Anticipate Death



” We must develop the capacity to leave the world without regret when death knocks at our doors.”

-Sri Maha Periyavaa

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  1. but any how,we hav to leave when death knocks the door…no body can escape…
    so do our work properly with honesty..
    periava saranam…..

    • In His own words “Paropaharam Idam Sareeram”. The purpose of having birth in human body is to help others. (I think we can help others in many ways, giving prasadam to old people, chanting shlokas for them, helping disabled poor people, giving education to poor children, whenever possible we can medically also help. At times can give blood donation also. Talking sweetly not talking rudely itself is a ‘paropaharam’. Cleaning temple paths, like small small service through our body will lead us to the holy feet of the Paramatma, at the end of our time. Just chanting any shlolka mechanically but attention towards our surroundings and stoping in between and commenting on some thing, I think will not lead us to the saameepyam of Paramatma.)

  2. Some Bhakthas of Mahaperiaval have correctly predicted their date and time of their death to the minute and breathed their last.This is possible only if you live a life attuned with nature and lead a peaceful day today routine,doing your nityakarma…not necessarily pooja and japan only but also the daily chores of office work with truthfulness ,honesty and sincerity .Will post such cincidents soon!

  3. Only because of the union of our father and mother due to we reach this world. We develop love to some one and Hate to some others. We develop greed,Hate,and adopt all crude methods to achieve our goals.When our age increases all sorts of ailments grip our body, and we automatically become some ones dependent. If we take the advise of our Guru at the right time,we would have developed some mental satisfaction.When you are young and enough resources with you,never fail to do some thing for your mental satisfaction. Extend your help for others who are really needy. Please understand our life is very much like a water bubble only,this can burst at any moment,the given moment is now,do some thing good now for your own satisfaction. ” Kalashe boona Karthavyam Ksheenam Aayu Kshane Kshene ,Yamasya Karunaa Naasthe Karthavyam Hari Keerthanam” If we follow the direction of our Maha Periyava given to us,then our life will become a Blooming flower, Wait not,the given moment is now,start and advance towards great joy.

  4. Periava has touched upon every aspect of life and, for us, His devotees, every word of his is Vedavakyam. Having said that, mortals like us would expect to see auspicious words especially on certain festival days. This is my humble request to the moderator .

    • Always be pure in thought, word and deed. If we can achieve this and do our assigned duty, we shall attain moksha. Paropaharam done in any small measure – like feeding the crow before we consume food or watering some plants – can also lead to moksha. This is only my belief system. As a person born into the Brahmana family, I must also perform my daily rituals like trikala sandyavandanam, amavasya tarpanam and thevsam for ancestors. This last aspect may not be possible in the present age when our job require us to travel to many countries often. However it is better to do it whenever it is possible. Vijayan Vaidyanathan

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