Argya Manthram from HH Bala Periyava to all girls/women


Smt Sirisha Kalyani shares her experience and as instructed by HH Bala Periyava, she is propagating this to more people…I am just helping her….

“When i visited Kanchi last time, Bala Swamy gave us an arghya slokam which is supposed to be done by ladies n girls every morning after having bath by offering arghyam to lord Surya. Here goes the slokam..

“Namo vivaswate brahman bhaaswate vishnutejase,
Jagatsavitre Suchaye savitre phaladaayine” (idam arghyam samarpayaami)

Please inform all women at your home to do this sacred chore every moning. it won’t take more than 2 mins. I am given responsibilty by swamyvaru to propogate it among as many as i can n make sure they do …so dear bspd members..I request you all to encourage your women to do it and safeguard our sanatana dharma…

Why do we do Arghya pradhAnam? 

Garuda purANa states that a kind of asuras called mandeha , who originally reside in an island called aruNa are trying to destroy Surya in the day at daybreak and sunset. The arghyam given at these times serves as a weapon to destroy them. These Mandehas are just the unwanted thoughts in our mind or the mind as a whole that is covering the shining Atma.

(Arghya Mantras are there for many devatas)
Like for Surya:

Bhano bhaskara martanda chandarashmi divakara
Arogya mayurvijayam sriyam putrancha dehime
Suryaya namaha idam arghyam samarpayami…

“A Brahmacharin shall bathe only once a day. Having performed the rite of Achamanam, and invoked the sacred pools therein, one shall take a bath in the river. Thirty million is the number of the malignant spirits, called Mandehas, who manifest a desire of devouring the sun at day break. He, who does not attend to his Sandhya rite at the meetings of the day and night, verily kills the sun, inasmuch as the libations of consecrated water (offered unto the sun-god in the course of a SandhyA) tend to consume these monsters (Mandehas) like streams of liquid fire.The Unions or meetings (Sandhya) of the day and the night, which are called “SandhyAs”, last for the period of two NAdikas till the sun or the stars appear in the sky.”

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  1. Based on this blog, I have posted the below message in WA group

  2. Lalitha madam. Please share this sloka in sanskrit to avoid spelling mistake

  3. Actually you should be giving arghyam using gayathri only then it is an astra prayogam to defend surya against mandehas. Slokam is not prayogam. Get initiated with upanayanam and do sandhyavandanam

  4. Is the same arghya mantra applicable to gents also.?

  5. Arkya Slokam in Tamil:
    நமோ விவஸ்வதே ப்ரஹ்மன்

    பாஸ்வதே விஷ்ணுதேஜஸே|

    ஜகத்ஸவித்ரே ஸுசயே

    ஸவித்ரே பலதாயினே||

    Besides chanting the Mantra, the following needs to be done. Of course it does not take much time.

    How to offer Arghya to LORD SURYA BAGHAWAN ?

    Have a good bath cleanse your body. Keep a mind calm- Nischanthayam

    1. Take a copper vessel and fill it with water.
    2. Stand facing the Sun. If it is cloudy you can still do the offering by facing the east.
    3. Lift and align your arms forward towards Sun and start pouring the water slowly. Look at the Sun through the stream of water from the vessel.
    4. Recite the ARGHYA SLOKAM when you start pouring the water.
    5. Please pour the water such that you recite the mantra 3 times before the ARGHYA finishes.
    6. Stroke the water with your fingers; touch your eyes and your head at the peak.
    7. This water spread on the floor is sacred. Please wipe with a clean cloth before leaving

  6. Namaskarams to periva. Thanks a lots to sharing the surya mantra.

  7. Pranams to our Periva . Thanks a lot for sharing to all of us as “Lord Surya’s energies ” are vital for charging completely for we ladies ——–24/7 & we will take this as our New Year’s Resolution to chant & share with everyone .

  8. Brilliant.Thanx a ton, seems good that I got this on Bhanuvaram……shall send this to all……Gurubhyo namaha….

  9. please translate this in Tamil..very difficult to understand and read the sloka…write that sanskrit sloka in Tamil version as such…please translate whole.

  10. Nice picture of Bala Periyava Blessing. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  11. Thank you very much for posting this important sloka.

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