Root or Fruit

Thanks to Dr AV Raghunath, KKSF for sending daily quotations of Mahaperiyava. I intend to share the same quote on a daily basis. I hope I will find time to do this.


“Dharma is the root of our religious tree; bhakthi and jnana are its flowers and fruits. It is our duty to preserve the root from getting dry.”

-Sri Maha Periyavaa

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  1. The saying is true-all should know that the Kalpavruksh- coconut tree is the symbol- every part of tree serves some purpose for everyone- only by keeping its roots wet shall we be able to utilise the tree and its fruits given by God.This is the hidden meaning of life as mentioned by our revered Mahaperiyava.Hence we should keep our basic religion and follow the rules laid by our forefathers and gurus in today’s world.


  2. Can someone guide me in downloading daivethin kural, English version and saving it in my ipad.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Is there a bridge line group reading Deivathin Kural in english in the north west area ? We have all the 7 volumes and would like to participate. Thanks

  4. THE QUOTATION IS VERY MUCH TRUE AS MUCH LIKE A SUN AND MOON VERY MUCH USEFUL TO THE WORLD. Only truth will prevail and all others will fade,fall and became useless in the course of time.

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