A snapshot of Mahaswami aradhana event from Chicago

Despite very bad winter weather warnings, several of the devotees celebrated the event in a great way….Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation (KKSF) organized this event in one of our devotees’ house.We had two Padhukas of Mahaswami and one HH Pudhu Periyava Padhuka in the event.Good opportunity to see all Periyava devotees under one roof..I am sure if the weather were warmer, more people would have attended..In this event, we prayed for Prof Sundaraman, who is currently in ICU due to some recent development….I took just few photos and videos and sharing with you all.

IMG_20131229_165651 IMG_20131229_102323 IMG_20131229_102341 IMG_20131229_104101


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  1.   Thanks, Anuradha.

  2. Where in Chicago is the KKSF ? Thanks.

    • KKSF is run by few individuals…Sri Sethuraman is the chapter head/president (whatever we want to call) and other devotees (including me) is part of this. I will send his number via email..

  3. Thanks for sharing Mahesh! Very nice. Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!!

  4. Dear Maheshji,

    Our – http://www.mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com has been doing an illustrous service in getting to document the experience of the great devotees of Mahaswami. In this regard, I have a small and humble suggestion to make. I was watching one of Mahaswami’s message in his voice in youtube where in he asks kids to learn Aathi choodi, kottrai vendan, sangam literatures.

    I was discussing this with Mannarguid Shri Rajagopalan Sastrigal swami yesterday at Sivarathri Viraja homam for Vibhuti making @ Govindan Gosala (www.goseva.net) when I went there with Sri Radhakrishnan mama.
    Sri Rajagopalan sastrigal swami, whose video interview appeared here in our site, is a maha vidwaan who has Mahaswami’s paripoorna blessing. He is held in high esteem by Baala Periyava too and infact Balaswami asked Sastrigal swami to come in his car and walked behind it. Such is Sastrigal mama’s greatness. Yesterday, all the way from Nanganallur to Gudaloor where the gosala is, we he was giving such beautiful quotes on all the great Ramayanam, Darmashastram, Arthasastram and other great sayings by poorvacharyas like Bhagavannama Bhodendral. Sri Satriji is an exponent in both Tamil and Sanskrit and talks with equal ease in both these languages and in depth on the subjects. He is an expert in both Valmiki and Kamba Ramayanam & sangam literature and has a fantastic knowledge on ancient sangam literatures like tholkappiyam, Aghastyam, etc.,
    The below idea I received in yesterday night by Mahaswami’s grace – I thought Maha periyavaa asks all of us to learn sangam literature and teach the children on Moodurai, kottrai vendan, aathi choodi. Many kids could be benefitted and even kids in foreign could also be benefitted, if a separate channel or skype one to one could be arranged or even you tube of this could be made of Sri Rajagopalan Sastrigal’s lucid explanation on these great pokkishams and distribute the books by print out from http://www.projectmadurai.org/pmworks.html – countless children could be benefitted by this and we adult folks could also have a wonderful time in learning this as per the wish of Mahaswami and delivered by one of his devotees directly to us. Mahaswami’s bhakta sabha’s like the one at Chigaco aradhana could help convene this, there by both helping our kids to learn Sangam literature as per Mahaswami’s wishes and also helping Stalwarts like Mannargudi Sri Rajagopala Sastrigal by providing a medium through which they could share their abundant knowledge with a good sanmaanam without having to leave from their place.
    Please let me know of your views on this?
    Is having a one to one like skype class or gtalk class beneficial or would it be beneficial to have it like youtube.

    Thanks and regards,


  5. It is really nice to see the Maha Periyavaa Aradhana at Chicago. The Aradhana at
    the Sree Mutt, Kancheepuram was also attended by many Devotees and everyone had a
    nice Darshan. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  6. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara
    we wish Dr Sundararaman a speedy recovery

  7. Very Holy Dharshan of Maha Periyava Aradhana done with great sincerity and solemnity by Maha Periyava Devotees at US. I join in Devotees’ Prayers for Dr. Sundararaman’s speedy recovery. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam!

  8. I would like to send one photo.Please confirm is it ok if i send this to this email. Thanks, Anuradha.

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  9. nice photos. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara.

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