As you all know, for a long time, I let all comments flow directly without any moderation…Then I started seeing some unwanted comments..I changed the strategy and held all comments for moderation. Recently (few weeks back) I thought it is probably ok to let the comments go directly thinking that everything is fine…I was wrong…I was notified by several of you that there was one bad comment yesterday. I deleted that comment..However, I am forced to hold all comments for moderation again before they appear…

What frustrates me is the cheap, cowardly attitude of such people to sneak through the loophole and trash-talk about our acharyas.

If there is a temple, there always will be people trying to pollute. My job is to be the security guard. I will gladly do this to protect the sanctity of this place.

I sincerely wish Periyava’s anugraham to those people also so that they don’t continue to go on the wrong path for too long….

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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  1. Dear Chi.Mahesh, This blog helps us to get motivated for following and sustaining vaideega dharma.. hence any attempts to circulate negative comments need to be erased in the beginning itself.. Hence moderation is very much essential.. kindly continue the process of moderation.. Hara Hara sankara, Kamakoti sankara…S.RamamoorthyIyer. Patron, Adambakkam sankara matam.

  2. Dear mahesh,

    I too feel moderation is essential. Is there a way to share the workload of moderation with selected few very trusted bhaktas?

  3. “If there is a temple, there always will be people trying to pollute. My job is to be the security guard. I will gladly do this to protect the sanctity of this place.”

    A very moving comment, Mahesh. “Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu” goes the prayer, but until then, we have to safeguard.

  4. Keep up the good work – people like us are unable to do what you are doing. We would like to take part in your sharing efforts of the treasure on Maha Periyava.

  5. Chiranjeevi Mahesh

    I came across your blog “Sage of Kanchi” accidentally. Since then, every day the first thing in the morning, I look forward to reading the articles in this blog. I came to know about the Mahimai of our Mahaperiya, the GOD in human form, only after reading the articles and hearing the interviews of this blog. I am grateful to you for ever for such articles and interviews.

    I am really sad that you have to waste your precious time in going through such trash about our Acharyals. It would be very painful to you to read trash writings about our Acharyals and the respected Kanchi Matam.

    I think moderation is essential to prevent the non- devotees of Mahaperiya from polluting this blog.

    Our Mahaperiyava will shower His choicest blessings on you


  6. I read this interesting anecdote which I had read in the Facebook “Sage of kanchi”:

    Once a pandita from Kashi had written a book where he claimed that the Kanchi mutt was false and the Kanchi Shankaracharya was also not worthy of worship etc. He even boldly came to Sri Mahaperiyava and showed that book. Sri Mahaperiyava looked at the book and just asked one question: “Do you think your research is all authentic?” and left it at that. After 2 months, the pandita lost his son, and was in great grief. Mahaperiyava heard about this and sent some messengers to Kashi with a condolence message. He said, “Putrashokam (grief from losing a son) is the greatest grief! I pray to Goddess Kamakshi to give him the strength to withstand this”. As soon as the pandita heard this message, he cried profusely! After the 13th day rites were over, he came to Kanchipuram and prostrated before Maha Periyava and cried that in spite of writing harshly about the Mutt, Maha Periyava was so compassionate.

  7. Bad words like anger affect the perpetrator more than the person against whom it is directed. Best solution will be to ignore them. Moderation probably is good. If legal implications are there, (there should not be any) then it would be worthwhile to remove the comments under each heading and there may be a separate Members Corner where useful comments and genuine doubts can be published. Personally I feel that I am benefitted by Maha Periyava Dharshan whenever I visit the blog. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

    • Thank you Kahanamji,
      Praying mahaswami to give me more patience and intelligence to convert anger into love.
      While I agree that we must control our anger, we must also not be ignoring such mischievous deeds against any bhaktha let alone acharyas.
      It was leaving like that only caused such great trouble and hardship for mutt in last decade.
      Arthasastra says, ‘fire, debt and enemy should be finished till the end, else they will finish you’, ‘as soon as fear approaches near you attack and destroy it’ we can be forgiving of their misdeeds, but not ignorant, because the Upanishads always ask one to be wakeful to what happens around one.
      This same ignorance led to some dk goon’s statue to be placed in srirangam opposite to temple.
      This same ignorance led to the temporary take over of chidambaram temple by govt.
      Our Hindu community has forgotten the wisdom of alertness as told in arthasastram.
      Our miserable state is of being ignorant to any problem and when those problems shake our very foundation, we run all places asking solution.
      Prevention is better than cure, the kind of bad language those goons said against our acharyaasa should be trashed in the budding stage itself. They should be dealt with iron hand. If this is the period of Manu neeti, they would be poured molten tin in all their orifices for speaking such way against our acharyaas.
      Anyway, I will pray for having more restraint on my anger.

  8. Dear Sri Maheshji,
    Many thanks for removing that erroneous comment by that anti spiritual and biased guy.
    I vented out my anger immediately at that comment as that was against our acharyas, but then after some time realized that I uttered some bad language against the person, for which I felt sad for myself. The mouth and mind that studys veda was not fit for such foul language. Thanks for editing that part out for me. Praying Mahaswami to give you strength, time and patience in moderation. I pray mahaswami for giving me patience and forgiveness for even our enemies.

