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  1. Hello Mahesh anna,

    Any recent update about Sundara mama. How is he doing???. Please let us know. Shankara !!!

  2. I remember I was a boy of 11years when mahaperiyava was camping at west mambalam shankara madam next to kashiviswathar kovil along ith my mother in the year 1957(I lost my father already) I met HIM the sparkling eyes world guru mahaperiyava and after that I lost my mother also but I always have HIM in my mind he blessed me each and every walk of my life that I having finished my highschool got employment during 1965 and before I got married I went to mahaperiyava to bless me when he was in kalavai during 1976 he blessed me saying “shemama iruppey” with raising his two hands just 10 feetaway from where I knelt.Now I am having enough to lead my life with my daughters son in laws and grand sons and grand daughter with his boundless blessings .If at all any critical time comes I used to remember the most merci and kind face of Mahaperiava the situation will turned to be very quiet and relieve me.Last but one when I went to Kanchipuram for interview to EB job I went to srimadam and had the chance of meeting china periava during july 1970 he blessed me with affection Kavalaipadatha po unakku kattayam kiikkum.It is noteworthy that I got selection order on 1.1.971 and retired after serving for about 35 years of service .My wife is also ardent devotee of mahaperiava we used to visit srimadam almost al the year of our wedding niversaries.There is no doubt the blessings mahaperiava is showered on countless innumerable devoteesenjoying as he lives in all the hearts of us.M.V.Balasubramanian.chintadripet,Chennai.2. JAN .14 2014 LONG LIVE HIS BLESSINGS TO ONE AND ALL MAKE US LIFE PURIFIED.

  3. Really a Good news. I am sure Maha Periyava will bless him to live longer so there will be lot more to come from his experiences with Maha Periyava. I read his article on ‘I lived with God’ and what a superb narration of his experiences. My prayers to Maha Periyava for long and happy life for Sundararaman Mama.

  4. dear Mahesh, Very glad DR.MAMA is progressing well.With abundant Grace of Mahaperiyavaa, he has crossed critical perod.knswamy,tiruchy

    Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 02:22:11 +0000 To: knswamy@live.com

  5. Mr.Mahesh

    Any updates on the health condition of Sri Dayananda Saraswathi Swamigal?

  6. If Lord’s Blessing is there,then there is nothing to worry.Sri Mama will serve some more years to spread the message of our Maha Periyava, We feel very happy to hear this. “THEAN VANDHU PAYUDHU KADHINELE”

  7. Great to hear Maama is doing well. I humbly pray to Goddess Kamakshi, Sri Thiripurasundari samedha Sri ChandramouLeeswarar and Maha Periyava to Bless Sri Sundararaaman Maama with all good health, longevity and happiness, so that we can all be benefitted by listening to him and reading his great experiences with Maha Periyava “I Lived with God” Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  8. The more I hear about Maha Periva , I an thrilled, all the more, by his compassion , Love and concern for all.

    In his time , I was deeply involved in Pidi Arisis Thittam, a movement that was dear to me. We used to go there for

    depositing the collected Ricce and money, have Darsan and then return. That was all .But now I realise how Blessed

    I had been ! Once our Sai Group performed a 8 hour Bhajan with Periva reclining right before us !

    What a Darsan we had that day ! That sight dances before my minds eye ! Now, when I hear the thousands of

    Leelas of Maha Periava , I am humbled ! Anantha Koti Pranams to HIS Lotus Feet !


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