Brahmasri Parasuramachar has attained His Lotus Feet

I regret to let you all know that Brahmasri Parasuramachar , a Nithya Agnihothri merged with Mahaswamigal today. He lived in Sirugumani and managed the Sirugumani Patashala as directed by Him. Being a madhwa, he had great respect for Periyava and lived by His advice and direction. He is one of the rarest and his loss is a great loss to sanataria dharma. One who had seen his interview would tell that he had poorna anugraham of Mahaswami. He has been going through some heart ailment – had surgery in the past. As you could tell, he is not that old but for some reason, Mahaswami decided to keep him with Him.

Every time when I chant Narayana Suktham and chant this line “padhe parame madwa utsaha”, I think of him. Only those who have listened to his interview would know why!

Our blog’s veda rakshana fund was used to support his patasala in the past. I will talk to them to understand the current needs and see if we can consider supporting them for some more time…


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  1. Hello,

    I would like to hear some update about how Sirugumani patashala is doing now. Is there any kind of assistance we can offer, in terms of man-power, service, finance etc ?


    Can you ask and let us know please ?


  2. can i donate to sirugumani veda pathasala through on line or through cheque now also?

  3. When ” Siva and Vishnu” both residing in one person is our MahaPeriyava only.Periyava never segregate Siva and Vishnu and try to project his comparative study with others.,Veda is Precious for Him.Veda Pandits are very much glory for Him.That thoughts only lead our Periyava to this great level.Every one loves him respect him.We Pray Our Paramacharyar to bless Shri Parasuramachar Soul great peace.

  4. Very sad news. so many great and sincere devotees of Maha Periyava departing. May God Bless us all! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  5. oh! just noted your sentence about his age! never mind! sorry about that. Very inspiring again.
    Periyava Paadam Charanam.

  6. How old is Shri.Parashuramachar. He looks pretty young in this picture. However it is sad but inspiring to read about him. Thanks for the post.

  7. Brahma Shri Parasuramacharyar Rig Veda Patasala Sirugamani has attained the lotus feet of Paramacharya ..A Noble soul who lived the Vedic Life without any worldly desires..has produced several Rig Veda scholars through the Patasala..As a native of Sirugamani I am deeply moved..they came to our village about 45 years back and since then we had great respect for their entire late father extended initial assistance for setting up the patasala and they were having so much regards to my father and will lavishly appreciate every time this initial assistance..Sirugamani has why…Sanatana has lost a precious jewel.. Vedas never also the great Vedic scholar.. I am reminded of the Ramayana sloka..

    Yaa gathihi yagna seelanam Aahithagnescha ya gathihi…..

    S V Radhakrishnan S/O Late S R Venkatesa Iyer Sirugamani

  8. Its a great loss and I believe he was one of the only 3 nithyagnihotris in tamilnadu.
    Some quotes I remember from his interview are his father, after losing his first son, went sadly to mahaswami and mahaswami said,’god has given you two flowers, happiness and sorrow, just offer them both at Lord’s feet – god knows what’s best’.
    Again, mahaswamy asked Sandur king to hold a white chatri umbrella for Paras drama chat’s father after he had completed vajapayee yagyam and came for mahaswamy’s darshan.
    Sri Parasuramachar was an ideal devotee in his soma yagya he had mahaswamy’s photo with sri Raghavendra swamy’s photo.
    Seeking Mahaswamy’s grace.

    P. Vijay

    • There are about 40 Agnihotris in TN, but all of these people do not necessarily perform Agnihotram every single day and rather perform the Darshapournamasya Ishtis only. Those that are Nityagnihotris are only a handful. Yet TN may be the only place within Bharatha to be home to so many Agnihotris.

  9. It is indeed great that you are tracking the last vestiges of Sanatana Dharma with vigour from the US and it is sad that there is a deluge ( i use this word considering the current state of affairs) of such bad news in this blog in the recent past.
    N Subramanian

  10. I had the privilage of visiting the patasala three times after hearing the interview from our blog. He is a very nice , simple and devoted personality. May Mahaperiyava give his family the strength to bear this loss and for the growth of this patasala

  11. I talked to Sri.Parasuramacharyar only on Sunday (26th jan’14) being Anusham day (i used to send for monthly anusham samaradhanai to his patasala). He was in grief since his mother passed away few weeks ago and mentioned that `even though she is old, i am unable to come out of that grief’. when i told him that `Mahaperiyavaa and your mother’s blessings will always be there with you and your family’, he was mentioning that these words give him great consolation. but it is a shock to me that he is no more today. definetly it is a great loss to us all. May his soul rest in Mahaperiyavaa’s lotus feet.

  12. Feel very sad. Only recently viewd his video. My friends and I are prepared to do our bit to help the Pathashala .May his soul rest at the feet of Mahaperiyava.

  13. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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