Wish you all a very happy new year!


Wish you and your family members a very happy and prosperous new year. Let Periyava bless us with health, wealth, knowledge, wisdom and discipline in following His upadesams. We primarily need more vairagyam. Normally people take lots of resolutions for new year – like losing weight, being disciplined in cleaning the house, not eating junk food etc. Let all Periyava devotees take resolutions in line with his teachings….It could be doing sahasra gayathri japam on Sundays, or doing some service in a nearby temples, pidi arisi, feeding the cows etc….

I am thinking of learning Bagavad Gita parayanam, reading Sundara Kaandam, Aditya Hruthayam on Sundays. I dont want to over-commit and give up quickly!!

Thanks to all your support and encouragement in running this blog…Thanks to Shivaraman for his continued support on all video interviews and Suresh for great articles…Thanks to other readers who share lots of articles/photos by emails..To me, this blog is a great satsang where we discuss healthy topics. Recently, one of the readers sent me an email saying that this blog is a virtual temple for Periyava. First, I thought it is an exaggeration. Later I realized that there is some truth to that as so many readers visit this blog when their mind is not calm, when they have worries, when they really need to see, read, hear Periyava on a daily basis. The statistics support this – WordPress reported 1.4 million views in 2013 alone! Without that and Periyava’s anugraham, this blog wouldn’t be running at all. Let us maintain the sanctity of this place, read and benefit from all articles/videos etc. Let our mind not wander anywhere outside of Periyava. Let me pray Periyava to bless us and continue this satsang for many more years to come….

Annapurne sadaa purne Sankara praana vallabhe,

Jnana vairagya sidhyartham Bikshaa  dehee cha parvathy

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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  1. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

    Happy New year to all. One important instruction from Sri Sri Sri HH on new year celebrations. “Do not keep the Temples Open till Mid Night as it is Sastra Virodham”. As Periyavaa devotees, it is our responsibility to ensure we “DO NOT INVOLVE OR SUPPORT ANY OF THESE LATE NIGHT TEMPLE DRAMAS” in the pretext of new year. Please keep this in mind and also spread the word around to like minded people. There is a lot to learn in our Dharma and our festivities than celebrating new year in an inappropriate manner.

  2. Really a great blog, Mahesh anna. I am as a ardent devotee of Periyava is now more than happy to be part of this satsang. what a new year gift has Periyava given me through this.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!!

    • Happy New All. I would like to let devotees know of Sri Sri HH Periyavaa’s message on New Year Celebrations. He has instructed it is against Sastras to keep the temples open at night and do pujas on New Year. I have seen some Periyavaa devotees unknowingly involved or support it, but please make sure we listen to our gurus going forward.

      Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  3. With the blessings of Mahaswamigal, Wish everyone a very happy new and prosperous year. As Mahesh said, I also immensely benefited through this blog to know various wonders about Mahaswamigal. Every instance described on this post was wonderful, thoughtful and meaningful that taught something to me. This blog is like a magnet, which attracts me to visit as often as possible. Though I did not have the opportunity to have darshan of Pervia many times in the past, reading and listening the articles through this blog and Deivathin Kural, gives great satisfaction.

    Let us pray to Maha Periva to give another great year in all dimensions and accomplish something meaningful following his teachings.

  4. Happy New Year to all and many thanks to Mahesh and others for their invaluable help in maintaining this website filled with devotee experiences with Mahaperiayavaa. !!!

  5. Dear mr.Mahesh,
    Wishing you, your family and friends for A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2014 .. Please continue your good and commendable work of providing invaluable information on Mahaperiyava . This is a big motivating factor for our family .. Yes, agree with you entirely that we must follow the teachings of our Mahaperiyava with Vairagyam .. Out of the 4 things you have mentioned, wish to humbly inform you that I follow 3 things very meticulously 1) Sandhyavandhanam with108 gayathri japams every day 2) Pidi arisi & 3) agaththi keerai for cows in and around Chrompet every Sunday .. I shall take a vow to do Sahasra Gayathri on Sundays .. maintain mounam for as many hours possible a day .. am in the verge of retirement and shall join like minded people and takeup temple cleaning service soonest possible .. No doubt these will give mental solace and peace of mind .. Sarve Jana Sukino Bhavanthu .. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!

