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(I absolutely love this photo of HH Pudhu Periyava)

I was planning to post this guru puja sankalpam for quite some time – never got time…This sankalpam was taken from the book “Sagunopaasanaa” . This book was compiled by Shri Ravi Venkataraman and consulted by various sanskrit scholars.

This is the sankalpam I use for my nithya puja with little bit alteration at the end to include my puja.. This is fairly a simpler version..In the following manthra, all the texts in the bullets should be replaced as per your local almanac and for your geography. I was told that is pretty reliable….So I am using this…

Mama upaatha durithakshaya dwara sri parameswara preethyartham aadya Brahmanaha dwithiyaparardhe swethavaraha kalpe vyvaswatha manvantharae kaliyuge prathama paadey

  • Krouncha dveepe (for US)
  • Ramanaka varshe (for US)
  • Indra khande, Meroh (for US)
  • Paschima Paarswa (digbhage, Uttara Amerikaayaam, Mississippi, Missouri, Ilinee Maha nadiyormadhye, Raachini, Maachini parvathayormadhye, Your City Pattane,Your Place graame,) asmin varthamana vyvaharika chandramaanena  (for US)
  • Vikruthi naama samvatsarae
  • Dakshinayane
  • Varsha rhuthau
  • Sravana maasey,
  • Shukla Pakshey,
  • Ekadashi thithau
  • Brugu vaasarey yukthayaam
  • ———— subha nakshatrae subha yogae subha karana yevam guna visheshana visishtaayaam
  • ———— subha thithau…..

mama aathmana sruthi smruthi puranoktha phala praapyartham mama saha kutumbasya kshema, sthairya veerya vijaya ayurarogya aishwarya abhivrudhyardham dharma artha kaama moksha chaturvidha phala purushartha sidhyartham

sri chandrasekharendra/Jayendra/Sankara Vijayendra sarasvathi sadguru preethyartham,gnaana, viveka sruthadhaarana medha vaaktvam, aadi siddhyartham paripurna guru kripa kataaksha siddhyartham Sri Chandrasekharendra sarasvathi sadguru pujam yatha sakthi dhyaana avahandi shodasopachara vidhanena karisye

I will also check with Shri Ravi if the pdf version is available now..He was expecting it from the publisher….that will have sanskrit, English & Tamil texts.

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  1. Reference to Mahaperiyava,s talk to Dr. Kalyanaraman . If Nityakarmas are not ditubed for not more than 3 days crossing the sea is not a taboo. Anyway verify with Kanchi madam.

  2. Pl give sankalpam for other countries as well . Will be useful for many. Please

  3. I am not sure if we need to change Jambu Dveepa and Bharat Varshe. As per puraanas (Cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana) I think these two doesn’t represent the continent and country instead they represent a region in universe and earth respectively. And only Bharat Khande represent India. In that case changing the first two doesn’t make sense.

    Again I am not an expert but just confirming.

  4. Is the Tamil version of Pooja Vidhanam of the above is available?I will be thankful if you share it with me thru e mail. This is excellent.

  5. Thanks for the info and subsequent comments. Couple of Q – where did the information like Krouncha Dweepe (for US) etc originate ? What is the source ? These things were drawn up in an era well before the continental drift. Jamboodweepe is recorded to be referring one mass of land. This is therefore linked to the next response by sudarshaniyer – what is the reason for such constraints on vaideekas, is there an elaborate or scientific explanation on where and why it is mentioned that they cannot cross the seas. Objective of my asking is not to ridicule whoever has said this or interpreted this but to get to know the authenticity of such theories in a manner that we can speak to our future generation with conviction.

  6. Although this is fine, traditional scholars have opined that the usual sankalpam that is recited back home in India holds good since it is mind that matters foremost. More traditional panditas even opine that a simple sankalpam devoid of the mention of desha-kala is enough since any place outside Bharatha is bhoga bhumi and only Bharatha being karma bhumi, all shrouta-smarta rituals bear proper fruit when performed here and nowhere else. I have had the good chance to discuss with some very learned panditas who cringe at the performance of great yagas such as Atirudram/Chandi, etc abroad since it involves flying vaideekas from Bharatha, which Dharma Shastras recommend against. They say that while loukika brahmanas go abroad for the sake of work, which can be considered “acceptable”, it is absolutely wrong for the Vaideeka Brahmanas to cross the seas.

  7. Very useful details, especially for those who are doing their rituals regularly. Thanks for the useful details

  8. Excellent….. Thanks for sharing. It is very useful for US people.

  9. Excellent posting. I really appreciate giving this details for telling sankalpam for SandhyaVandanam.

    Also I realized that is stunningly accurate and free. I tried putting my DOB in India and it gave exact dasha I am going thru.

    Gopal S

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