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” The spring of life of Hinduism is the generation of love for others by the precept and practice of highly developed individual souls.”

– Sri Maha Periyavaa


Inspired scholars make ceaselesss efforts to love others unconditionally.

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  1. thanks for his blessings and anugraham in our family

  2. Love is a great feeling.That should be respected from both side.Then only the love and understanding will last long.Never heckle people,consider there good part,and praise those good qualities,then you can view the change gradually.Never Compliant. then love will develops. Please understand, every one has some good part in there life. That you have to focus first then you can view the development of love to great extent. Believe God He has a Plan..

  3. Nice quote Maheshji,

    I am no inspired ‘scholar’ and definitely not any ‘highly developed individual soul’, all I know is to follow Mahaswami’s messages as much as possible, in this regard, I am doing my little bit by buying small but very useful and highly informative spiritual books for Rs.2 – Rs.10 and distribute it to satsangh friends whenever possible from ‘Yaan Petra inbam peruga ivvayyagam’.

    Seeking Mahaswami’s grace,

    Thanks and regards,

  4. If one loves God, he/she will always be loyal to HIM no matter whatever may be the cost
    Day come to an end, but the love/blessings of God has no end. If one seeks Maha Periyavaa’s blessings in will always be in abundance.

    Shri Maha Periyavaa Charanam

  5. For Periyava Practice always meets preaching 100%.. Appara Karunasindhum…..

  6. anbe sivam

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