Brief Speech


“The principle of economy is applicable in case of speech as well. An unbridled tongue often leads to misunderstandings and troubles.”
-Sri Maha Periyavaa
Thinking before speaking and speaking with fewer words lead to better understanding and friendliness.

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  1. Mr Mahesh we like your face. please keep it as it is.All our sickness will be removed and we become brisk once we saw at least your photo there..

  2. These thoughts are great. I’m visiting your blog after a while. I like the enhancement to the layout.
    Few suggestions:
    1. Can you make these thoughtful posts (“Gems”?) scroll/appear on the top of the website or on side panel?
    2. A humble suggestion to re-think about ‘About me?’ on this blog. Credibility is important. May be think about picture.I’m telling this with a good intention only. Sometimes punya karma is risky too and while uploading these photos etc., you might,indirectly and unintentionally, think as kartha.
    3.Is it possible for us to create a ‘Voice of Kanchi’ thought search?

    • Thanks for the comments…On (1) – i also want to do something like that…unfortunately in this free blog, i can’t do this…if i do a self-hosted one i could. (2) removed my photo…I know someone someday would be sick of my face 🙂 (3) i don’t follow what you mean – can you expand?

      • It’s so nice of you to have taken the ‘photo’ comment in the right spirit.
        On thought search: If we need to mahaperiyava’s view on a particular issue, say corruption, we go and type “corruption” in a search box. It queries the databases of thoughts,articles,videos shared by mahaperiyavaa and gives the results.
        This is just an idea. We are in the oracle age (collecting and storing information).Am sure this needs to be a separate initiative or website for future.

      • What youre referring is called “tags”….we already have it here…on the right side bar, you see all tags…if you click “gems”, it would list all posts… can click to read….

      • I see that in, they now have a box in their home page with mahaperiyavas thoughts appearning in a box. They have randomized it so that every time you refresh or revisit it changes automatically. May be in some way your blog might have inspired the web team start this! Kudos.

  3. I remember reading the Tamil version of this in dhinamalar where mahaswamy links this to the old adage ‘Vaaya katti vayaththa katti’

  4. Surely an advise I would implement in life going on..

  5. It is an advise to every individual.

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