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  1. Yes, Chanting Gayathri Manthra should be a dedicated exercise. Chanting it in a sitting posture for long time is the best one. But one can do it while travelling by train/car/bus and while walking, eating. It should be repeated in mind so many times and it should become habit. When you are sitting in front of T.V also, you should be chanting it now and then. But don’t expect anything out of it. It becomes a business then. One should keep in mind that by chanting Gayathri Mantra, he will be saved or rescued — “Gayantham Thrayathe Yasmat Gayathreethyabhideeyathe”!

  2. It takes a little time for a person to gain concentration on meditation and unless it is repeatedly/regularly practiced meditation will not be a fruitful exercise. Chanting Gayathri too has to be a dedicated exercise. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  3. I also have felt the same problems like my other brothers during meditation. I find that to start with we start with japa and try to concentrate only on the mantra, but the concentration should not be intensive . the mind will wander and will again come back to the mantra. First we start with about 20 minutes and may be after about 10 minutes of this japa, slowly the disturbances will decrease and it will not be so frequent as we started initially, then the emptiness could be felt and we can feel some vibrations trying to set in.

  4. What periva says here is very much alike what Sri. JK says. it seems so difficult, we know and realise that the mind is restless, but i think the secret is in remaining as that knower who sees all this restlessness, am no seer nor a realised soul, i just do the gayathri to the best of my ability, whenever perivaa feels it is time for me to be there, am sure he will take me to that state….not just me but all of us

  5. It is very difficult to keep the mind concentrated . Mind is restless. Doing Gayatri Japa will increase concentration and increase the memory power . It is a Maha Mantra . Whether you have problems or not is not the issue our mind will not be focussed or concentrated. That is the difference between Sanyasi and a common man.When we sleep we don’t think. Mind is rested. Doing Gayatri will resolve all issues.

  6. When we sit before Swamy,immediately so many thoughts,problems rush in to our mind and distrubing our concentration,what i find only this much,what ever it may be,just chant and finish our routine course.Previously so much thoughts rush in to my mind,but now the problem is still there but the number of such secens rushing in to my mind is curtailed.What i find is only this much,our mind is like a spectacle,it is us to keep it clean with water and dry it up with a kerchief.We think we can do so many things when we get old,but such things are all not at all happening ,more we get old,more and more problems rushing us.In our younger age our parents handle those things,but when we miss them,it is us to handle those things without any problems.When we get old more Problems are rushing to us like a dam burst. Please learn more things and subjects,when you are young.old age is not a gold age but it is a age of Problems. This is my opinion,people may have a differed opinion.please rush your opinion.

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