    Seeking the grace of Mahaperiyavaa,

    Thanks and regards,
    P. Vijay


  10. Please moderate and continue your good job.

  11. jaya jaya shankara hara hara sankara

  12. Dear Mahesh : You are doing a fantastic job. Don’t let these low minded people create an influence on you.
    If your have the time & resources, please do moderate all comments. If, like some one said in the USA, there is some legal implication, then I suggest, comments column could be removed. With Periava’s Anugraham, we all will continue to get educated spiritually via a medium like you.

    V. K. Srinivasan, Toronto.

  13. Moderation is a must and stopping was not o k( probably due to paucity of your precious times doing many other useful and important things)
    Please undertake this onerous but important task in which Acharyal will be with you.

  14. Mahesh ,you are doing a great job ,keep it up, un wanted elements are there every where pl ignore them and keep moderating ,there is no place for bad comments in our site ,we are here to propogate SANATHANA DHARMA ,and keep the flag of Kanchi mutt high ,rest periyaval. Will take care

  15. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    Sri Mahesh.

    Life is too short and precious to get trapped by negative comments & distractions.

    You are doing a terrific job..; request please continue the same.

  16. Dear Mahesh,
    Strongly recommend moderating all comments. This is a place where we come enjoy learning insights into Periavaa’s anugraham to many devotees, learn about other happenings in Vedic world etc.
    There should be no room for fault finding, venting anger, criticism, comparison of acharayals and Mariam’s etc.
    So, it is prudent to delete unwanted comments. If you need help, I can help with monitoring..

  17. Moderation in anything and any form is very good. So is moderating. It is our duty to edit the unwanted outbursts from undesirable elements to protect this site, forum. No one has the authority to be a vandal and pollute the atmosphere. Mahesh, pleaser continue the great job and do act as moderator for the benefit of great many devotees,

  18. Ignore ajit vadakayil.on acharyas and brahmins.some are calling this guy mad. That may be true. But supports hinduism to a great extent

  19. we pray that wise counsel prevails with the blessings of Acharyaas

  20. Mahesh you are doing a commendable job .
    In every forum there are people, sadly born brahmins, whose only job is to find fault with Sri Acharyas of Kanchi Mutt. While everyone is free to express their views, let these people who are opposed to kanchi Mutt or brahmins do this in other forum. else, this forum will be utilized for spat and countering the spat which is not your intention of creating this blog. I myself left groups like the US brahmins group, Tambrapatrikka group after retorting to false allegations and propaganda by a miniscule members since beyond a point it is a waste of time. Some members who are closely connected to the Mutt have even brought this to the notice of Mutt and my replies countering allegations ; I also received some inputs from these members well connected to the mutt of facts / past records / helping me countering the allegations. A human being and a good soul can only be understood by his/ her deeds and not otherwise ; a person who fail to judge the other by their deed and relies on media and hearsay or they are followers of other mutts/ philosophies/ faiths / biased and necessarily determined to criticise cannot be convinced.
    It’s good you have started moderating else sooner than later all hell will broke like in other forums.
    The idea of this forum is the holy job of propagating Mahaperiyava’s words/ deeds/ commands/ orders and change our way of living and thinking to become a better and better human being.
    K. Vaidyanathan

  21. If you sincerely ask me, comments are required to be moderated as administrator at your level before it is being allowed to be read by others. This forum is to be exclusively utilised for the enlightenment of devotees of Maha Periyavaa. There are many things one has to come to know through this forum, particularly highly valuable messages and events that took place with the blessings of Maha Periyavaa at various places during his visit and also at the Shri Mutt..

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  22. It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to share views with like-minded souls through this feature.. It is a sort of Satsang. it is sad that some people exploit this to abuse others. There can be honest difference of opinion, but we can disagree without being disagreeable. Bad language reveals the person’s own character.It is said that Saints and Sages are affected by ‘Parechcha prarabda’. People sharing good news and messages about the merits of great souls share their punya, whereas people abusing them share their demerits if any.

    Normally, we need not take notice of the bad comments. But you should see if there are any legal implications of allowing such comments on your site. I learn that some years ago the Hindu community in the US faced such a problem. When it was seriously engaged with the injustice and harm being done to Hinduism by some academics,in the American universities and the school system( cf. RISA-Lila-1 and Invading the Sacred) , the website itself had to be closed abruptly due to the nature of some of the messages received. it is unfortunate if those educated enough to access the Net,and share comments are not cultured enough to do so in a dignified manner.

  23. Really sad…..please do moderate.Well done and keep up the good work Tatha will always shower his blessings on you.

  24. Dear Mahesh,

    I have always felt that it would be too much to ask you to moderarte the comments. But, looking at the type of comments getting posted, you can as well remove the feature (comments).

    “When a honey bee enters a garden, the bee looks for flowers with honey. when a crow gets there, it looks for the neem fruit. When a fly gets there, it looks for the decomposed”. – As told by Ramana Baghawan

    Harahara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  25. There’s one guy called Ajit Vadakayil who keeps postings bad things about Kanch Matam and our acharyas. All hes does is cut and paste work And claims he’s the saviour of Hinduism. He’s anti-brahmin and hence the reason for his aversion towards Kanchi Matam. We need to give him an earful rebutt at some point.

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