bhakti…Our bhakti should not depend on the end result or fruits… that is Bhakti..I feel.

  2. It’s all easily said than done. I mean it for CM (Common Man) like us. Our Bhakthi starts with Kaamyam state, but the transition from Kaamyam State to Nishkaamyam State is a journey of multiple lifetime(s). I do contemplate occasionally on the materialistic / spiritualistic dimension of Bhakthi only to give up in vain.

    An Open question for which I’m still yet to find an answer ! ! !

    Should we be Materially Spiritualistic / Spiritually Materialistic in our Bhakthi ? What’s the quantification / qualification of proposition of each dimension (Materialism / Spiritualism) ! ! !

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