  6. Thanks.. Thanks.. Thanks…

  7. wishing all a very prosperous 2014!all the articles&informations in this blog give me very happy times.eventhough mahaperiavaa is not physically present we are able to see HIM personally by going through all the experiences&articles& etc.,of various devotees.&HIS pictures.i have no words to express my thanks to you!Let GOD give you enough life&strength to continue your services.GOD BLESS!

  8. Thanks Mahesh Anna for giving us a wonderful opportunity to know, enjoy and get Periyava’s grace. Have a wonderful 2014! I am keeping you in my prayers.

  9. Happy New year to you Mahesh and your family members. Also to our group of MahaPeriyava family — Yes we are all belongs to His family — We say Saranam Saranm — MahaPeriyva padham Saranam

  10. Happy New Year to all of you ! Yes, this blog is a very peaceful satsangh itself and may you be blessed many folds for this undertaking along with everyone else who contributes, reads. Let 2014 be a blessed year for all of us ! Thank you for this great undertaking once again.

  11. Thanks & wish you & your family members the same. Your / Our blog is a great inspiration for me. I must mention about the magazine VAITHIKASRI here. This magazine & Sage Kanchi has brought lot of transformation in my daily routine. Trikala Santhyavandanam (108 Gayathri), Wearing panchakacham while going to temple, doing some charity on Anusham day, engaged myself in the service of mankind for 5 days in a week, frequent sat sang activities, performed Shannavathi Tharpanams (96 in a year), started reciting Aditya Hirudayam (Tamil) daily. Become a part of Shri. Sridhar’s team in the service of Dead. 1000 Gayathri at least once in a week & learning Rudram are my goals. This is not blowing my own triumphet but to show the influence of Sage Kanchi & Vaithikasri in my life. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

  12. Wishing all the devotees A Very Happy & Blissful New Year

  13. Thank you Mahesh and the team for all your efforts and services.. This blog is one of the nicest thing I found in the year 2013. For especially people like me who are away and thinks Mahaperiyava is matha, pitha, guru and daivam and want to think and read about HH on daily basis. God Bless the team and wish all of you to have a wonderful year 2014 ahead!!!


  15. Thank you Mr. Mahesh and our Hearty Wishes to all Sage Of Kanchiests on this New Year.
    With regard to Resolutions I have started Arghya Manthram since 31/12/2013 As it being Amavasya Day.Thanks to your post on this. I am sure many women readers also have started.

    Meena Sridharbalan

  16. Yes ,dear Mahesh ji yOUR blog is indeed a SATSANG you are doing a REAL HIMALAYAN TASK congrats and A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND ONE AND ALL

  17. it has been a walk through mahaperiava who had given us a darshan way back in 73 . and everytime we read blog, we feel a bliss of mahaperiava’s anugraham.
    thank u mahesh and god bless u to keep it up …

  18. Happy new year to everyone….Let Periyava shower his blessings infinitely on us and guide us through a dharmic path…

    • I thank Karmayogi Shri T Prakash (Ex.manager of IDBI) who introduced this blog to me . The different activities uplift us to the higher stages. I spontaneously started feeding the vegetable/fruit disposables from our house to the cow and calf near my office. This never involve any money but gives me immense satsifaction. The kadaari (she-calf) also has grouwn up sweetly, resembling her mother. “Go-brahmanebha subhamastu nityam loka samastha sukhino bhavantu” should be our prayer : (Let the cows and brahmins live comfortably through whom – the milk , ghee of the cow the Brahmanas perform yagna – may all the humanity live happily with all comforts.

  19. Great blog.wonderful job

  20. Your messages on Maha Periva are an inspiration to me. I did not utilise proximity of Kanchipuram to Chennai to have HIS darshan, when he was physically walking on this earth. Your messages give me a lot of happiness to know what I failed to know about HIM. I have a contentment that I have not still lost everything.

    You are Blessed a Soul and that is why you are serving HIM.

    With respect and regards R.Gopalswamy

  21. Yes, this is sat-sang. Whenever I think some information you furnish needs to be known to similarly interested persons, I share them with my friends, believe me, I get lot of encouragement who also share information.Nagarajan.

    Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 03:51:58 +0000 To: nagarajan_sr32@hotmail.com


  23. With God’s grace and Periyava’s grace I have benefited greatly by being a memebr of this forum . One request- can the slokas be given in Sanskrit. It is difficult to get the correct pronounciation in English.

    • Everything is possible – it simply requires time and additional help….I am seeing lots of volunteers for translation, sloka translation is not easy. I suggest you google those slokas and get the right version….I am not a sanskrit student – hence, I can’t tell you which is right or wrong…..

  24. thank u for such a photo in that periyava is looking like he is naturally giving blessings to us. As u said sometimes your site gave calm to me through maha periyava! jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara! kanchi sankara kamakoti sankara

  25. I also reciprocate the wishes and wish that may by the grace of our guru let there be more and more satsangh.

  26. While I am not able to do sahasra gayathri japam as desired by Maha Periyavaa on Sundays, I am trying to do some service in Shri Vijayambigai Sametha Shri Virupaksheswarar Temple
    daily besides we are performing Sarabeswarar on Sundays during Rahu Kalam period and
    Kala Bairavar Poojai on Thei Pirai and Valar Pirai Ashtamis regularly. Pidi Arisi scheme is
    also being followed besides I arranged to donate a cow through my daughter to one of the
    Lord Shiva Temples nearby which is known as Thanthonreeswar, a Swambu.

  27. I reciprocate the sentiments most heartily. Your blog is a great source of authentic first-hand information on Mahaperiyava. The experiences reported by devotees are a source of great strength and comfort, while some of them are really mind-blowing. Mahaperiyava moves in a mysterious way his many wonders to perform. Sincerity and simple devotion- this is it. Let us leave all philosophy to the pundits. .You are bringing Mahaperiyava to our homes every day through your blog- this is the first thing we look for in the morning. And through this we get connected at least mentally with kindred souls. ( The only remote parallel I know of is when devotees shared their live experiences of Sri Vallimalai Tiruppugazh Swamigal through his Centenary souvenir in 1970.) We are very grateful to you for the blessing you are conferring on us.

    I only wish that you bring out a fine book containing the experiences of devotees with Mahaperiyava , transcribed from the videos.Printed book does make a better record in the long run. And you have some wonderful material in your videos. May Mahaperiyava continue to inspire you. Godspeed.

    • We started this exercise of creating text version of all interviews….For one interview it would take 6+ hour…you need to pause after each line and translate….extremely time consuming…..I know some folks started and stopped as it became too tedious….If Periyava wishes, we can resume it with a different approach…

  28. Best Wishes and A Happy New Year 2014 to all devotees of Maha Periyava. May the blog bring in His BountifuL Blessings and flourish well. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  29. Thank you Mahesh! Every morning we wake up more blessed because of your relentless service.
    Happy New Year to every one

  30. Thanx a lot Mahesh for your wishes Mahesh. Heartily reciprocate and wish you many many years of this yeomen blissful blessed service of letting all Mahaperiyavaa devotees known about various articles, videos, interviews and many hitherto unknown facts and figures and incidents about our Pujaya Maha Guru. May you and your kith and kin be blessed. Very Happy New Year.

  31. Guruvarul ullavarku endrum Thiruvarul undentro, Kanchi Peedam atai ninaithal,Thunpam Thuyar ellam vilakum.Kannanum,Sivanumaka Vandharul purindha moorthy ,Chandrasekarendraraka Vandhu endru Arul Purindhaar.

  32. Superb write up Maheshji this site is a real Mahaswami temple and office goers like me have the blessing of being with Mahaswami through his devotee write ups and videos through this site. I sincerely wish this satsang grows by the grace of Mahaswami. There was one video where a devotee narrates that Mahaswami once blessed a house with words ‘vardhathaam abhi vardhathaam’ I could only think of that to this blog its all Mahaswami’s asirwadam. Wishing all of us a very happy Sri Hanumath Jayanthi ( margaseersha amavasya) and a happy English new year 2014.

  33. I have learnt One thing from my various visits to Maha Periyava..He always used to say..”Keep it very simple..Be Humble..God will always Bless you..”I am keeping the same motto in mylife..for this New Y too.
    Let the World Chant His Name for ever & ever!

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